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I love to post p a s t e l s, some cute and nice photographs loves playing piano.

Tags: pastels

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"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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ellen's photo gallery
Statistics for ellen's photo gallery
my show case of wedding and portrait shots. my studio is located in lipa city

Tags: wedding photographer in batangas, lipa city wedding studio, wedding photographer, philippines wedding photographer, ellens photo gallery

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Statistics for Pixzhen
It is all about photography, personal and all about life. Fashion and travel. I personally love taking good pictures.

Tags: personal, photography, life, girl, beauty

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Two Weeks
Statistics for Two Weeks
Personal Blog, Fashion, Beauty, Photography, Basic Cooking, DIYS, and more.

Tags: fashion, diy, makeup, food, drinks

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VEST Photography
Statistics for VEST Photography
A photo blog created for my love of capturing and preserving moments in time. Certified Thomasian. Certified Artlet. Certified Nikonian. © Vincent | Tanching

Tags: nikon, beauty, moments in time, nikkor lens, life

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The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Statistics for The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Minimally-enhanced photos from my point-and-shoot camera. Simple and straightforward practical photography.

Tags: point and shoot, digital, photography, practical, gilbertgalvez

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figments of my imagination
Statistics for figments of my imagination
i just started to put some personal stuff in my blog :) so check it out!

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Worlds Most Beautiful Places
Statistics for Worlds Most Beautiful Places
travelling the world and seeing places which i think did not exist. Be amazed and marveled the beauty of the world.

Tags: Top 10, Most beautiful, Top 10 Places, most beautiful places, travel location

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Captured Moments
Statistics for Captured Moments
a photoblog of a technopreneur mom of 3 living in cebu

Tags: cebu, pinay, pinoy, family, photos

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Digital n Analogue Photography and Rock n Roll

Tags: lomography, digital photography, street photography

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In Pinay's Eyes
Statistics for In Pinay's Eyes
of pictures I have taken... on how I see life (in Pinay's eyes!) . . . and on things around me . . . on inspirations . . . on realities. This is on the WHAT IS . . . WHAT IFS . . . and WHAT NOTS. MY expressions . . .and hopefully, YOUR inspirations!

Tags: photos, life, realities, expressions, inspirations

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Statistics for mauiiperry
This is my world. It's all about fashion, food, travel, events, personal, business, fun, happiness, friends and likes. This is my so called LIFE. Thank God I've got a Good Life!

Tags: mauiiperry, captured, fash

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the photos
Statistics for the photos
photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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It's Danica
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This blog is full of pictures of my interests.

Tags: Entertainment, TV, Personalities

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Hipsta Please
Statistics for Hipsta Please
This blog is simply made up of girly, quality, fashion & food photos that you'll surely gonna like. :)

Tags: Girly, Food, Fashion, Summer, Quality

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thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
Statistics for thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
bugoyprince's experience as a flight attendant is being shared either in photos, or in words.

Tags: flight attendant, photography, travel, bugoyprince, food

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The Real Scene
Statistics for The Real Scene
My daily life, randomness, quotes and thoughts are written here.

Tags: school, life, student

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all that charms
Statistics for all that charms
An online portfolio from landscapes to portraits to still-life photography.

Tags: photography, landscape, nature, still-life, images

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Statistics for HORCRUXES - PicassoDLCF
Renegade Photography

Tags: Travel, Photos, Vacation, Beaches

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Everything in Mobile
Statistics for Everything in Mobile
Blogging though my mobile!

Tags: mobile, personal, photos, videos, random

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Charlie's Cars And RobotS with other random stuff in between! enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Tags: diecast cars, super robots, jdm, tomica, toy collection

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SIMPLY Photography
Statistics for SIMPLY Photography
Photos, Music and Quotes

Tags: Photography, Photos, Music, Songs, Quotes

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Statistics for Photocraft
This is a story of my venture to photography.

Tags: photography, photoblog, photocraft, modelshoot, photo adventure

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Synesthete Lass
Statistics for Synesthete Lass
A personal journal slash photoblog of a 17 year old lass.

Tags: Fashion, photoblog, Portraits, photography, thoughts

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Camera Works
Statistics for Camera Works

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Fashion, lifestyle and giveaways. Sponsors, collaborations and styling.

