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Boracay Island

Get the latest Boracay weather, see a complete map, and check out the best Boracay resorts and hotels

Travel Speed
Statistics for Travel Speed
Travel Speed: Food craze, new city attractions, hotels, spas, and curious activities..

Tags: food, restaurant, travel, hotel, spa

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Treasures of Ilocandia and the World
Statistics for Treasures of Ilocandia and the World
Treasures of Ilocandia and the World is a culture and travel blog. Edwin Antonio features the Iloko culture, places, traditions of the Philippines and showcases festivals and other celebrations of life of the country and the rest of the world.

Tags: Edwin Antonio, Ilocandia Treasures, World Treasures, Ilocos Blog

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Whacky Adventures*
Statistics for Whacky Adventures*
The blog chronicles the (mis)adventures of Whacky Adventures, housing tips on budget travel, melodramatic thoughts, mandatory jumpshots, and the crazy weird.

Tags: budget travel, outdoors, Philippines, adventure, travel blog

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Kilometer 1.0 - Table 9
Statistics for Kilometer 1.0 - Table 9
Kilometer 1.0 - Table 9 is a family-oriented blog spot that provide timely, sensible, and factual reviews about my travel & leisure experience in top tourist destinations of my country, the Philippines.

Tags: Philippines, Metro Manila, travel, food, leisure

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Ponder Haven
Statistics for Ponder Haven
Personal blog on my travels, food trips, some technology stuffs and other random thoughts.

Tags: food, travel, lifestyle, leisure, Boracay

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Biyaheng Laguna
Statistics for Biyaheng Laguna
Your Complete Adventure Guide of Laguna Philippines

Tags: Laguna, Destinations, Guide, Adventure

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Pinoy Blabbermouth
Statistics for Pinoy Blabbermouth
Where humor, profanity, and personal what-nots come together.

Tags: travel, personal, pinoy, cebu, blabbermouth

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Caraga...rising paradise
Statistics for Caraga...rising paradise
journey into a mystical place.

Tags: travel resources, caraga, caraganon, tourist destinations, hottest vacations

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Baktin Corporation
Statistics for Baktin Corporation
travel stories, small adventures, food trips and everything else in between

Tags: travel, food, book, philippine travel, world travel

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Hotel Directory for Subic Bay and Olongapo City Bay Area
Statistics for Hotel Directory for Subic Bay and Olongapo City Bay Area
Hotels in Subic Bay Philippines, Hotels in Olongapo City, Barretto Philippines, Subic Bay Hotels, Subic Hotels and Resorts, Cheap hotels in Subic and Olongapo. List of hotels in Subic Bay and Olongapo City.

Tags: hotels, subic bay, olongapo city, subic bay hotels, hotels in olongapo city

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Cebu Rhythms
Statistics for Cebu Rhythms
A guide to Cebu and beyond - Cebu Events, News, Updates and more!

Tags: Cebu Events, Cebu Hotels, Cebu Beach Resort, Cebu Lifestyle, Cebu Blogger

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Little Girl Travels
Statistics for Little Girl Travels
Travel around the world and the Philippines and see different cultures and gastronomic finds! Little Girl Travels is a small travel blog filled with photos and travel adventures.

Tags: food, travel, photography, Philippines, international

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My Friend Sun
Statistics for My Friend Sun
Enjoying life and staying happy. A blog about good food, recipes, sports, travel, leisure, photography, and making money online.

Tags: Good Food, Recipe, Sports, Life, Travel

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Statistics for SALING BERBAGI
All about Indonesian culture and tourism,tutorial blog and news.

Tags: travel, tourism, indonesia, news, culture

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Beyond Photography
Statistics for Beyond  Photography
A Rewarding Activity of places and people.

Tags: places, travel, people, Disney World, florida

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Statistics for Visit BOHOL
One-stop travel and tourism information centre on Bohol - #1 for fun in the Philippines!

Tags: nature, tourism, Bohol, adventure, culture

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Developing Positives
Statistics for Developing Positives
My blog is about me and mostly the places that I visited.

