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Sagada Men jailed for Peddling Hashish by on Mar 30, 2009A March 29, 2009 GMANews.TV report indicates that drug groups have been targeting foreign tourists going to Sagada in the Mountain Province, Subic and Angeles in Pampanga, and even Boracay Island in Aklan. Three Sagada locals were caught peddling has...

Sagada and Marijuana, Again... by on Jan 12, 2009A reader that goes by the nick "kat-eng" (and it would be interesting to know why he/she chose such a name) left a comment on my Arroyo post about Sagada being in the news recently due to the well publicized "Alabang Boys" drug case. T

Bullying: An Issue in Sagada and Elsewhere by on Nov 27, 2008Lori Drew, a 49-year old Missouri mother was accused of cyberbullying a 13-year old neighbor that apparently led to the teenager's suicide. Drew reportedly targeted the teen after the girl had a falling out with Drew's daughter, and she set out