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Pinoy Fitness
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Home for all your sports, fitness and health events happening in the Philippines

Tags: events, philippines, sports, fitness, schedule

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Statistics for DG MNL
Lifestyle blog of David Guison of

Tags: food, fashion, travel, fitness, style

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The Fit Pinoy
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A health and fitness blog for pinoys. Most of the content will be about alternative (to regular gym workouts) fitness classess/exercises you can do to lose weight.

Tags: fitness, health, weight loss, diet, exercise

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Kawaii Fitness
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Getiing Fit and sexy in the most fun and kawaii way. Check out our free challenges and printables. Have a kawaii weekend!

Tags: Fitness, Fitspo, weight loss, Thinspo, Diet

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Blackdove Nest
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A recreational swimmer's journey towards achieving optimum health and fitness.

Tags: fitness, work out, lose weight, bodybuilding, strength training

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Cebu Fitness Blog
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Cebu Fitness Blog of CFB is all about fitness, healthy living, fun run information , getting fit and weight loss articles. It also features celebrities, gym buffs and other personalities who aim to be fit and sexy.

Tags: fitness, sports, exercise, diet, weight loss

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Be Healthy and Well
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your online health and wellness guide

Tags: health tips, nutritional information, excercise, fitness, herbs

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~iMoM~ is a work-at-home-mom of three who blogs about motherhood, home life,food, health and fitness, family and friendships, travels, school and education.

Tags: parenting, home life, food and cooking, motherhood, fitness

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Excursions of a Wanderlust in style
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trips and eats

Tags: vacation, trip, fitness, food, Philippines

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Run Adobo King
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Running, Sports & Adobo

Tags: running, fitness, marathons, survivor, fun runs

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Marienternal Metamorphed Life
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I resent having to prove that I’m not a retard.

Tags: fashion, beauty, cosmetics, celebrity, fitness

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Jham's Corner
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This blog serves as my journal of my running and active lifestyle experiences. I created this blog to share how the passion of running pushes me to my limits. Enjoy the run and welcome to the running world!

Tags: running, personal experience, lifestyle, fitness, Philippines

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Project: Me, Only Better!
Statistics for Project: Me, Only Better!
Being a mom made me prioritize every one and everything (I even write about it at, except myself. This blog would be all about discovering a better version of me!

Tags: Health, fitness, self-discovery, fashion and beauty, love and relationship

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PT Perspectives
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PT Perspectives provides a platform for people to share their new found knowledge, expertise, experiences and generally their teachings to a wonderful, inquisitive and enthusiastic audience of health and fitness readers through our blog.

Tags: PHYSICAL THERAPY, rehabilitaion, fitness, treatment, exercise

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Gracia Fashionista
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Latest fashion trends, hot new designers, deals on clothing and accessories, apparel industry news, celebrity style and more -

Tags: Celebrity, Beauty Tips, Fitness, fashion trends, Best deals/sales

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thereyoujho: 24/7 Mom in Style
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A mommy's beauty and lifestyle blog. A personal blog about beauty, wellness, health and everything in between.

Tags: beauty, fitness, product reviews, baby and family care, food

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Life is My Dancefloor
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Life is my Dancefloor is where fashion, food, fitness and faith unites. Let me take you to my daily dancecapades and adventures. For inquiries or collaborations:

Tags: Fashion, Beauty, Food, Faith, Fitness

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The Rainbow Star
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This blog is about Medical, Health and Fitness, Education, Home Improvement and Finance. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship or paid insertions. Email me at

Tags: Medical, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Home Improvement

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Dr Emer's personal and medical weblog.

Tags: smoking, diseases, diabetes, nutrition, fitness

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The Healthy Pinay
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A Pinay's journey through healthy living, sharing recipes and experiences along the way. Vegan's definitely have more fun! Health and Fitness enthusiast just sharing all I know.

