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Michael's Shades of Blue
Statistics for Michael's Shades of Blue
Mga Kwentong M2M. Mga kwentong sumasalamin sa naiibang mukha ng pag-ibig; Sa pagharap sa naiibang hamon ng totoong Buhay.

Tags: M2M Bromance, Inspirational, Literature, Love Stories, Gay/ Bisexual

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Monk's Hobbit
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by Quirino M. Sugon Jr. We look westward to the West that was. We look eastward to the Catholic Church that is. We look downward in sadness. We look upward in hope.

Tags: Catholic, Jesuit, History, Literature, Theology

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The Bookworm's Haven
Statistics for The Bookworm's Haven
A self proclaimed bookworm's blog that celebrates reading and the love for books.

Tags: books, bookworm, bookl lover, reading, literature

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The Bibliophilic Night Owl
Statistics for The Bibliophilic Night Owl
A blog maintained by a reader who reads mostly late at night it's already morning.

Tags: Funandfearless, Historical fiction, Art fiction, Literature, Books

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rizal college of laguna
Statistics for rizal college of laguna
blog that more focuses on information for education,history

Tags: education, literature, history, health, news

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Me Likes Art
Statistics for Me Likes Art
News, reviews, and commentaries on film, literature, theater, television, etcetera.

Tags: art, movies, literature, tv, videogames

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Statistics for Lite-Rate-Ture
We post reviews, book features, author interviews, publisher interviews, blog tours and giveaways. get a chance to catch updates about new authors and titles! Great books! The Best bloggers who knows the bookish language! ;)

Tags: Reviewer, literature, Authors, Books, 2013

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Statistics for Sanib-Isip
A collection of feature stories, poetry, etc.

Tags: literature, poetry, feature

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Maikling Kuwento
Statistics for Maikling Kuwento
Ang Blog na ito ay isang koleksyon ng mga maikling kuwento o short stories ng mga mag-aaral sa Filipino 103 (Maikling Kwento). Ang lahat na mga maikling kuwento na mababasa ay puro orihinal na gawa ng mga mag-aaral sa asignaturang ito.

Tags: maikling kuwento, tagalog kwento, short stories, literature, panitikan

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Bilingual Pen
Statistics for Bilingual Pen
A community portal. Contains poetry, fiction, essays, and other writing genres. Gives tips on writing and publishing, as well as links to workshops and writing contests.

Tags: poetry, literature, writing, fiction, contests

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The Random Letter 7
Statistics for The Random Letter 7
The only website that discuses random stuff about life, fun, work and yeah, Unicorns, too.

Tags: Life, Random, Humor, Literature, Work

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The Solitary Bookworm
Statistics for The Solitary Bookworm
TSB offers an eclectic taste in book reviews ranging from middle grade to dystopian genre.

Tags: The Solitary Bookworm, Book review, literature, YA book review, author interview

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Pretty Little Dreamer
Statistics for Pretty Little Dreamer
Random musings on being a writer and life itself :)

Tags: creative writing, literature, writing, fiction, life

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A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Statistics for A Rush Of Blood To The Head
A Rush Of Blood To The Head is my personal blog where I vent my opinions, reviews, criticisms, praises, and things about life in general. Attempts to lighten up the writing style will be constantly made yet cases of melancholia will be inevitable.

Tags: Food, Literature, Fashion, Music, Sex and Rock & Roll

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Statistics for J.Quintos
My Personal Blog

Tags: Life, Career, Political Commentary, Literature, Technology

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Book Report
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I read books, they mean things to me, and then I write about them.

Tags: books, reviews, literature, fiction, young adult

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The Filipina Reader
Statistics for The Filipina Reader
Let's talk about books!

Tags: Book Reviews, Philippines, Literature, Opinion

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She Walks in Beauty
Statistics for She Walks in Beauty
A college girl's random late night musings. She writes about her life, beauty, and anything that makes her happy.

Tags: beauty, nail art, literature, food

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Statistics for pEDo
The author's quest and online journal about everything.

Tags: Technology, Poetry, Literature, Product Reviews, Journal

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Surf the World
Statistics for Surf the World
A blog by Emman Sualog, of PUP-Manila. I took pictures and videos of the wonders of the world, from streets to huge sceneries. Editorial, Feature and Literary Articles about Philippines and other parts of the world are seen in this.

Tags: Photography, Literature, Editorial, Feature, Travel

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Statistics for ephemeraki
This blog features good books and the author's opinions and reflections on life through poetry and compositions.

Tags: Books, Literature

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The Chronicler Meari
Statistics for The Chronicler Meari
Meari chronicles life and ideas through Analog Photography and writing. Her goal for the year includes finishing a novel and write a collection of hundred poems and short stories. She also loves films,anime, and books.

Tags: photography, film photography, writing, personal, literature

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My Pompous Life
Statistics for My Pompous Life
Views, stories, news, reviews about fiction, and essays about my Filipino life.

Tags: movie reviews, Literature, fiction, Mario Puzo, Conrado De Quiros

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Dresden Doll: The doll behind the mask
Statistics for Dresden Doll: The doll behind the mask
Writing about the world of books and the world of reality as seen through a doll's eyes.

Tags: books, events, reviews, art, literature

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Writer's Haven
Statistics for Writer's Haven
A venue for fellow writers- to find the events, seminars, places that would help develop writing skills.

