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Sarah Eats World
Statistics for Sarah Eats World
About the places I've travelled, the food I've tasted, and the things I've experienced.

Tags: food, travel, music
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Slippers and Shades
Statistics for Slippers and Shades
travel, family fun, food delight, souvenirs and a story to tell... Let's not be slaved by our jobs, daily routines that make life so boring. Let's get out of our shells, explore places, relax, laugh and appreciate God's wonderful creations

Tags: adventure, recreations, nature, transportation, vacation
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Kisses from Princessarah
Statistics for Kisses from Princessarah
Make-up, clothes and everything in between!

Tags: makeup, make-up, fashion, style, pink
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Statistics for Sarahness
Lifestyle, Culture, and Entertainment

Tags: science, technology, oddity, health, lifestyle
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The Freudian Slip of a Bacolodnon
Statistics for The Freudian Slip of a Bacolodnon
Get to read the (mis)adventures of a doctor, teacher, traveler and writer.

Tags: personal, travel, pictures, tips, school
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Marco Manipon's The Bobo Blog
Statistics for Marco Manipon's The Bobo Blog
The Official Web Log of Your Everyday Pangit na, Pangit Pa Ugali Bobo Guy, Coco.

Tags: manipon, bobo, humor, coco, kobe
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Sarah's Kitchen
Statistics for Sarah's Kitchen
Sarah's kitchen adventures, food trips, and reviews

Tags: dessert, recipe, cooking
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Sylvester Sy
Statistics for Sylvester Sy
This blog will focus more on my life as a photographer and everything in between.

Tags: photographer, snippets of style, fashion institute of the phil, sylvester sy, sylver
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Sarah Sapungan
Statistics for Sarah Sapungan
Blogging? -actually writing my thoughts is the best media I could express my self! I am a poem lover, dreamer, Believer of God.

Tags: sarah, phones, tab, what is, how to
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hollywood celebrities
Statistics for hollywood celebrities
candid photos of your favorite hollywood actress

Tags: bikni, upskirt, cameltoe, mini skirt, nipslip
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Mga Panaginip At Iba Pa
Statistics for Mga Panaginip At Iba Pa
A blog about personal dreams and it's possible meaning and other interesting things and events.

Tags: dreams, panaginip, bangungot, weird, interpretations
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Panaginip Lamang
Statistics for Panaginip Lamang
Isinusulat dito ang tungkol sa aking panaginip sa pagtulog at tungkol na rin sa misteryo ng buhay.

Tags: panaginip, dreams, life, buhay, allenjambalaya
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Our migrating journey to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Filipinos Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Application Guide

Tags: canada, manitoba canada, winnipeg manitoba, migrate canada, filipinos canada
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Statistics for sarahgolez
a blog dedicated to whatever I do, feel and think about fashion, style, food, travel.

Tags: style, food, travel, blog, photography
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The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Statistics for The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Here's where you'll get to know the creative side of me.

Tags: Maqui Castelo, poetry, writing, photo manipulation, life
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The Feed
Statistics for The Feed
Join me, Adrian Benipayo with my misadventures. Anything goes on my blog- food, fun, love life and everything in between.

Tags: adrian benipayo, showbiz, kapamilya, fun
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Stories Beneath the Skies
Statistics for Stories Beneath the Skies
Personal thoughts on different issues.

Tags: personal, henna rose geronimo,, stories beneath the skies
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Little Miss Sunshine
Statistics for Little Miss Sunshine
20. Believes in the existence of God and aliens. Writes about life, love, art, and food.

Tags: love, life, saraharrogante, food, foodblog
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Statistics for Catnip
personal blog.

Tags: personal, literature, travel, photography, books
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Picture Sniper
Statistics for Picture Sniper
A collections of Photography, Arts, Designs, Signs, and Photos....

Tags: Photography, Photoblog, Arts, Designs, Pictures
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Statistics for Panaginip
Kwentong katatakutan..

Tags: Horror, Katatakutan, Bangungot, Kwento, Multo
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Just Juncci Music
Statistics for Just Juncci Music
The official Music Blogsite of Just Juncci

Tags: opm, foreign, juncci, sarah, bieber
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Kiss and Makeup by: Sarah Falcone
Statistics for Kiss and Makeup by: Sarah Falcone
Sarah Falcone is a professional makeup artist from Manila, Philippines. The best wedding, bridal, and airbrush makeup artist in Manila.

Tags: wedding, bridal, makeup, make up
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Statistics for Denizignko
Collection of Tutorials and Works from Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Tags: Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, CorelDraw Tutorials, Graphics Design, Photo Manipulation
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Statistics for milaayniping
maganda ako eh.

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Statistics for slippergame
Your alternative and fun blog to traveling. Features interesting non-touristy sites and easy-to-use maps.

Tags: history, museums, Cebu city, photography, philippines
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Geronimo Latest News
Statistics for Geronimo Latest News
Get all Sarah Geronimo latest news, movies, music, pictures and videos. Learn more about Sarah Geronimo from our trusted celebrity news source insider.

