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I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
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Misselayneousthings is all about my crafting ideas. I joined Blogger and thought that I could share my ideas about crafting with other bloggers. And here I am...making crafts and blogging them so people could read them and do it themselves.

Tags: crochet, DIY crafts, tutorials, scrap booking, inspirations

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Valentin Gabutan
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Fashion + Food + Travel + Parties + Life. The blog that will inspire you. Follow @valgabutan on Twitter and Instagram.

Tags: Inspirations, Photos, Life, Experiences, Fashion

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In Pinay's Eyes
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of pictures I have taken... on how I see life (in Pinay's eyes!) . . . and on things around me . . . on inspirations . . . on realities. This is on the WHAT IS . . . WHAT IFS . . . and WHAT NOTS. MY expressions . . .and hopefully, YOUR inspirations!

Tags: photos, life, realities, expressions, inspirations

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My Wide White Wall
Statistics for My Wide White Wall outlet, though digital, of my blabs and raves, of what I feel and think about things, of those I never had the chance to express, well verbally in a sense.

Tags: freedom, wall, inspirations, life, thoughts

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Poison Aeyvee
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Poisoned by FASHION and spreading it to the world.

Tags: FASHION, Personal style, Inspirations, Shopping, Styling

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Random :)

Tags: jokes, Quotes, Funny, Inspirations, tumblr

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Bluesky, Full of Hope
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A blog that is about photography, art, inspirations, technology, food, nature and last but not the least... Philippines!

Tags: photography, art, technology, food, inspirations

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Scribbles & Fillers
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Scribbles and Fillers is all about creativity, crafts, design, calligraphy, inspirations, family and fun.

Tags: design, calligraphy, crafts, inspirations, family

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Blogs about life, love advices, poetry, inspirational thoughts and messages, quotes.

Tags: love, advices, life, personal, inspirations

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Prettyzanna is a blog full of text posts, artworks, and more. It's also full of inspirations. She loves to meet new friends. And btw, This is powered by tumblr.

Tags: text posts, rants, wordarts, doodles, inspirations

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It's all you will find on tumblr my friend.

Tags: typography, inspirations, downloads, interesting, funny

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BTW, Web and Graphic Design Resource for bloggers!
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BTW is a resource weblog that collects web, graphic designs and inspiring digital artwork to help inspire designers and design enthusiasts alike. This blog contains collections of free widgets and designs for inspiration.

Tags: web design trends, graphic design resources, inspirations, tutorials, blogger themes

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My Blog Prestige
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I share my passion, hobbies and inspiration's through this blog.

Tags: pink, blog, passions, hobbies, inspirations

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