Tags: Charmed Couture PH, Fashion, Food, Travel, Photography

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Von Lakwatsero
Statistics for Von Lakwatsero
This blog was created just for fun. Posting all captured moments during my travels.

Tags: Travel, Photography

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davao cameraphone pictures
Statistics for davao cameraphone pictures
an array of pictures of davao city sites and events, using various camera phones

Tags: davao city pictures, davao city, camphone, cameraphone, davao pictures

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Shutter Slacker
Statistics for Shutter Slacker
Shoot to express, not to impress.

Tags: photoblog, photography

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Statistics for Gapnud
Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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IkkoiRozzel - No regrets, just LOVE.
Statistics for IkkoiRozzel - No regrets, just LOVE.
My personal blog where I post pictures and videos.

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Statistics for Inkedlens
Photo ramblings of a frustrated photographer

Tags: Sunset, Landscape, Nature, People, Places

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Mix Thoughts
Statistics for Mix Thoughts
A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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Statistics for drunkparade
conceptual,surreal,macro and still life photos

Tags: photos

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Statistics for Retromek
a Vintage - Retro - Old School - Before Birth - Classic – Traditional – Era – Jurassic – Previous – Generation – Timeless – Past – Obsolete Pictures or Videos of anything

Tags: photography, videos, vintage, classic, retro

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Pentaprism Studios
Statistics for Pentaprism Studios
Pentaprism Studios are composed of talented and dynamic professionals who are bounded by one profound love – the ART OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Tags: philippine wedding, wedding, prenup, engagements, debut

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Shutter Happy Moments
Statistics for Shutter Happy Moments
A repository of pictures I took using my trusty point and shoot camera.

Tags: photos, photoblog, point and shoot camera, travels, images

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C'est La Vie
Statistics for C'est La Vie
A 15 year old's photoblog.

Tags: fashion, beauty, model, quotes, life

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Fierce Tizzam
Statistics for Fierce Tizzam
A blog about fashion and beauty. It contains mostly of outfit pictures, makeup looks and random stuffs.

Tags: fiercetizzam, fashion, beauty, outfit, makeup

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A blog tied with love
Statistics for A blog tied with love
Combined personal and fashion blog <3 Follow for a fashion and luxury posts with personal thoughts

Tags: fashion, luxury, personal, clothing, photography

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Statistics for Backpackingduo
Chronicling Adventures through Photography.

Tags: photography, backpacking, photoblog, travel, Philippines

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eypolapol's Musings!
Statistics for eypolapol's Musings!
This is the photoblog for (HappyNess!)

Tags: eypolapol, photography, happyness

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Mobile Litratista
Statistics for Mobile Litratista
A moblog where you can find my thoughts on mobile photography and mobile blogging. All site content--design, blog posts, photos, etc. are created, edited and maintained using a mobile phone.

Tags: Moblog, Cellphone Photography, Mobile Photography, Samsung Galaxy S II, Cosplay

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is the photo diary of JayL Aquino. ;-)

Tags: JayL Aquino, travel, hotel, luzon, manila

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Rickson Chew: Hobbyist-photographer | Motion Graphics Designer | Philippines
Statistics for Rickson Chew: Hobbyist-photographer | Motion Graphics Designer | Philippines
Online portfolio of Rickson Chew. Hobbyist photographer and motion graphics designer based in the Philippines.

Tags: krayola, photography, lomography, cinematography, visual artist

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Someday it's gonna make sense
Statistics for Someday it's gonna make sense
I travel the world with my heart on one hand, and my Holga camera on the other. I'm a lomography-enthusiast. :)

Tags: lomography, film photography, holga, camera, lomo

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Dream On
Statistics for Dream On
This blog consists of the pictures I took and the arts I (rarely) post.

Tags: photography, art, pictures, models, photoshoots

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It's Kara with a K
Statistics for It's Kara with a K
Random ramblings of my life.

Tags: karacabarle, photography, personal, books, tumblr

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Mishale Aragoncillo
Statistics for Mishale Aragoncillo
A photoblog showcasing pictures taken by Mishale Aragoncillo, a freelance photographer, model, and events organizer. Pictures included varies from portfolios and landscapes to fashion shows, weddings, parties, and other similar events.

Tags: catherine, mishale, michelle, aragoncillo, pinkz

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