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Greta's Junkyard
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A dump of Beauty, Lifestyle, and Random Thoughts by Gretchen Gatan

Tags: beauty, skincare, product reviews, travel and lifestyle, personal blog

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Mommy Lace
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How to enjoy motherhood to the fullest. From pregnancy, raising happy & healthy kids, to couple's adventures & date nights. Also read travel, fitness, shopping, & personal finance stories.

Tags: mommy blog, lifestyle blog, personal blog, mommy blogger, family

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Hello Deann
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Web Designer, Blogger, Online Freelancer. Blogging about personal and beauty reviews.

Tags: web design, beauty blog, personal blog, designer

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Manny Spaces Out
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Personal blog of Manny Vergel. News, rants, gadgets, iPhone, Android, etc

Tags: Manny, Vergel, Personal Blog, News, Gadgets

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Mangyan Blogger
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The personal Blog of Mc Richard V. Paglicawan. Follow him on Twitter and instagram @MangyanBlogger

Tags: Mangyan Blogger, Personal Blog, Celebrity Blogger, GMA ABS-CBN TV5, Entertainment Blogger

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The Nocturnal Fey
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The Nocturnal Fey is a blog dedicated to books, arts and anything related. Get your daily dose of good reading recommendations and join the discussions.

Tags: Books, Young Adult, Arts, Personal Blog, Book Blog

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Big Life Spender
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a blog about travels, personal hobbies and enjoying life at its grandest.

Tags: travel blog, tagum city blog, mindanao bloggers, personal blog, big life spender

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Kikay Inside
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'Kikay Inside' started as a space to share my daily thoughts and has grown into a site filled with things I love including family, travelling, creativity and beauty.

Tags: makeup, beauty, travel, DIY, personal blog

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Seoulful You
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Bringing the latest trend on Kpop, Kbeauty, K-lifestyle and more. MNL Ph base

Tags: kpop, fashion, beauty, news, personal blog

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My Regency
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Tags: my regency, real estate, personal blog

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Christine Pigtain is the name. Fifteen years old girl slowly embracing the world of fashion and photography. Junior High School student . In the search for my personal style as a teen Check out my blog :)

Tags: What-nots, Photography, Food, Personal Blog, Accessories

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JenJacqs - My World to Yours
Statistics for JenJacqs - My World to Yours is all about general things that stir the interests of people such as food, movies, music, books, reviews, fun stuffs and musings of the blogger. Basically, it is a blog on anything under the vast skies.

Tags: Personal Blog, Lifestyle, Music, Reviews, Events

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Ang Blog ni Chayd
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Ang blog ng isang taong naliligaw

Tags: chayd, personal blog, greatblog, astiging blog, personal

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Luminous Reverie
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¬is just a simple guy with a simple needs.. ¬really likes his computer so much he could die for. ¬thinks that Internet is the best gateway to escape reality. ¬love his DS so much <3 ¬is an RPG Gamer. ¬adore tough gals..

Tags: Flyffers, Personal Blog, Rayster, Gaming

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