Tags: writers, literature, writing jobs, freelance writing, writing events

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Kwento ni Rich
Statistics for Kwento ni Rich
A Tagalog Blog of Azurich that deals with his genious mind and hilarious nothings,,,, hahaha From the maker of Rich World, comes a Tagalog blog that reaches his own imagination for all in his own language.

Tags: Literature, Novel, Poem, Opinion, Tagalog

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Upod na Lapis
Statistics for Upod na Lapis
A blog that showcase anything about in life, poetry, essay, story and fictions.

Tags: literature, poetry, personal, story, fiction

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Quotes and Poetry
Statistics for Quotes and Poetry
It's all about quotes and poetry

Tags: poetry, quotes, love, literature, romantic

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Serious Scribbles
Statistics for Serious Scribbles
Serious Scribbles is an online journal of Jhecel, a dreamer and a late bloomer.

Tags: memoir, literature, books, travel, lifestyle

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Beauty in Solitude: The Darkness Within and Without
Statistics for Beauty in Solitude: The Darkness Within and Without
The thoughts and works of an educator from the Philippines

Tags: poetry, literature, education, teachers, poems

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Statistics for Blogkoto
Personal blog of Mr.Apol Seban, all about his views, comments, hobbies and experience..

Tags: blogkoto, apol seban, hiking, camping, literature

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St. Holbytla's Monastery
Statistics for St. Holbytla's Monastery
by Quirino M. Sugon Jr. "Reading Tolkien in the Light of Faith." "The Lord of The Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work, unconsciously at first, but consciously in the revision.”--J. R. R. Tolkien 1958

Tags: Lord of the Rings, History, Literature, Theology, Catholic

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Paper Bug
Statistics for Paper Bug
there are many suitable places for this bug to develop and grow... i think it has already found one..

Tags: literature, reviews, books, literary, articles

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Allen Jambalaya
Statistics for Allen Jambalaya
This is Allen Jambalaya and welcome to my personal blog.

Tags: allenjambalaya, books, flash fiction, literature, psychology

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The Lead Character Chronicles
Statistics for The Lead Character Chronicles
Lead Character is a sitcom-blog about a lead character whose life is unraveling right before his very sleepy eyes.

Tags: entertainment, films, tv, literature, contests

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Statistics for MUHON
sa mga nagbabasa ng patlang.

Tags: love, friendship, poetry, relationships, literature

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Mutually Exclusive
Statistics for Mutually Exclusive
Thoughts you won't find anywhere else.

Tags: Running, Fountain Pens, Internet, Stories, Literature

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Statistics for Taludturan
Ang Taludturan ay isang Literary blog na naglalaman karamihan ng mga tulang isinulat ko.

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Musings, Doodles

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An Affair With Books
Statistics for An Affair With Books
Reading books is one of my favorite things to do in life. In order to keep my writing in tip-top shape I've decided to put up a review blog of the books I've read. I hope that through it I'll be able to influence people to get into reading.

Tags: books, literature, reading, stories, love stories

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P[e]NORAMA: Gallery of Scribbles
Statistics for P[e]NORAMA: Gallery of Scribbles
P[e]NORAMA is the gallery that showcases my pen’s scrawls, the pensieve that keeps my mind’s ramblings, the simple note in the music of my life, and the rhyme in the poetry of my dreams. — Sherma E. Benosa

Tags: creative writing, literature, arts and culture, socio-political views, reflections

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Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Statistics for Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Substance + Sound + Skin + Subversion - Petty Bourgeois Fear

Tags: music, tattoo, politics, literature, bourgeois

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Statistics for ...ShusH...
Someday I will become a "mangaka"! :) While I'm preparing for that dream, please join me in my journey through this blog. ^.^

Tags: artworks, literature, doodles, sketching, stories

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Statistics for Bicol!ano?
This is to discover my being a Bicolano.. my way to myself.. my personal reflection and literature

Tags: Bicol, literature, story

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God's Living Promise
Statistics for God's Living Promise
This blog is created to celebrate God's promises in our lives. To remind us that He is always there even in times that we have forgotten him.

Tags: religion, personal, life, literature, inspirational

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The Torture Sessions
Statistics for The Torture Sessions
Life, etc. by Wina Puangco

Tags: literature, introspection, writing, prose

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Weirdong Pasahero
Statistics for Weirdong Pasahero
Ang pakikipagsapalaran ni Brio habang nakasakay sa jeep atbp.

Tags: personal, books, literature, writing, reflections

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Kaleidoscopic Psyche
Statistics for Kaleidoscopic Psyche
Personal blog slash online journal about the awesome and not-so-awesome randomness and its beautiful benches. Basically a mix of my mental blocks, my little miss, photography, DIYs, arts & literature, and a pint of fashion what-nots.

Tags: projects, crafts, diy, arts, literature

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LAKASA | Iluko Writings Online
Statistics for LAKASA | Iluko Writings Online
Collections of Iluko poem (daniw). Few essay in iluko (salaysay), ilokano short story (sarita), memoir of an Ilocano- Penned by Leofina Jane G. Galleta. Ilocana.

Tags: creative writing, Literature, contemporary poems, Poetry by filipino, Ilokano, iluko

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My Simple Nirvana
Statistics for My Simple Nirvana
Andronico's personal blog

Tags: Poetry, Photography, Literature

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