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RJ Manila Tech
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RJ Manila Tech is a website and another division of that show and tell latest software, technology products, news and press releases.

Tags: technology, IT, press releases, news, gadgets

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Digital World
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Personal Blogs of RJ Ian S. Sevilla

Tags: Digital, IT, FOSS, Consultant, Open Source

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Just Another Dang Blog
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A tech blog on IT, gadgets, web development, graphic designs, freelancing, making money online, seo and a lot more.

Tags: web development, it, web design, freelance, make money online

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Daryl's Freedom Wall
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My life on the line.

Tags: technology, fun, music, IT, UST

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Technology and the web.

Tags: web, facebook, Google, Microsoft, IT, technology, computer, web

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Eijan's Blog
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A straight to the point blog by a pinoy which gives you daily news, product reviews and even my own opinions on the latest IT trend.

Tags: Unboxing, gadgets, IT, Software, Trends

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This blog wants to showcase an IT students talent and want to promote Multimedia and the beauty inside it.

Tags: IT, 781227, Movie, multimedia

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Life in Digital World
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Life in digital World (personal blogs)

Tags: Digital, FOSS, Personal, IT

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