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Patches of Life
Statistics for Patches of Life
random ramblings, stories, food escapades, and travel adventures

Tags: Reviews, Stories, Travel, Food, Spa
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Maikling Kuwento
Statistics for Maikling Kuwento
Ang Blog na ito ay isang koleksyon ng mga maikling kuwento o short stories ng mga mag-aaral sa Filipino 103 (Maikling Kwento). Ang lahat na mga maikling kuwento na mababasa ay puro orihinal na gawa ng mga mag-aaral sa asignaturang ito.

Tags: maikling kuwento, tagalog kwento, short stories, literature, panitikan
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Statistics for PBB ADDICTS
Celebrities, Gossip, Life, Entertainment, Music and Movies, Magazine and Polls all in here.

Tags: Magazine, Polls, ABS-CBN, Entertainment, Celebrity Stories
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Baul Ni David
Statistics for Baul Ni David
mga kuwentong naungkat mula sa malikot na nakaraan.

Tags: baul ni david, baul ni theo, david sebastian, kuwentong kalibugan, m2m stories
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DyslexicParanoi-A's World of Original Stories
Statistics for DyslexicParanoi-A's World of Original Stories
Dark Writer DyslexicParanoia's Official Website Language: English & Filipino Writing Style: Genre-busting Literary Fiction

Tags: Novelist, Original Stories, Cross-genre Novelist, Dark Writer, Mixed Genre
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TYC — The Yatot Chronicles
Statistics for TYC — The Yatot Chronicles
It's the personal blog of Yatot where he blogs about on love, relationship, tech, blogging, writing, stories, entertainment, etc. TYC is one superb online magazine portfolio!

Tags: relationship, stories, tips, entertainment, blogging
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BGOLDtm (Bi-Gays On-Line Diary)
Statistics for BGOLDtm (Bi-Gays On-Line Diary)

Tags: gays, stories, erwanreid, bgold, diary
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The Ugly Writers
Statistics for The Ugly Writers
It's a haven for writers and readers alike to have a place to read and write just about anything.

Tags: uglywriters, taciturn notes, poetry, short stories, book reviews
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Rants, Stories, etc.
Statistics for Rants, Stories, etc.
This blog site features stories about the painful yet wonderful life of bisexuals/gays.

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Deviant Soul of Unbroken Love
Statistics for Deviant Soul of Unbroken Love
Deviant Soul of Unbroken Love is a collection of stories that inspire a soul.

Tags: Deviant Soul of Unbroken Love, Gay Stories, Love, Soul, Inspiration
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DiaryOfSecrets | Official
Statistics for DiaryOfSecrets | Official
Original stories by Scopy Robin

Tags: wattpad, diaryofsecrets, stories, romance, teen fiction
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Latest News
Statistics for Latest News
All the latest news happen everyday.

Tags: latest news, Philippines news, BBC, Top Stories, Movies Article
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Pinoy Funny Ideas
Statistics for Pinoy Funny Ideas
Collection of funny jokes and amusing stories about life, love, work and leisure - including people, animals, objects, events and places - with Pinoy touch of humor.

Tags: Pinoy Funny Ideas, Pinoy Jokes, Pinoy Amusing Stories, Philippine Jokes, Filipino Jokes
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Tagalog Pocketbooks
Statistics for Tagalog Pocketbooks
Read pocketbook-type short stories written in Tagalog by Filipinos online. New stories and chapters are being published every week!

Tags: tagalog pocketbooks, tagalog short stories, filipino authors, tagalog fiction, tagalog nobela
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An Affair With Books
Statistics for An Affair With Books
Reading books is one of my favorite things to do in life. In order to keep my writing in tip-top shape I've decided to put up a review blog of the books I've read. I hope that through it I'll be able to influence people to get into reading.

Tags: books, literature, reading, stories, love stories
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Gay Themed Movies
Statistics for Gay Themed Movies
This site caters different gay themed movies – love stories, humor, drama, sequels and T.V that will surely tickle your laughter, make you cry, composes your soul in love, fulfill your fantasies and feed your minds. Live, Love and Laugh visit my blog.

Tags: Gay Themed Movies, Love Stories, Laughter, Fantasy, Lust
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Statistics for tambayanglonelyboy
TAMBAYANGLONELYBOYS IS ONE OF THE OFFICIAL AFFILIATES GROUP OF TAMBAYANG HOT BOYS COMMUNITY!Group for men/women, straight guys, bisexuals or lesbians who wants to express freedom. Are You Bored? Are you Happy? Are you Hot? Busted or Alone?

Tags: thb, tlhb, ltgb, hot boys, lonely, tambayang lonely boys,, hot videos, hot stories, hot papa, hot mama, lonelyboys, hot boys, lonely boys, happy boys
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Bernadette's Diary
Statistics for Bernadette's Diary
Collection of my original poems, novel, and short stories; sharing my thoughts from real-life experiences; computer tips and tricks and LIVE streaming of Philippines TV stations.

Tags: Forex Investment, Short Story,Poem & Novel, Computer Tips & Tricks, Love poem short stories, LGN Tavel Card,Live Streaming
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Like Silent Letters
Statistics for Like Silent Letters
Short stories. Feature essays. Reflections. And much more....

Tags: Short Stories, Essays, Reflections, Life, Love
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Movies and my Stories
Statistics for Movies and my Stories
My blog is about capturing life mainly in movies but as well as other things in my cloud of interests, with random thoughts and stories included!

Tags: Movies, Photography, Arts, Theater, Photoshop
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Statistics for KwentoKaNaman
A personal, random blog from an ordinary person - except that person fantasizes about being a writer someday.