Tags: travel, leisure, tourist spots, vacation, places to visit

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Statistics for PauTravels
A compilation of travels and adventures by Pau around the world

Tags: round the world, Philippines, RTW, travelogue, tips

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n Pinay's Footsteps
Statistics for n Pinay's Footsteps
In Pinay's footsteps is my Travel Blog which follows me where I go. It may be just around here, where I live my life . . . and also around there, where I am able to learn and experience new places and things . . .

Tags: Photography, travel in Philippines, Zamboanga tourism, travel abroad, past activities as Phil. delegate

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Statistics for streetsmartgirl
My blog is all about travel, food, and my adventures. I’m a frustrated travel writer, thus the beginning of my blog - streetsmartgirl.

Tags: food, budget travel, itinerary, local destinations, Pinas

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Wanderful Davao
Statistics for Wanderful Davao features the wonders of Davao City; From food, culture, lifestyle, spots, news, and current events.

Tags: davao city, davao city travel, davao city foods, davao city hotels, davao city events

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Postcards and Pies
Statistics for Postcards and Pies
Wawan, the self-confessed glampacker takes you to various detours in cultural and culinary hotspots around Asia and beyond.

Tags: glampacking, travel guides, fashionable travel, foodie adventures, female travel

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ihcahieh: Depressed | Demented | Deranged
Statistics for ihcahieh: Depressed | Demented | Deranged
I'm a Tourist, not a Traveler. Proudly Pinoy. Polyglot Wannabe. Frustrated Singer. Frustrated Dancer. Frustrated Figure Skater. Frustrated Green Archer. Lahat na ng Frustrations. Ako na! Me Already!

Tags: Travel, Philippines, Pinoy, Languages, Movies

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The Wandering Couple
Statistics for The Wandering Couple
Travel, Beach, Sand, Sun, Fun.

Tags: the wandering couple, filipino travel bloggers, travelling couple

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Trip Or Treats
Statistics for Trip Or Treats
A wanderlust's attempt to traipse the universe a step/bite/plane/bus/meal at a time. After living in Santa Monica, Italy & New York, ToT's back in Manila with itchy traveler's feet, a huge appetite & unadulterated tales from her tra

Tags: travel, food, restaurants, recipes, vacations

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Bjorn Cebuano- True Blooded Cebuano Guide
Statistics for Bjorn Cebuano- True Blooded Cebuano Guide
Cebu features, events, food, travel, reviews and promotions

Tags: Cebu events, Cebu food, Cebu travel, Cebu reviews, Cebu guide

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Philippine Climb
Statistics for Philippine Climb
From featuring mountains of the Philippines, now we will also cover our latest adventure - from beach, restaurant, food, etc. - every walks of life, name it!

Tags: philippine climb, pinoy mountaineer, philippines travel, pinoy leisure, talk about town

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lost in translation
Statistics for lost in translation
These lakwatseras’ own brand of “DIY truant wandering,” is taken to a whole new level: they are sharing their experiences here with you. To capture memories as one travels in a form others can appreciate is a wonderful personal form of sharing.

Tags: lakwatserang bayong, kim ignacio, mj maranion

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Where My Feet Took Me
Statistics for Where My Feet Took Me
A chronicle of my roadtrips, sidetrips, foodtrips... and kinds of trips.

Tags: Travel in the Philippines, Food Trips, Philippines, Travel

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Statistics for Junntrekker
Personal and Travel blog

Tags: Travel, Politics, Iloilo, Personal Blog, Blogging

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Excursions of a Wanderlust in style
Statistics for Excursions of a Wanderlust in style
trips and eats

Tags: vacation, trip, fitness, food, Philippines

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Trip na Trip Ko To!
Statistics for Trip na Trip Ko To!
Trip na Trip Ko To! is a photo and travel blog of two people in search of the best places to visit in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. It is all about traveling, adventure, and creating a fun lifestyle.

Tags: traveling asia, best places in asia, travel philippines, adventure asia, lifesytle asia

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San Sa 'pinas?!
Statistics for San Sa 'pinas?!
'San sa 'pinas?! means "Where in the Philippines?!" in Filipino. A blog which features exciting places around the Philippines.

