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Statistics for Living+Dreaming
Online journal of Ged Carpizo. Sharing art, tutorials, crafts, travels, photography, technology, korean and japanese culture tidbits, and earth-love.

Tags: photography, travel, tutorials, environment, japan korea culture

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Grad School Jungle
Statistics for Grad School Jungle
A blog about everything related to graduate school, education, research, development, and environment. The blog aims to provide tips and other helpful posts in order to be successful in grad school.

Tags: graduate school, environment, development, research, academic

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Casual Sentiments
Statistics for Casual Sentiments
MGVDR expresses her casual sentiments about beauty, fashion, environment, politics, health, love, education, lifestyle, movies, songs, and life in general.

Tags: beauty, lifestyle, environment, fashion, education

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Statistics for MERELY MY OPINION
The travails of a warrior weathering out a mid-life crisis...

Tags: mountaineering, environment, bushcraft, trail running, exploration

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VJ Gonzales
Statistics for VJ Gonzales
An informational blog which focuses on the followig major topics Business, Environment, Events, Money Making, News, Sports, Technology, LIFE and Affiliations

Tags: Business, Environment, Money Making, News, LIFE

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Make My Day
Statistics for Make My Day
Aura Azarcon - full-time PLM med student, online story teller on the site. I write about the small things that make my day (med school, travels, Philippines) and big things I wish more people talked about.

Tags: PLM, med student, student life, environment, travel

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lucky toe
Statistics for lucky toe
Lucky toe is about me and my family. A chronicle of our (almost) day-to-day activities. It tackles ideas on, but not limited to family, relationship, health, environment, children, faith, hobbies and personal goals

Tags: family, relationship, children, health, environment

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Imagine Green
Statistics for Imagine Green
Environment, Conservation, Recycling, Preservation

Tags: Environment, Conservation, Recycling, Preservation, Advocacy

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Perceptions of a Young Christian Woman
Statistics for Perceptions of a Young Christian Woman
Perceptions of A Young Christian Woman mostly deals with my journey as a growing christian, a young wife and mommy, and a community leader. I also do reviews on literature and self- help guides on leadership and character.

Tags: christianity, marriage, being a young mom, leadership, environment

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My eTravel Diary
Statistics for My eTravel Diary
This mainly on my travelling experiences locally and abroad. Some interesting photos taken during my trips are also included in the site, including links to my other personal websites.

Tags: etraveldiary, reymos, environment, photography, ecommerce

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Statistics for mhaileon
My blog is about my passion in life, my family, sports, outdoors, environment, food and automobiles

Tags: family, sports, cars, environment, outdoors

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Nature Scape
Statistics for Nature Scape
A photo-travel-blog....

Tags: Environment, Photoblog, Nature, Quotes, Food

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Statistics for Half-Life
Photography, hiking, diving and all around goofing off in the wilderness.

Tags: mountaineering, diving, hiking, environment, outdoors

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Thinking Green
Statistics for Thinking Green
News and information about environment and green energy

Tags: green energy, environment, alternative energy, green philippines, biosphere technology

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Statistics for EcoBuzzers
A social network for eco friendly people. Started by Filipino members but now membership is all over the world. Kabayan, suportahan natin ito! A lot of blog articles inside the network.

Tags: social network, ecobuzzers, green living, environment, climate change

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Statistics for meiLBOX
This meiLBOX hopes to promote/revive the the art of letter-writing as well as contribute to discourses on business/politics, social development/environment, culture, history, and current events.

Tags: social development, environment, society, culture, current events

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CAFA Notes
Statistics for CAFA Notes
compilation of my lecture notes at the college of architecture and architecture board exams review notes and questions

Tags: architecture, board exams, review questions, buildings, environment

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Statistics for tulayhawan
Instead of climate change, why not build a climate for change?!

Tags: climate change, renewable energy, environment, iloilo, economy

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spelling tuesday
Statistics for spelling tuesday
philippines arts and culture, filipinos

Tags: arts, culture, design, environment, people

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Green Minded
Statistics for Green Minded
Anything about going green.

Tags: green energy, green living, going green, environment, green campaigns

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Statistics for Tamaraw!Ako
It is an online journal of the author's life as a full-fledged Tamaraw, as a fresh graduate and as an ordinary youth who has extraordinary dreams for this country.

Tags: environment, school, student life, entertainment, youth

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Batang Tibak Feed
Statistics for Batang Tibak Feed
A blog that tackles about politics, social involvement, and environmental issues.

Tags: Political Blog, Environment, Activism, Social Involvement, Teens

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Wildlife Animals
Statistics for Wildlife Animals
I made this blog for those who wants to know more about the animals. I want to show how important they are in our ecosystem. Animals are part of our lives, without them we don't know how everything can be balance.

Tags: Wildlife Animals, Animals, Environment, Ecosystem, URL

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Eco Solutions Manila
Statistics for Eco Solutions Manila
Online resource on environmental protection, pollution abatement, waste management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and coastal resource management from the Philippines.

Tags: Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming, Solid Waste Management, Pollution

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