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The Food Scout
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Not just a food blogger but also a banker, a sports enthusiast, a travel junkie and an all-time follower of Christ. The Food Scout is on-board for exciting and delicious adventures!

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The Food Scout
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The Food Scout, Jill Bantang, is now on-board for exciting and delicious adventures! The Food Scout will take you to a mouthwatering trip as she explore different kinds of food around the globe and most especially in her hometown, Manila, Philippines.

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That Insatiable Hunger
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A Registered Pharmacist who also happens to be a Food Junkie.

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Life Is Beautiful
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A Blog about one's thirst for travel, good food and a meaningful life. Check out the different kinds of restaurants in Manila and more!

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aBIGwhale Eats in Full Scale
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i like to eat.. eat.. eat.. apples and bananas!!!!

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What I Ate Yesterday
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Every meal, every snack, that I consume for as often as I can record.

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Of Bottles and Sand
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Life.. Live... Love...

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Doctorate Food Hunt
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This is the blog of voracious eaters searching for taste we've never experienced before and restaurants we've never been. We are currently based on the Philippines.

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