Tags: falls, pilipinas, experience, beach, hiking

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Wander Shugah
Statistics for Wander Shugah
An online journal of a 20something wanderlust from the land of promise. "the world is waiting. where are you?"

Tags: food, travel, leisure, adventure, backpacking

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Wanderstruck Travel & Tours
Statistics for Wanderstruck Travel & Tours
Wanderstruck Travel & Tours started it's operation January 24, 2012. Headed by Ms. Jhessy Cordero, this travel and tour agency is a family run business. Happy Travels everyone!

Tags: Puerto Princesa 2012 travel and tou, Puerto Princesa Affordable Tour, Cheap Puerto Princesa Packages, cheap hotel accommodation, boracay promos 2012

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Statistics for Pinasbackpackers
This blog is all about anything and everything that you could place in your Philippines BackPack... You're Travel Guide in the Philippines

Tags: Philippines, Photography, Travel, Food, Technology

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JAYtography Pilipinas!
Statistics for JAYtography Pilipinas!
Blog about the Philippines - Travel, Food and Photography all in one.

Tags: travel, photography, food, philippines, pilipinas

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Life's My Trip
Statistics for Life's My Trip
We are Christy and Patti, writers by profession and travel junkies by heart. We created Life’s My Trip in 2010 as our way of promoting tourism around our country and sharing our experiences from visiting other parts of the world.

Tags: philippine travel, world travel, food reviews, cultural events, azkals coverage

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Statistics for GENSANarium
Life and living in General Santos City and in the surrounding provinces...

Tags: General Santos City, Travel, SOCCSKSARGEN, Lifestyle, GENSANarium

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Mole on My Sole
Statistics for Mole on My Sole
I have a mole on the sole of my foot. My folks say that's the reason why I have itchy feet. Let me and my mole take you places.

Tags: travel, Philipina, mole on my sole, mauie flores

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Kwentong Pinas
Statistics for Kwentong Pinas
blog about the philippines culture, history, beliefs, religions and my insights as a filipino

Tags: philippines, pilipinas, kwentong pinas, mga kwento sa pilipinas, history of the philippines

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Reila Travels
Statistics for Reila Travels
We are call center slaves by night, nomads by day. We travel on a budget and DIY itineraries. Live. Laugh. Love.

Tags: Travel, Philippines, Asia, Beach

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The Posh Traveler
Statistics for The Posh Traveler
...getaways and places beyond infinity. Conquering in and out of the Philippines' beauty.

Tags: Metro Manila, infinity pool, white beach, It's more fun in the Philippines, the posh traveller

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Galaero EscapeTravels
Statistics for Galaero EscapeTravels
This blog is a record of thoughts travels and adventures of a proud Pinoy who want to share his travel escapes in the Philippines and share his opinions and ideas

Tags: Thoughts and opinion, Heritage and Culture, Mountains and Caverns, Beach an Seas, Waterfalls and Rivers

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Hari Ng Lakbay
Statistics for Hari Ng Lakbay
Hari ng Lakbay literally means, king of travel/Journey.

Tags: Travel, Video Travelogues, Photography, Adventure

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in Cagayan de Oro
Statistics for in Cagayan de Oro
Get to know more of the City of Golden Friendship. Learn the where and what in Cagayan de Oro City. See photos of the foods and know where to find it. Get updated of latest events.

Tags: CDO Guide, Cagayan de Oro, CDO Hotels, CDO Events, CDO Tourism

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Statistics for Lamyerda
A Pinay traveler sharing her travel experiences in the Philippines, Asia and beyond.

Tags: travel, adventures, backpacking Philippines

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Shy on Foot
Statistics for Shy on Foot
This is a compilation of stories experienced by a crazy pinay backpacker.

Tags: travel, trip, backpacking, fun stories, adventure

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kwentong Caregiver Kwento ni Batangeneo from Batangas

Tags: kwentong Batangeneo, kwentong caregiver

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