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Filipina Explorer
Statistics for Filipina Explorer
Ephemeral Philippine journeys through travel, food, momhood and words

Tags: travel, food, lifestyle, writing, parenthood
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Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
Statistics for Anne's Scribbles and Doodles
"Anne's Scribbles and Doodles" is a diary of my random thoughts, silly whatsits, crazy ideas and everything else in between. Add in a dash of adventure, a spoonful of creativity and heaping bowls of ice cream.

Tags: travel, DIY, food, lifestyle, writing
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Statistics for
Blogging and Online Writing, Waray Language (and culture), Random Thoughts

Tags: Online Writing Ideas, Waray Language, Blogging and Online Writing, Waray Songs, Online Waray Translator
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Write, Breathe, Live
Statistics for Write, Breathe, Live
A work-at-home mom and freelance writer's adventures in writing and lots of other stories

Tags: parenting, Philippines, writing, kids, events
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The Intersections & Beyond
Statistics for The Intersections & Beyond

Tags: Visual Arts, Literature & Writing, Performing Arts & Theater, Film, Cinema & Entertainment, Language & Culture
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Life is So full of tae!
Statistics for Life is So full of tae!
Life is full of tae. Watch me grow a garden from all the crap life is throwing me.

Tags: random, travel, opinion, digital art, writing
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Story Book Mom
Statistics for Story Book Mom
A Work-At-Home Mom of three who flips the pages of her life as she juggles her Marriage, Home and Family, Kids, and Work-At-Home Life.

Tags: work-at-home, Work-At-Home-Mom, online jobs, freelance writing, home and living
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Guilliean Pacheco
Statistics for Guilliean Pacheco
Raconteuse, visual artist, & fangirl.

Tags: photography, creative writing, mixtapes, film, web design
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Thesis and Research Writing - PH
Statistics for Thesis and Research Writing - PH
Learn to write your own thesis. Everyone can help you.

Tags: thesis, research, writing, philippines, college
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Wander Kid Travels
Statistics for Wander Kid Travels
Wander Kid Travel is another venture of Renz Cheng, blogger behind A Not-So-Popular Kid Food Blog. This contains accounts of his local and international travels.

Tags: travel, local destinations, international travel, earning through writing, money blog
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Rants of The Archer
Statistics for Rants of The Archer
reviews of pens, inks, notebooks

Tags: pens, inks, paper, writing, fountain pens
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Writings by an American Igorot
Statistics for Writings by an American Igorot
This blog has a wide range of inspirational topics relating with ethnic identity, assimilation, purpose, character and much more. Although much is centered around Igorots and Filipinos; many others will find its contents inspiring.

Tags: Igorot, Igorotdo, Igorotak, Filipino, Philippines
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Skip The Flip
Statistics for Skip The Flip
Skip The Flip is the Personal Blog of Philip Andrew D. Mayol

Tags: blogging, online writing, blogs, Skip The Flip, Lifestyle
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Lagalag na Engkantada
Statistics for Lagalag na Engkantada
Libre. Mura. Pagkakakitaan pa.

Tags: contests, writing gigs, free workshops, freebies
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Hermioninny Blog
Statistics for Hermioninny Blog
Hermioninny: Just another boring twentysomething with a blog...with a tiny touch of magic.

Tags: nerd, writing, art, books, fangirl
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pine for pine
Statistics for pine for pine
virtual notebook of Frank Cimatu. If you are looking for journalism tenets or ways to improve your writing, look somewhere else. This blog is what I do while waiting for someone or something to crop up.

Tags: baguio, writing, humor, intrigues, travel
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The Final Chapter
Statistics for The Final Chapter
This blog is what I see as an encyclopedia of life, love and relationships. I write not only to express my thoughts but to influence others as well.

Tags: tumblr, life, love, relationships, writing
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Help Desk
Statistics for Help Desk
Free online workshop in creating effective business and social letters, communications, and memos.

Tags: letters, business, memos, communications, writing
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Statistics for deliLiving
Life as I see and experience it through my career, family and faith.

Tags: writing, Butuan, Bohol, Cebu, ministry
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My Romance Novels
Statistics for My Romance Novels
Book collection Romance Novels Writing Tips Precious Hearts Romances Pocketbooks

Tags: Books, Romance Novel, Writing Tips, Precious Hearts Romances, Collection
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The Makati Science Vision
Statistics for The Makati Science Vision
The Official Blog of One of the Best School Papers in the Philippines

Tags: News Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Literary Writing, Sports Writing
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Awaiting Disaster
Statistics for Awaiting Disaster
Personal and lifestyle blog of a published writer with rebel tendencies.

Tags: writing, ellestrange, personal, life, lifestyle
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Gazillionth Thought Bubble
Statistics for Gazillionth Thought Bubble
Take a peek into the inner workings of Adly Velasco's mind as she turns her musings and ideas into reality. From fashion to food, photography to life as we know it. No wonder this graduate nurse and online shop owner's got so many things in her

Tags: fashion, photography, writing, nursing, love
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Statistics for Possibilitales
Tales of possibility, wandering, and wondering told through photos captured in film and words strung together.

