Detailed Review on Arts and Crafts of Luzon

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Arts and crafts can help you recognize the uniqueness of a certain culture. They show the kind of living, the beliefs and traditions, the artistry, and the resources available in a particular region.

In this article, we help you discover the characteristics of arts and crafts of Luzon, including tapestries, body ornamentation, attires, and more. Let this article bring you to the world of arts and crafts in Luzon lowlands and highlands!

The Philippines is a rich country in terms of arts which show the tradition and culture of different regions. Through arts and crafts, people from different localities are able to express their beliefs, skills, feelings, and way of living. 

In this article, we will help you: a) recognize arts and crafts, tapestries and fabrics, body ornamentation and accessories, and attires from the lowlands and highlands of Luzon; b) determine the characteristics of these arts and crafts; and c) appreciate the importance of the arts and crafts of Luzon in relation to their culture.

Arts and Crafts of Luzon Description

The Philippines is a rich country in terms of arts which show the tradition and culture of different regions. The arts and crafts of Luzon showcases their unique way of living, culture, beliefs, and artistry.

It includes textiles (attires, fabrics, and tapestries), crafts, as well as accessories and body ornamentation.

Arts and Crafts of Luzon Features and Uses

Below are some examples of arts and crafts of Luzon, including their features and uses.

  • Textile (Fabrics, Tapestries, and Attires)
  • Inabel. More popularly known as ‘Abel Iloco’, Inabelis a handwoven fabric made by Ilocanos. It comes from the root word ‘abel’ which means ‘to weave’. The word Inabel of Ilocanos literally means ‘woven’.

It is created by skilled artisans using traditional wooden looms. It comes with different patterns inspired by nature. One of the most identifiable patterns of Inabel is Binakol (also known as binakael, binakul, or binakel).

  • Bontoc’s Fabric. The handwoven fabrics of Bontoc are characterized by different shapes of things from nature and different geometric shapes. Siniwsiwan is the Bontoc’s blanket and clothing wanes and lufid and ginaspala wanes.
  • Wanes and Lufid. Wanes and Lufid are costumes of Igorots from the Mountain Province. Wanes is a long strips of handwoven loincloth (bahag) for men, while Lufid is a wrap-around skirt (tapis) for women. These clothes mirror the personality of every Igorot and reflect their culture and traditions.
  • Batangas Embroidery. Piña and jusi are the traditional fabrics in Batangas. In Taal, hand embroideries are characterized by a smooth stitches composed of fine delicate shapes, embossed, and durable. Barong is an embroidered formal men’s wear in the Philippines and it is the most versatile apparel on special occasions like formal affairs and weddings.
  • Bakwat. Bakwat is a belt used by women after giving birth. It is designed with white beads as accents and patterns of rivers and mountains with bead works on the central portion of the cloth. It is made by the Gaddang weavers of Nueva Vizcaya.
  • Crafts
  • Burnay. Locally known as banga or tapayan, Banga is an earthenware jar crafted by skilled potters using a potter’s wheel and kiln. It is made by a grade-A clay and fine sand. Burnay is commonly used for storage of grains, fermented fish (bagoong), basi (sugarcane wine), water, salt, and other condiments. Burnay has small openings while those with bigger mouths are called wangging.
  • Labba. Labba is a bowl-shaped coil basket of Kalinga. It is made from finely split rattan and nito vine. It is used for storing and carrying rice or vegetables.
  • Lingling. Also known as dinumug, the Lingling is a common ancient artifact that symbolizes prosperity, love, and fertility. It is commonly found in the Ifugao, Bontoc and other Cordillera regions of the northern Philippines. It has a negative space formed that can be considered the internal female reproductive system— the womb and the birth canal.
  • Pastillas Wrappers. Pastillas of Bulacan is different from other pastillas in the country. It has a unique, colorful and intricately designed paper wrapper which is locally known as ‘pabalat’ or ‘borlas de pastillas’.
  • Buri Mat. A Buri Mat is a smoothy woven mat from Bolinao. It is made of dried palm leaves (buri, raffia, and buntal) which are dyed and woven.
  • Vakul. The Vakul headdress is the headgear for Ivatan women of Batanes. It is used to protect them from the heat of the sun and rain.
  • Accessories and Body Ornamentation
  • Kabayan Mummies. In the Mountain Province, the close examination of the Kabayan mummies reveal that they have body tattoos similar to patterns found in their textiles.
  • Batok. Batok, Kalinga’s tattooing is a form of art that usually covers the chest and arms. It is considered as a clothing and decorations of the Kalingas. Batok is a thousand-year tattooing tradition that uses indigenous materials like a thorn of a citrus tree as a needle, a charcoal mixed with water in a coconut shell, a bamboo thorn holder, and a bamboo used to tap it.