Tags: original short stories, fiction, office humor, humor, original story
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Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind
Statistics for Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind
The advent of this blog is explained by the blogger’s hunger to share the stories of his Wandering Feet (i.e., stories & photos that will promote the pulchritude of the places he set foot on, most especially the Philippines) and Mind.

Tags: Philippines, Bicolandia, Nature, Travel, Riyadh
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C'est La Vie
Statistics for C'est La Vie
Highlights of the life of the personal blogger, Edleen May Coja Baysa.

Tags: personal, life, stories, happenings, snapshots
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HaveYouSeenThisGirL Stories
Statistics for HaveYouSeenThisGirL Stories
You can find online stories written by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Tagalog, English or Taglish)

Tags: haveyouseenthisgirl, stories, online story, romance, love
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25 - Not Everyone's Love Story
Statistics for - Not Everyone's Love Story
I love writing short stories inspired by some of my favorite celebrity love teams. This is a perso-story blog to vent out my frustrations about life and to share my fantasies about love.

Tags: Filipino, quotes, personal blog, banat, love stories
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Puting Kastilyo
Statistics for Puting Kastilyo
This blog is my personal blog you can read here a love story, story video inspired by marcelo santos iii, and you can get also a couple tshirt design for free and a system in netbeans hope to visit my blog and follow me thanks!

Tags: short stories, love strories, system, couple tshirt design, make money online
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Statistics for THEsteffanoperales
I believe everyone has the most stupid, craziest, funniest and greatest stories to share. Please spare your precious minute to listen mine.

Tags: fashion for men, cravings, funny, philippines, Masbate, more fun in the philippines, short stories
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Statistics for Remarx
A collection of my stories, cravings, whereabouts and snapshots.

Tags: food, drink, photos, places, stories
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Bad Decisions Make Good Stories.
Statistics for Bad Decisions Make Good Stories.
My blog serves as my online journal and my soon to be portfolio.

Tags: project366, raquelmallillin, wakel
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Kwentong Incredible
Statistics for Kwentong Incredible
Blog na umaapaw sa humor. lol joke lang hahahahaha

Tags: Personal, Funny, Baliwan Stories
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Christian Tolentino
Statistics for Christian Tolentino
This is my Personal Blog

Tags: Bi Love Stories, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Creation
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Just for a While
Statistics for Just for a While

Tags: religion, gospel, reflection, stories, scriptures
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Living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines
Statistics for Living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines
A personal blog about HIV and AIDS in the Philippines, its treatment, testing, stories of PLHIV, OFW, hospitals, infections

Tags: HIV, AIDS, Philippines, Treatment, Stories
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The Philippine Literature
Statistics for The Philippine Literature
The Philippine Literature is your ultimate source of past and present literary works. This is your online and updated library for short stories, folktales, poetry, songs and other literary pieces created by the Filipinos throughout generations

Tags: folk tales, poems in filipino, philippine folktales, alamat, filipino short stories
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Statistics for 16MinutesLate
poems, stories and funny humor

Tags: 16minuteslate, poems, stories, kwento, tula
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Statistics for Reveries
My work, my frustration, my all-in-all compilation

Tags: Reveries, Essays, Dreams, Poetry, Stories
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My Mind In Random
Statistics for My Mind In Random
My personal takes on almost everything.

Tags: Jesus Is Lord Church, Random Thoughts, Trending Stories, Beauty Boxes, Food Reviews
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Just your normal teenage girl who loves to over think things! :)

Tags: Personal Blog, Typography, Quotations, Random Thoughts, Make-Up
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BhabieMaldz's Imaginations
Statistics for BhabieMaldz's Imaginations
HI! Welcome to my blog :) Enjoy my stories,thank you <3

Tags: Home, My personal thoughts, Stories
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We all have stories we won't ever tell
Statistics for We all have stories we won't ever tell
A photoblog of a kid, who uses a Canon Powershot A2000 IS and a Nikon D5100.

Tags: Canon Powershot A2000 IS, Nikon D5100, photo blog
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Le Journal Millesime
Statistics for Le Journal Millesime
Personal blog full of stories, and faves..

Tags: life, stories, faves
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Statistics for Pinoytambay
Tambayan ng mga chinx at tsonx

Tags: pinoytambay, tagalog, scandal, artista, stories
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Modernong Pluma
Statistics for Modernong Pluma
Thoughts of the daydreamer. I have a story to tell.

Tags: Wattpad, Writing tips, Tagalog stories, Random thoughts, Pag-ibig
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Kiseki and photographs
Statistics for Kiseki and photographs
A dreamer's photography blog. Pure randomness and love.

Tags: photography, stories, dreams, miracles
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Silver Shaded
Statistics for Silver Shaded
A collection of literature made by Jeremiah.

Tags: Poetry, Short Stories, Fiction
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Jabellita Maldita
Statistics for Jabellita Maldita
My Thoughts. My Opinions. My Stories. My Life in a Blog.

Tags: jabelah, jabellita, life, stories, happiness
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Bibliophilic Bookworm
Statistics for Bibliophilic Bookworm
A bibliophilic bookworm's reviews about the mangas, novels, novellas, and short stories that she has read.

Tags: books, novels, mangas, short stories, bibliophilic bookworm
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The Torture Sessions
Statistics for The Torture Sessions
Official website for small fiction by Wina Puangco.

Tags: writing, fiction, prose, small fiction, stories
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Inquisitive Kittens
Statistics for Inquisitive Kittens
Home of Book Reviews and All Things Awesome.

Tags: Book Reviews, Book Reviewer, Young Adult, Stories, Comics
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Pinoy Tirada 101
Statistics for Pinoy Tirada 101
Trending News, Outdoor, Most Watch Videos and Inspirational Stories

Tags: Trending News, Viral Videos, Funny Photos, Outdoor, Inspiration Stories of Pinoy
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