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Philippine Taxation Updates & Beyond and Taxation Related to Business, Finance & Personal in General

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The Learning Site
Statistics for The Learning Site
The Learning Site is a nook of free teaching resources, guidelines and printables for preschool classrooms.

Tags: preschool education, free flash cards, printable worksheets, teaching ideas, activities for children
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PinayPornSite.Com - Latest Pinay Sex Scandals
Statistics for PinayPornSite.Com - Latest Pinay Sex Scandals
Home of Latest Pinay Scandal, Pinay Sex Scandals, Pinay Porn. R18+ Updated Daily. Visit us now!

Tags: pinay scandal, pinay sex scandal, pinay porn, pinay porn site, sex videos
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Sirang Lente
Statistics for Sirang Lente
This blog is about hiking, traveling, historical and heritages sites.

Tags: mountains, beach, travel, historical sites, hiking
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PNGS Inc - SEO Philippines | Website Design Manila | Freelancer Philippines
Statistics for PNGS Inc - SEO Philippines | Website Design Manila | Freelancer Philippines
PNGS Inc. - is a general services that offer different services in different categories in a very affordable price. Particularly in website design, web SEO, real estates, and other services.

Tags: pngs inc, freelancer philippines, web design freelancer philippines, website design philippines, seo philippines
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Statistics for PhilReviews
The best money making website reviews like PTC, GPT, PPD, CPA, HYIP, and etc. We are focused on small time website reviews, but not limited to.

Tags: web reviews, review, website review, money making, ptc
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Amazing Brandz
Statistics for Amazing Brandz
Philippine Branding and beyond...

Tags: Business, Top Brands, TV Ads, Gadget Reviews, Websites
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estoryahe - tanan CEBU ug BISDAK
Statistics for estoryahe - tanan CEBU ug BISDAK
Let's talk about Cebu, Visayas and Mindanao and all the Visayan-Speaking (BISDAK) communities of the Philippines. Share your TRAVEL experiences, thoughts and memories about the places in these part of the Philippines.

Tags: Cebu, Cebu beaches, Cebu Tourism, Cebu Heritage Sites, Cebu tourist spots
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Knot This Time
Statistics for Knot This Time
A blog about DIY crafts and hobbies.

Tags: crochet, free crochet patterns, crafts, beauty recipes, smart ideas
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my own technology blog
Statistics for my own technology blog
tech blog

Tags: technology, gadgets, cool internet sites, tech guides, networking
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The Opposite Lifestyle
Statistics for The Opposite Lifestyle
Your daily guide to the ideal life

Tags: travel deals, leisure, health, lifestyle, money
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Pinoy Arkitektura
Statistics for Pinoy Arkitektura
A Bloggers Guide to Modern, Contemporary and Old Buildings, Churches, Monuments, Shrines, Bridges found in the Philippines

Tags: Houses, Bridge, Architecture, Church, Building
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Nurses Information Site
Statistics for Nurses Information Site
Nursing Informations, Study Guides, Review Guides for Exams, Latest News & Updates, Drugs, Health, all about nursing

Tags: Registered Nurse, Philippines, Health, Nurse Licensure Examination, CGFNS
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This side of Perry
Statistics for This side of Perry
Perry's blog

Tags: bureaucracy, politics, government, philippines, perryhugo
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Pinoy Food Taste: Your exquisite guide to savor Filipino Recipes
Statistics for Pinoy Food Taste: Your exquisite guide to savor Filipino Recipes
Pinoy Food Taste is a collection of Filipino Foods:: Pinoy Cooking Reviews:Filipino Recipes from different regions of the Philippines. Hope you enjoy!

Tags: Filipino Recipe, Filipino Recipes, Pinoy foods, Filipino foods, Philippine recipes
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My Own Little Space in This World
Statistics for My Own Little Space in This World
Catchall of everything that happens in my life, as a wife, a mom-to-be, a friend, an athlete, a novice animator & video editor, a dog lover, an internet addict

Tags: crinklynose, life in general
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the carcosite
Statistics for the carcosite
dreams and nightmares of visual and literary im / material adrift carcosa, and r'lyeh. and anything in between.

Tags: literary, arts, komix, political, university of the philippines
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Blogging a Blog
Statistics for Blogging a Blog
This blog features the latest news around the world, trending topics, and beautiful places.

Tags: This blog features the latest news, Entertainment News, Sports Updates, Personal blog, Weather updates
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your power system's relaying information source

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when thoughts become this random
Statistics for when thoughts become this random
Random thoughts and photos from a woman who's in the middle of experiencing quarter-life crisis

Tags: photo, books, reviews, views, movies
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Tech Bugs
Statistics for Tech Bugs
Tech Bugs is a technology based blog featuring news or updates, reviews, and everything about technology including computers, mobile devices, games, and so much more.

Tags: tech blog, tech site, games, computers, mobile phones
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City of Bogo Blog Site
Statistics for City of Bogo Blog Site
Blog site for the city of bogo government

Tags: City of Bogo, Bogo City, Capitancillo Islet, City of Bogo Cebu, Bogo City Cebu
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your revenue, our concern

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This Is 90s Print Advertising
Statistics for This Is 90s Print Advertising
Natatandaan mo pa ba ang mga print ads na 'to? :-)

Tags: advertising, human interest, humor, copy, photography
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The Official Bum Site
Statistics for The Official Bum Site
A little bit of everything.This site rants about Philippine corruption and teenage vices.A bit about macro photography,watching tv shows online, health-related issues, nurse reviews, and very little on nurse jobs abroad. :)

