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Bading na Kolboy
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It's all about being gay and call center agent. It features the things that a gay guy is interested in: gorgeous guys, movies, music, foods, reading materials.

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The Gay Life of VinVin
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My name is VinVin Jacla and this is my Online Diary. For whatsoever purposes, you may contact me via (email) or (mobile) 09179327470.

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Thinking Out Loud
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a gay life making most of life

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The adventures, mishaps, thoughts, and chikas of a pinoy drag queen/princesss in the land of Oz. Just about anything that makes life funtastique ... and not so!

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Lex Talk
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Insights and Life Perspectives from a gay human being. This is the personal blog of Lex Bonife, a Filipino screen writer and a yoga teacher.

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