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Cerulean Rose Diary
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My blog is about life... celebrations, struggles, happiness, family, friends and love... Hope you enjoy the journal of my journey through this life...

Tags: family, love, God, friends, happiness

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JR Late Night Blogs
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A blog which might be all about everything. The blog comprises of unique reviews, opinions and Top 10 Lists. Also, check out some of the unique features in the site. JR Late Night Blogs is a fast and unique blog made by an average student.

Tags: Late Night, Movie Reviews, Video Game Reviews, Friends, Top Celebrities

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Best Shared Thoughts
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lots of stuff worth sharing

Tags: travel, food, friends, adventure, leisure

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Momma Mina!
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Chronicles of a New Gen Mom

Tags: Mommy, Kids, Work, Friends, Parenting

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Generation Q
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Love, sex, and the pursuit of happiness. Generation Q is a webcomic that follows the lives of three gay friends: the horny artist, the shy intellectual, and the kind-hearted – uhm – well, find out for yourself.

Tags: gay, friends, humor, sex, NSFW

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memoirs of a med student
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your daily dose! a med student who talks bout food, life, places, dreams, and everything under the sun, stars and moon..

Tags: school, friends, food, travel, love life

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Statistics for Kiss.Hug.Shoot.Memories
My Blog centers on my personal life and my opinions on different things. I also do photoshoots and photoblog ..

Tags: MsBenj, Life, Personal, Love, friends

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A journey about traveling and going to other places.. A journey of love about food… A journey about love of family and friends… And a journey about loving thyself…

Tags: travel, food, events, friends, lakwatsa

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Friends Tambayan
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My personal Christian Blog

Tags: fbcfi, igorot, la trinidad, baguio city, friends

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ely mac
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A personal blog about ely mac and his friends. Ely Mac intends to invade blogosphere with his thoughts, ideas and his friends' interesting activities and antics.It's all about fun and entertainment!

Tags: personal, friends, music, entertainment, fun

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explocook (is.plo.kok)
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explorations of the clumsy "cooks"

Tags: amateur, cooks, cookfest, friends, explorations

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Some expect me to be PERFECT, but I’m not. For nobody is, I have my mistakes, weaknesses and fears but I’m so contented for whatever life I have NOW.

Tags: friends, family, life, luckwatchero, thoughts

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infinite playlist
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The random thoughts of a fashion enthusiast and your local Jack of all Trades who thrives on adventure and eccentricities

Tags: Fashion, Food, Fun, Family, Friends

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My Orange Pen
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This blog is all about inspiration and reflectetion. Sharing of experiences and activities that can also be beneficial to other people. It has travel and food inspiration!

Tags: Inspiration, Reflection, Family, Friends, Travel

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How strange to have a paper love.
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This is the blog of a college student struggling with life, love, family, schoolwork, and emotional damage.

Tags: school, family, friends, writing

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carpe diem
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about everything under the sun.

Tags: life, food, movies, songs, friends

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This is a blog maintained by a high school junior struggling to bring color to his writings while living a not-so-average life in a "slightly primitive" part of the Philippines.

Tags: life, school, friends, problems, fun

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Coatable Coats
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Just about anything under the sun.

Tags: cebu, friends, nature, celebrities, movies

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Mafe's L-I-F-E
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This space is about Mafe's L-I-F-E... [Lifestyle, Interests, Friends, Experiences]. She blogs about random things from fashion, music, life and so on... Anything under the sun!

Tags: life, interests, friends, experiences, music

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This is all about me my rants and ravings. My friends and about my relationship of my boy friend.

Tags: Love,Friends, Relationships,, Love, Relationship, Friends, Anniversaries

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Sunshine and Cheese
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I am a 19 year old Architecture major in UP Diliman. This is my personal blog/photoblog full of random thoughts, happy memories and people I love.

Tags: love, thoughts, friends, family, UP

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Tambayan is referred to a place where most people would mingle or hang-out. A place where most of their time are being consumed. A place where they settle and enjoy the company of common friends.

Tags: tambayan, burlog, burlogology, mingle, friends

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Its me casz :)
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me in the sincerest way and how i view things in life and how food and other things influence me

Tags: food, life, social, friends, art

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