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Sirens in love
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Memoirs of a beautiful letdown.

Tags: quality blogging, lifestyle, photography, teenage life, personal

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things about things
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This blog might fit to your feelings.

Tags: educational, teenage life, emotions, students life, life after life

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My personal Blog. Talks about daily happenings in my teenage life. Love advice & many more!

Tags: JulietteBoa, photography, lifestyle, love, teenage life

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Runaway Hero
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My simple personal Blog. Talks about my life. Music, Advice , How I think about the Earth and the Philippines, Gadgets

Tags: Rodel Magsumbol, Music, Teenage life, Life lesson, Humor

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Everything in Between
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A blog of a college sophomore who struggles to find balance between school and everything else. =)

Tags: teenage life, college, leisure, girl stuff

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