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Joke Bandit
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A collection of joke stories, funny videos and hilarious photos that will make you laugh all day long.

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Si Mr. Yoso
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This blog aims to showcase the Filipino lifestyle and humor through stories, advices, answers, etc. Not only does Mr. Yoso answer questions. He will also update you with what's questioning for.

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Walang Pamagat (Untitled)
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(A useless but a little fruitful year is about to meet the new year. Another year which you don't know how and where to start... . Can you still think for a title?) 01.01.11

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Manukaw Kita!
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Mga makalingaw nga pampatukaw sa atong alimpatakan nga angay hatagan og dakung pagtagad!

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The Kamote Club
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Kamote Sagot Sa Kahirapan Ng Bayan

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