Tags: photography, philippine corruption, nurse reviews, nurse jobs abroad, book reviews
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Kumita ng dollars sa internet
Statistics for Kumita ng dollars sa internet
Legitimate online income opportunities for Filipinos through Pay per click, Pay per view programs etc. Tutorials on how to use PTC and tips and tricks to earn more through PTC

Tags: Paid to click, Online income opportunity, Legitimate and trusted PTC sites, Make money online, Extra income at home
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Davao Pictures | Photos - POTOGRAPIYA DABAW
Statistics for Davao Pictures | Photos - POTOGRAPIYA DABAW
Davao City Pictures by kiwi bulaclac

Tags: davao city photography, davao city pictures, davao city photos, davao city eents, davao city sites
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The World I Know
Statistics for The World I Know
A blog about the places I've visited, motherhood experiences and everything that caught my attention

Tags: motherhood, Philippines, recipe, destination, helpful sites
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Statistics for LUCKY CARMS
My name is Carmela Ramirez and I'm a 17 year old from Manila. This is my personal blog where I post about my day-to-day experiences, movies I've seen, causes I support, things I like and more often, the music I listen to and recommend.

Tags: life, music, causes, random, movies
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This is My Life
Statistics for This is My Life
This blog is all about my life as a wife to my hubby Francis, mother to my 3 wonderful, intelligent and beautiful daughters: Arielle, Joie and Amaya. And probably about my life as a woman.

Tags: family, relationships, likes, achievements
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Vmobile Website
Statistics for Vmobile Website
Sharing the secrets on How to Earn extra money and income for your family in the Philippines while working abroad. Vmobile is a multi level marketing business to all Filipinos around the world.

Tags: vmobile, vmobile dubai, vmobile uae, vmobile website, vmobile videos
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Behind This Piercings and all
Statistics for Behind This Piercings and all
Adventure faith walk of a radical christian. Faithfully loving and worshiping Jesus even though with all his Piercings and tattoo.

Tags: christian, faith, worship, radical
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Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Statistics for Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Fan site for Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Tags: jasmine curtis smith, babycurt, jasmine curtis website, jasmine curtis latest, anne curtis sister
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This Is Hanz
Statistics for This Is Hanz
My blog is definetely a mixture of any categories. It's composed of fashion, personal, photography and etc.

Tags: food, fashion, photography, art, fun
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Kahit Ano Tutorial Blogsite
Statistics for Kahit Ano Tutorial Blogsite
This blog contains articles, tutorials and information on any topic mainly in computer technology and gadgets. This blog also include downloadable ebooks/lectures, open-source software, movies, music and more.

Tags: tutorials, programming, technology, computers, articles
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Life is a piece of photograph
Statistics for Life is a piece of photograph
My life as a photographer and my daily dose of photography.

Tags: blogs photography, photography sites, photo blogger, photo blogs, blogs photos
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This Is How I Fly
Statistics for This Is How I Fly
This blog is about my personal thoughts and experiences. Also, there are sections about fashion and things I recommend.

Tags: fashion, lifestyle, events, art, movies
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Statistics for bibingkagirl
basta bisitahin niyo na lang!

Tags: humor, this, happy, bibingka, tangina
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House and Lot For Sale
Statistics for House and Lot For Sale
Lancaster Estates is a 700-hectare masterplanned community whose span covers Imus, Gen. Trias and Kawit in Cavite.

Tags: Lancaster Estates, House and Lot in Cavite, Affordable Quality Homes in Cavite, Houses near MOA/MAKATI/NAIA, For Sale Alexandra, Gabrielle,
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The Celebration Site
Statistics for The Celebration Site
This is a blog celebrating the lives of two good talented men - Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

Tags: Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul, latest news Paul michael glaser, Chrystallia and the Source of Light, Starsky and Hutch
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Scuba Dives
Statistics for Scuba Dives
Scuba Updates, Worlds Best Scuba Diving Sites, Domestic and International Airline Promos, Fitness Tips.

Tags: Scuba Dive, Dive Site, Snorkelling, Airline Promo, Fitness
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Mobile Movies Download
Statistics for Mobile Movies Download
Download mobile movies to your cellphone in 3gp, mp4 and avi formats for free.

Tags: mp4 movies, mobile movies, 3gp movies, movies to cellphone, mobile movie site
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My Site
Statistics for My Site
My personal site is my own creation, just open the site, and click were you want...

Tags: easy, simple, elegant, not crumble, word by word
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Earn Money Online For Free
Statistics for Earn Money Online For Free
List and details about online money making sites.

Tags: Earn Money Online, Paid To Click, GPT Sites, Survey Sites, Earn At Home
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Greedy4ever Official site
Statistics for Greedy4ever Official site

Tags: bidtraffic vip, lovely escumbado, girl died after dyeing her hair, pisobid price, grabagold picma
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Statistics for web-development-newz

Tags: web-development, website, website-development, web-development-news, web design
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This is a happy place
Statistics for This is a happy place
An online journal ran by a 17 year old homework hating, fast food eating couch potato college kid in Manila. Worrd.

Tags: personal, life, journal
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How to Create a Website: Web Design Tips
Statistics for How to Create a Website: Web Design Tips
In creating a website, simplicity and functionality should be the rule of the thumb. Standard Language and content in creating a web page must be universally understood. If the site is for general audience, standard terms are advised.

Tags: cebu web designer, cebu seo design, philippine web designers, Philippines web designer, website design philippines
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This Is Imagined
Statistics for This Is Imagined
The social media junkie. 24. Alternating between reality and the imaginary. Prose, poetry with a shot of vodka.

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Statistics for empowers entrepreneurs by providing informative articles through its blog. also hosts a free classified ads service where anyone can post a free ad.

Tags: Buy and Sell, Free ads posting, Classified Ads, Buy and sell website, apartment for rent
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