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Android APK Updates
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You Can find here the most updated android Games, Application and themes / wallpaper what are you waiting for come check it out Free installation and free full mediafire Download.

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Latest technology news, updates and reviews from the Philippines and a bit from outside.

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Maido Ari
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A blog/sanctuary where random thoughts about music, anime and gaming are present. Maido Ari which is the name of this blog came from Yamashita Tomohisa’s Famous line in Kurosagi. Enjoy reading! Maido Ari~ Thank you very much as always~

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BLOG created for Elmo Magalona (fan-made)

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Romeo, Really?
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I am telling you the truth. Why not believe me?

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From Coolest to Hottest Tech Updates.

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I'm an 18 year old fashion design student and a sought of fashion enthusiast who only understands a full mindset of playing dress-up. I exposed myself knowing there is more than a talented person can show, that is to inspire.

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