Tags: travel, personal, lomography, writing, film photography
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Simply Natural: Minute Maid Pulpy Blog Contest
Statistics for Simply Natural: Minute Maid Pulpy Blog Contest
I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…

Tags: Minute Maid, blog, contest, writing, orange
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Malditang Librarian
Statistics for Malditang Librarian
Blog about libraries, librarianship, books, reading, writing, creativity, spirituality, and inspiration.

Tags: books, writing, creativity, spirituality, librarian
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The Blah Blah Notebook
Statistics for The Blah Blah Notebook
Random thoughts about anything.

Tags: writing, opinions, drawing, hobbies, memoirs
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Writing Meow
Statistics for Writing Meow
Writing Meow is all about different topics like cats, social media, money, freelancing, blogging and life . We also focus on personality development, health and how to live a happy life.

Tags: cats, meow sound, freelancing, make money, happy life
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Statistics for Scatterbrain
Irrational Enigma of Drowned Beauty

Tags: writing, diary, journal, blog, family
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little almi
Statistics for little almi
i may be tiny, but i am big.

Tags: everyday, photography, travel, love, writing
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notjaya diary
Statistics for notjaya diary
nature girl's continued quest for inspiration, expression and all things wonderful

Tags: photography, fashion, writing, travel, books
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Statistics for photograpia
Stories from a Snap-happy Sofia

Tags: travel, photography, food, writing, books
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Geeky Fridays with Aencille
Statistics for Geeky Fridays with Aencille
Aencille is a 20-year old writer slash artist slash cosplayer slash gamer. The world is my canvas, and I paint with words. An odd ball, others say, but I prefer misunderstood.

Tags: geek, anime, writing, press release, personal
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Makeup and Phrases
Statistics for Makeup and Phrases
My blog is more of a personal blog because it's where I put mostly what happened to me. I share my insights on beauty techniques and tips on my blog for fashion and makeup readers.. I write poems and anything up to narratives and stories.

Tags: myrilmae007, fashion, makeup, cosmetics, writings
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Statistics for KatrinaLabra
Of love stories, advice and all things cliche.

Tags: Feature, Writings, Quotes, Love, Live
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Enlighten your mind, Leave the thoughts behind.
Statistics for Enlighten your mind, Leave the thoughts behind.
Blog ng isang batang nangangarap.

Tags: writing, poetry, personal, rants, thoughts
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Statistics for iJoannaMariel
Fashion. Photography. Literature. And everything else.

Tags: Fashion, Photography, Personal, Literature, Writing
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A Little Too Sentimental
Statistics for A Little Too Sentimental
I feel a lot of things, and I'm not scared to let the world know. I write poems, and I have some monologues. Love is an art I've been wanting to master

Tags: life, love, writing, originals, compositions
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Wish & Wear
Statistics for Wish & Wear
Join Adly Velasco as she embarks on the journey of life to fulfill her wishes and see what this registered nurse, aspiring writer, amateur photographer and food lover is wearing while she's at it.

Tags: personal style, food, photography, writing, thoughts
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The Strangest Girl - Tumblr
Statistics for The Strangest Girl - Tumblr
Call me Eena. I am a 19 years old AB Political Science student from Zamboanga City. They say I'm strange, I say each one of us must embrace our authenticity.

Tags: rants, writings, html help, randomness, quirky
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World of Caprice
Statistics for World of Caprice
The blog of some wannabe writer.

Tags: poems, writing
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Statistics for
The site shares and provides FREE information relevant to BLOGGING, SOCIAL MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY, WRITING TIPS and more about INTERNET MARKETING.

Tags: internet marketing, blogging tips, Journalism, writing tips, photojournalism
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The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Statistics for The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Here's where you'll get to know the creative side of me.

Tags: Maqui Castelo, poetry, writing, photo manipulation, life
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Statistics for inklust
The cumulative virtual space of the faceless, neglected Helen who was unfought for; the secret wallflower who wants to know more. I am by no means a writer but I have a passion for spilled ink, torn paper, and unexpressed thoughts.

Tags: life, thoughts, poetry, writings, love
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Statistics for BELLEWETHER
A girl's babble-talk of random stuff she likes: Fashion, Writing, Music, Digitalism, Famous People, Good Finds, and anything classy.

Tags: fashion, music, writing, photos, food
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Weirdong Pasahero
Statistics for Weirdong Pasahero
Ang pakikipagsapalaran ni Brio habang nakasakay sa jeep atbp.

Tags: personal, books, literature, writing, reflections
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Statistics for ashtigmakisig
This blog is merely personal, a writer's journey in fulfilling his dream which is to be Ashtig. He writes to express his cordial contemplation to the world.

Tags: Music, Creative Writing, Thought Mover, Life, Presonal
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The Writing Corp Official
Statistics for The Writing Corp Official
Writing Hacks and Tips

Tags: writer, writing, books, words, poetry
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The Daily Jamie
Statistics for The Daily Jamie
The Daily Jamie is all about photography, DIY, and reviews.

Tags: Photography, Food, Travel, Writing, Nature
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Statistics for flyforicarus
dream big + soar high

Tags: books, writing, pets, personal, news
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