Arts and Crafts of Luzon User Reviews

Here are some reviews from people who have bought arts and crafts of Luzon.

“The products are good! I thought I have to personally go to Baguio to buy these but I’m glad I didn’t have to. The items were packed properly and shipped immediately by the seller. Thank you!” – PH, Igorot Inabel Fabric

“Excellent quality. Authentic fabric.” – Edilbert, Bahag

“Maganda ung quality ng item. Bagay sa wedding gown and barong.” – Cathy, Wedding Face Mask Piña Jusi Cloth

“Ganda ng palayok…..hindi ko lang ineexpect na ganun kalaki kasi akala ko maliit pero nung dumating malaki pala siya….sulit na sulit po. yupi ung package nang dumating. kinabahan nga ako kala ko basag ug palayok buti nalang ung palayok, nasa loob siya ng isang pot na plastic ung pang plants……” Jona, Banga

“Nice. Saktong sakto lang sakin, maganda din ang shades ng mga kulay at siempre quality ang tela.” – Barong

“Decent costume quality wanes (loincloth).” – Nash, Bahag

“Social Ang ganda umabot sa kelangan Ng pamankin ko. Thank very much.” – Iwa, Kalinga Ethnic Wear Accessories

“It’s a good buy considering the price. Seller is so responsive and accommodating. I had a lot of questions gusto ko kasi sana kahit mura, di naman sana masayang 🙂  I replaced the button from an old barong. May mga tahi lang na di nagpang -abot pero tago naman. Overall 5 stars pa din. TYVM.” – A, Barong

“Thank u for this wonderfully crafted face masks! Fits any wedding specially here in the PH! Looks quite elegant too! Ear loop is a lil bit big for me but can be sewn to fit. Thanks seller!!!!!” – S, Wedding Face Mask Piña Jusi Cloth

“OMGGGGGGGGGG. One of the best products, napakaganda, unexpected talaga and very responsive na seller. I highly RECOMMEND the product and the store, check it out buyersssssssssss.” – Lynn, Native Woven Buri SIlag Plant Holder Basket Bin

“I love this soooo much the craftsmanship is superb. I dont mind it being a little more pricey than the others here.” – Moe, Kalinga Dinayaw Necklace

“One of my best purchase online. Very Affordable and the quality is superb. The collar, button placket and cuffs are stiff. The Barong was tailored nicely and the embroidery is as good as it’s in picture. The size chart is accurate and the seller is very responsive and kind.” – J, Barong

“Just “wow”.. What an amazing craftsmanship.. Thank you seller and shopee also sa nagdeliver.. Super bait ng seller and maayos ang package ng mga item, kaya sure na uulit ng order..” – Maria, Buri Basket

“Just received them and sobrang ganda nila. I’m so happy with my purchase. Great quality with an affordable price. Thank you so much seller.” – SP, Native Woven Buri SIlag Plant Holder Basket Bin

“Excellent craftsmanship. Beautiful, thick and sturdy fabrics. Matibay at pulido ang pagkagawa. Super bilis pa dumating, considering na sarado store nila on Sunday (ininform din ako ni seller). Looking forward to using other patterns of inabel on my personal projects. Sa uulitin!” – K, Igorot Inabel Fabric

“Really beautifully made.” – Art, Wedding Face Mask Piña Jusi Cloth

“Beautifully-woven and colorful masterpieces!! Thank you very much!” – J, Inabel Fabric

Arts and Crafts of Luzon Price

Depending on the type of product you purchase, prices for arts and crafts of Luzon can range anywhere from Php 20 to Php 1,000+.

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