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queen of shadows by dianne sylvan by Artseblis Reads on Nov 10, 2010A musician with the power to manipulate her audience’s emotions, in a city secretly ruled by an army of vampires, where head vampire falls in love with a fragile human after he finds her brutalized by thugs, and an excess of clichés.

private demon by lynn viehl by Artseblis Reads on Nov 3, 2010The investigation of a Darkyn vampire leads to the dying Jema. He enters her dreams to find out what she knows about the Brethren. Even if he saves her from cold-blooded killers, how can he save her from her mortality?

if angels burn by lynn viehl by Artseblis Reads on Oct 27, 2010Dr. Alexandra Keller, Chicago’s most brilliant reconstructive surgeon, was abducted and persuaded to operate on Michael Cyprien, New Orlean’s most reclusive millionaire. His face and body were disfigured beyond medical repair. But his body’s ab...

soulless by gail carriger by Artseblis Reads on Sep 2, 2010Soulless is a comedy of manners set in Victorian London: full of werewolves, vampires, dirigibles, and tea-drinking. How does that work? Believe me it does.

weddings from hell by maggie shayne, jeaniene frost, terri garey, & kathryn smith by Artseblis Reads on Aug 31, 2010Four short stories where the bride meets the groom from hell, and a monster may just be the man to the rescue…...

red: dead world book 1 by jordan summers by Artseblis Reads on Jul 3, 2010The only saving grace of this book is the idea for the setting--a post apocalyptic future where werewolves and vampires are genetically engineered soldiers, now unwanted remnants of the last war.

the strangely beautiful tale of miss percy parker by leanna renee hieber by Artseblis Reads on Jun 25, 2010The story takes off from the Persephone myth, then twists it.

the dream thief by shana abe by Artseblis Reads on Jun 12, 2010Lia, daughter of Rue and Kit of the Smoke Thief, has dreamt of the future for years. In her dreams, Zane, urchin thief who served her mother, has become a ruthless, master thief. Wielding Draumr, a diamond with the power to enslave the drakons, creat...

truelove bride by shana abe by Artseblis Reads on May 7, 2010If you like your romance sweet, solemn, and intense, then Shana Abe is your romance author.

the smoke thief by shana abe by Artseblis Reads on May 3, 2010Are dragons my next vampire?