Tags: sarah geronimo latest news
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Pinoy Sniper
Statistics for Pinoy Sniper
News and Information Portal

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Sarah Geronimo, The Philippines' QUEEN OF POP
Statistics for Sarah Geronimo, The Philippines' QUEEN OF POP
Latest news and anything about Sarah Geronimo in this blog.

Tags: Sarah Geronimo, Sarah G, Popstar Royalty, Queen Of Pop, Philippines
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Sarah Geronimo, The Philippines' QUEEN OF POP
Statistics for Sarah Geronimo, The Philippines' QUEEN OF POP
Latest news and anything about Sarah Geronimo is on this blog.

Tags: Sarah Geronimo, Sarah G, Music, Popstar Royalty, Queen of Pop
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I Am MissSanipilip I LJ Lacbo
Statistics for I Am MissSanipilip I LJ Lacbo
A virtual home for my crumpled piss and shits catering my love for art, food, photography, travel & more.

Tags: art, food, travel, humor, photography
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Statistics for
Tech Geek next door - get the latest news about technologies, gadgets

Tags: technology, android, gadgets, how to, internet
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Darren Espanto Org
Statistics for Darren Espanto Org
Website dedicated to the talented Filipino Canadian singer Darren Espanto.

Tags: Darren Espanto, The Voice Kids, Sarah Geronimo
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what sarah wants
Statistics for what sarah wants
Wanderer. Dreamer. Utterly Random. Certified Shoeholic, Bag Addict, Lipstick Eater and Sunnies Hoarder.

Tags: fashion, Personal style, travel, reviews, food
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Statistics for Teksnip101
Philippines’ source for news, tutorials, reviews and tips about the latest trends in technology, gadgets, social media and Web Development.

Tags: teksnip, gadgetreviews, unbxoxing, news, tech blog
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Pinoy Showbiz Daily
Statistics for Pinoy Showbiz Daily
Pinoy Showbiz Daily is the premium source of showbiz news, gossips, fresh updates on movies, tv, and celebrities in the Philippines.

Tags: angel locsin, marian rivera, anne curtis, sarah geronimo, kim chiu
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Statistics for JUSTINoneNonly
*All about Sarah Geronimo. All for Sarah Geronimo.*

Tags: Sarah Geronimo, John Justin Mesias, Popsters, JustSarahG, Sarah G News and updates
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Statistics for JUSTINoneNonly
*All about Sarah Geronimo. All for Sarah Geronimo*

Tags: Sarah Geronimo, JUSTINoneNonly, JustSarahG, PopStar Princess, Popsters
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Statistics for PINOY SNIPER
News and Information Portal for Everyone!

Tags: news, information, tips, breaking news, information portal
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Wattpad Quotes
Statistics for Wattpad Quotes
Blog with Wattpad quotes!

Tags: Wattpad, Photo Manips, Edits, Artwork, Quotes
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The Slipper Chronicles
Statistics for The Slipper Chronicles
Travelling wherever my slippers take me.

Tags: budget, adventure, escapade, vacation
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Statistics for sapusonipipay
more in jokes, quotes, lovelife, etc.

Tags: tumblr, quotes, jokes, sapusonipipay, pinay
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MissSanipilip by LJ Lacbo
Statistics for MissSanipilip by LJ Lacbo
Virtual home for my crumpled piss and shits catering my love for art, food, photography, travel and more.

Tags: travel, lifestyle, review
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Pinkish Hell
Statistics for Pinkish Hell
Sarah Patricia | 14 | Filipino | Lasallian | Photoshop | Tech | August 10 | Sophomore high school | Enjoy the endless scrolling!

Tags: pinkish hell, sarah patricia
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Best of Sarah Geronimo
Statistics for Best of Sarah Geronimo
be update with sarah geronimo videos

Tags: Sarah Geronimo, Sos, Asap xv, Sarah G., Pop Star Princess
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Statistics for Geronimo!
A java, culinary, and photo web blog of a dain bramaged geek. I will store my travel adventure photos here as well. I will keep my favorite recipes here from my home country as well as those recipes I learned throughout my travels.

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JoemenSarah Photography
Statistics for JoemenSarah Photography
A Photoblog by Joemen M Bayan

Tags: Photography, Travel, Reflections, Computer, Technology
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Discounted Lingeries
Statistics for Discounted Lingeries
Hey. Here's a great website that you could shop for lingeries online! Plus, Their giving discounts just for answering a survey! Just go to for more info.

Tags: lingerie, discounts, bra, panty, plus size
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Stars and Smiles :)
Statistics for Stars and Smiles :) what i love and what you love. <3

Tags: photography, fashion, music, sarah geronimo, star smiles
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Statistics for Splintered
Life. Or something like it.

Tags: saludsod, splintered, gian, geronimo, giro
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