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tuyong tinta ng bolpen
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Mga katha ng tuyong tinta ng bolpen

Tags: short stories, poems, maikling kwen, creative writing, poems, essay, pilipino blog

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Pretty Little Dreamer
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Random musings on being a writer and life itself :)

Tags: creative writing, literature, writing, fiction, life

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MemoriesInSnapshots features the photography, mixed media and some creative writing works of (but not limited to) Shelby Punzalan.

Tags: photography, photoblog, creative writing, short stories, videography

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LAKASA | Iluko Writings Online
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Collections of Iluko poem (daniw). Few essay in iluko (salaysay), ilokano short story (sarita), memoir of an Ilocano- Penned by Leofina Jane G. Galleta. Ilocana.

Tags: creative writing, Literature, contemporary poems, Poetry by filipino, Ilokano, iluko

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