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Dead-Simple Solutions
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Programming blog of Manny Vergel. It's about Web Design, iOS, Java, Node JS and othe web frameworks.

Tags: ios, iphone, ipad, programming, developer

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The Techno Youth Philippines
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I post rumors, news, specs & reviews of a smartphone, tablet etc..

Tags: Technology, Android, WindowsPhone, iOS, Smartphone

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Do It With Your PC
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Live for Information Technology, Computer Science, Blogging, Reviews, Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks, and Tech-Topics.

Tags: iOS, Jailbreak, Computer Science, Marketing, SEO

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UI Revision
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Design, user interface [UI] & user experience [UX] blog.

Tags: UX, UI, iOS, Apps, Design

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Enjoy All The Way!
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Enjoy All The Way! is a mix of programming knowledge and personal journal of Haifa.

Tags: life on the go, haifabaluyos, development, iOS, objective c

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