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Codename Aya
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Mission: Shop a lot without spending a lot. A blog about beauty, make-up, skin care, and food. May also contain some thoughts about random things here and there. :)

Tags: beauty, makeup, nails, review, tutorial

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Fit and Fashion Mom
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A blog that tackles beauty inside and out and being fashionable even in a thrifty way.

Tags: health, fashion, beauty, skin, nails

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From Nails to Makeup
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Fashion and beauty blog particulary nailart and make-up related.

Tags: nails, beauty, makeup, fashion, filipina

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every size is beautiful
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I'm an aspiring style blogger with an ambition to inspire fellow filipina fashionistas, as well as fashion lovers all over the world showing experiences and ideas that everyone could relate to. Also, I am an advocate of plus size fashion :)

Tags: fashion, beauty, nails, clothes, bags

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Karen Lives High
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I didn't want to admit it, but I'm addicted to polish... (gasp!) There you have it! Hi, my name is Karen and I'm a polish addict. Welcome to my world! Follow me in Instagram and Twitter @karensoyangco

Tags: Fashion, Beauty, Nails, Nail Polish, Nail Art

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Galaxy Star 7
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A blog that contain posts about nails and nail arts. Also, food and some recipes. And, book quotes and reviews. With random artsy-craftsy. With a hint of movie reviews and stars. And, some cheap finds, because I'm a stingy shopper. :)

Tags: nails, nail art, tutorial, review, nail polish

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Sharp As Nails by Angela
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Sharp As Nails by Angela is a blog of day-to-day nail art designs, nail polish swatches, nail care tips and tricks and happenings.

Tags: nail art, nail polish, beauty, fashion, nails

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Polished Pinay
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A blog dedicated to whatever nail polish I'm currently loving or hating. That's it!

Tags: nails, nail polish, beauty

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Nails and Kolours
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A Nail Polish and Nail Art Addict Blog.

Tags: nails, nail polish, nail art, nail lacquers, nail care

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Nails My Dreams
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searching for the best nail polish

Tags: nails, nail polish, nail art, nail design, nail care

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Random posts about nail polish, nail art, and just about anything about nails.

Tags: nail art, nails, nail polish, rainbowninjaninja, nail haul

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MissKatV Photo Blog
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my little photo diary :)

Tags: fashion, art, beauty, makeup, nails

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Royal Soiree
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This blog includes products that I've tried and love enough to blog about. My ultimate goal is to look korean even though I'm chinese.

Tags: korean makeup look, nails, brushes, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks

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