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I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
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Misselayneousthings is all about my crafting ideas. I joined Blogger and thought that I could share my ideas about crafting with other bloggers. And here I am...making crafts and blogging them so people could read them and do it themselves.

Tags: crochet, DIY crafts, tutorials, scrap booking, inspirations

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Coeur de Aika
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Aika Yamaguchi documents her personal style, music, interviews, travels, events, inspirations, thoughts, reviews, & her line "The Dirty Elegance".

Tags: Fashion, Travel, Music, Inspirations, Events

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My Wide White Wall
Statistics for My Wide White Wall outlet, though digital, of my blabs and raves, of what I feel and think about things, of those I never had the chance to express, well verbally in a sense.

Tags: freedom, wall, inspirations, life, thoughts

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In Pinay's Eyes
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of pictures I have taken... on how I see life (in Pinay's eyes!) . . . and on things around me . . . on inspirations . . . on realities. This is on the WHAT IS . . . WHAT IFS . . . and WHAT NOTS. MY expressions . . .and hopefully, YOUR inspirations!

Tags: photos, life, realities, expressions, inspirations

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Poison Aeyvee
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Poisoned by FASHION and spreading it to the world.

Tags: FASHION, Personal style, Inspirations, Shopping, Styling

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Sherfriends Wants
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Inspirations, Encouragements, Beauty, Product Review, Giveaways, WAHM -Work at Home Mom

Tags: Inspirations, Encouragements, Beauty, Work at Home Mom

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Random :)

Tags: jokes, Quotes, Funny, Inspirations, tumblr

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My Blog Prestige
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I share my passion, hobbies and inspiration's through this blog.

Tags: pink, blog, passions, hobbies, inspirations

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