Tags: health, vegan, fitness, lifestyle, travel

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iHeart Good Health
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Journeying towards a healthier lifestyle one step at a time

Tags: Health, Hypertension, Fitness, Diet, Healthy habits

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Fitness Philipines
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This blog is about myself and my love of fitness. As such, it will contain not just discussions about fitness in general, but about fitness specifically from my point of view.

Tags: fitness, health, nutrition, martial arts, exercise

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SPAR Fight Institute
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The absolute best Mixed Martial Arts gym in Metro Manila. News, videos, photos, anything and everything MMA.

Tags: MMA, Training, Gym, Fitness, Health

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Pinoy Pharmacists
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Health and Fitness, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Education, Business, and random thoughts.

Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Education, Business, Fitness

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A Dose of Everything
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An ABC guide and tips on health, wellness, fitness and almost everything under the sun

Tags: health, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, leisure

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Glutton on a Diet
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Oh the contradiction of it all, I love to it but I also love to stay fit and sexy

Tags: food, diet, food review, restaurant, fitness

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MAV's Healthy Tips
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Health and Beyond

Tags: General Health, Healthy tips, health news, Health Benefits, fitness

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A World Of Exploration
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Events & PR Practitioner, Travel Aficionado, Fitness Enthusiast, Yogini, Vegetarian, and the list goes on!

Tags: fitness, yoga, vegetarian, events, fashion

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Statistics for mudraesque
the weekend blog of a mama-of-all-trades

Tags: parenting, fitness, technology, events, travel

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Takbo Alvin
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My journey to 42K and beyond

Tags: running, fitness, health, sports, takbo

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The Running Duo
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The Running Adventures of Din and Carrie

Tags: running, fitness, dincordero

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What A Woman Say
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Everything a woman needs.

Tags: Women, Fitness, Product Reviews, Hijabi, Food

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Remind me what I signed up for
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this blog was created to remind everyone who are trying to get fit what they signed up for.. little daily reminders of what we should be doing and what we should be remembering in our journey towards a healthier body.

Tags: weight loss, fitspo, thinspo, fitness, exercise

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Third World Runner
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Rambling Chad's journal on his running endeavor

Tags: jogging, running, sports, shoes, fitness

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Celebrating the Beauty of Life
Statistics for Celebrating the Beauty of Life
At 30, I realized that life is too short to waste it. This blog will remind me to be happy, positive, confident, hopeful, and live life to the fullest.

Tags: books, running, food, fitness, travel

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Tech Spec
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I like gadgets, but I'm not the typical geek next door. I also like to put my body in its limits by doing all sorts of outdoor activities. I've dedicated this site to fitness, running and the gadgets that comes along with it. Happy Blogging!

Tags: running, cycling, swimming, fitness, gadgets

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Camille + E2
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They are currently premed and architecture students in Manila. This is where they document their adventures together, showing their outfits, what they eat, what they do, and everything in between.

Tags: Couple, Fashion, Events, Video Diaries, Fitness

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My Blog
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This is a blog of Albert Asis, blabbing about random stuff he stumbles.

Tags: Random Stuff, Fitness, Technology, SAP, Gaming

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Fitness and Health for Women and Children
Statistics for Fitness and Health for Women and Children
This blog is about different tips about fitness and health

Tags: fitness, health, health of children, health of women

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Mama Wena is NOT Obese
Statistics for Mama Wena is NOT Obese
A fitness journal of a mommy of two who wants to go back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Tags: weight loss, healthy lifestyle, obesity, fitness, running

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shut up and burn
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motivation, testimonies, health and fitness

Tags: weightloss, motivation, fitness, health, humor

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Get Set Go
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This blog is dedicated to the burning motivation in me right now that drives me to attain the healthiest and fittest me ever.

Tags: Running, Diet, Fitness, Marathon, Exercise

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Maiden Modality
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Maiden Modality is a blog about the lifestyle of women and how to make themselves feel and look beautiful inside and out.

Tags: lifestyle, fashion, health, fitness, tech

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Health Articles
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this blog is all about health articles, fitness, lifestyle, tips and many more....

Tags: health, articles, insurance, fitness, tips

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