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Statistics for Patawa
just for fun.

Tags: pinoy quotes, tagalog quotes, tagalog banat, patama quotes, tagalog joke

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Mobile Litratista
Statistics for Mobile Litratista
A moblog where you can find my thoughts on mobile photography and mobile blogging. All site content--design, blog posts, photos, etc. are created, edited and maintained using a mobile phone.

Tags: Moblog, Cellphone Photography, Mobile Photography, Samsung Galaxy S II, Cosplay

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Shutter Trip of Tumblr
Statistics for Shutter Trip of Tumblr
Angel VII's Photoblog. Where he pretty much wants to share to the world some of his travels, experiences and whatnot. :D

Tags: travel, photography, lifestyle, personal, tumblr

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Ti Amo
Statistics for Ti Amo
A photo dump of my Instagram photos, also has my random notes and compositions.

Tags: aspiring photographer, musician

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Forever and Always
Statistics for Forever and Always
I reblog and make people see what photos really means!

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the photos
Statistics for the photos
photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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Project Magellan
Statistics for Project Magellan
The Philippines: A Paradise Overland and Undersea

Tags: Philippines, Travel, Photography, Palawan, Diving

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Statistics for Shuttered//Aperture
A tumblog filled with photos, dance, adventures,rants and all the likes. My life is ever changing like the eyes and shutter of my camera

Tags: photography, shutteredaperture, portrait, sharing, Stranger Project

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Gagamgirl: Through My Spider Senses
Statistics for Gagamgirl: Through My Spider Senses
The misfit adventure-filled guide to surviving and leveling up through your 20's. This is a collection of pocket writing on friendship, food, travel, work and learning from my 20's, told through sometimes trusty, sometimes faulty senses

Tags: photography, food, travel, surviving your 20's, millenials

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Statistics for davidandvega
Photoblog by both UPians. Enjoy!

Tags: photography, travels, camera

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Statistics for bacolodmyhome
"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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Statistics for shutterlag
arts and everything

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My Crazy Paradise
Statistics for My Crazy Paradise
thortz' crazily beautiful paradise -- people, celebrations, sights and sceneries around me

Tags: photos, explore, philippines, trip, snapshots

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Mikki Galang
Statistics for Mikki Galang
Mikki Galang as she breaks the spell

Tags: Breauty, Fashion, Travel, Life, Gender

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Statistics for Picselement
A set of an artist's work or a case used to display artwork, photographs and photo blog etc.

Tags: photography, leisure, travel, quadie diamante, picselement

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Busy Dreaming
Statistics for Busy Dreaming
Holla! Busy Dreaming is a blog of an 18 year old crazy fangirl from Manila. It is a collection of monica's Spoken Dreams about fashion, photography, travel and daily life as she is Busy Dreaming.

Tags: personal, fashion, daily life, photography

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Statistics for snapshotsandportraits
Snapshots and Portraits of My Life. Photography. Travels. People. Nature. Food. Music. Memories. Restaurants. Places. Flowers. And anything that catches my eyes. <3

Tags: snapshotsandportraits, tumblr, photography, food, photos

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better than posh isolation
Statistics for better than posh isolation
A blog that i mostly about game of thrones, vain pics, adventure time, and random thoughts. Plus, books.

Tags: adventure time, selfie, books, beach, game of thrones

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Marc Amoranto
Statistics for Marc Amoranto
STYLE x FOOD x EVENTS x LIFE. Your average guy living down south Manila.

Tags: Marc Amoranto, Food, Outfit, Life, Style

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Pix n' Toys
Statistics for Pix n' Toys
Blogging on two fronts: Photography & Toy Collection

Tags: photography, toys, D40x, Revoltech, Batman

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The Chronicler Meari
Statistics for The Chronicler Meari
Meari chronicles life and ideas through Analog Photography and writing. Her goal for the year includes finishing a novel and write a collection of hundred poems and short stories. She also loves films,anime, and books.

Tags: photography, film photography, writing, personal, literature

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Random blog of a dreamer - slash - trouble maker
Statistics for Random blog of a dreamer - slash - trouble maker
Young | Wild | Free 18 years of existence Aspiring Architect ; Amateur Photographer ; Freelance Graphic Designer

Tags: thetwistedporkchop

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Worlds Most Beautiful Places
Statistics for Worlds Most Beautiful Places
travelling the world and seeing places which i think did not exist. Be amazed and marveled the beauty of the world.

Tags: Top 10, Most beautiful, Top 10 Places, most beautiful places, travel location

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Mighty Warrior
Statistics for Mighty Warrior
Musician. Composer in the making, Amateur photographer. A Follower of Jesus. Simple person but Making Jesus Famous! And I love to Travel!!

Tags: Filipino, Pinoy, Inspirational, Christian Blooger, Love

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Wonderful Cee
Statistics for Wonderful Cee
Cee's Tumblr account

Tags: photoblog, tumblr

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Pinay Faces
Statistics for Pinay Faces
Beautiful pinay, sexy pinay celebrity pictures, photos.

Tags: Pinay faces, Sexy celebrity, Nude and naked truth, Beuatiful filipina, Naked truth photos

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Statistics for Athanism
This site is a collection of Athan Humol personal photography.His art works, his travels, his friends, & things that interest him about latest technology, art films, graphic arts, design, digital arts. Athanism is athan’s way of life.

Tags: fashion photography, graphic arts, digital arts, graphic design typography, technology

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Statistics for Dolldalera
A compilation of the various thing that interest Christa, from photography, to architecture, to art. As seen through her eyes.

Tags: photography, art, quotes

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Unlimited Fantasies
Statistics for Unlimited Fantasies
A blog about everything under the sun.

Tags: Photography, PhotoBlog, Travel, Food, Personal

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Shippai no Monogatari (失敗の物語)
Statistics for Shippai no Monogatari (失敗の物語)
Photography and Cosplay Blog

Tags: photoblogs, photography, travel, cosplay, fashion

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JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
Statistics for JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
A blog about jabberedonion's interests, hobbies, experiences and thoughts

Tags: music, photos, poems, binisaya, thoughts

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The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Statistics for The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Minimally-enhanced photos from my point-and-shoot camera. Simple and straightforward practical photography.

Tags: point and shoot, digital, photography, practical, gilbertgalvez

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Statistics for danielleabalos
Danielle is a 15 year old who gives the world a side of her //own// world through her blog. She is a working project in the making and every blog post, she is progressing. Her blog is still a baby. Website? Soon.

Tags: photo

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My Life and Thoughts in Pictures
Statistics for My Life and Thoughts in Pictures
a blog composed of many things including my experiences in life in the image of pictures and in the meaning of my thoughts.

Tags: photography, life expreriences, personal, art, photoshop

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Statistics for mikisugimotosantiago
Everything from the blabber mouthed-miki santiago.

Tags: fashion, life, photography, love, beauty

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Statistics for Inkedlens
Photo ramblings of a frustrated photographer

Tags: Sunset, Landscape, Nature, People, Places

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It's Danica
Statistics for It's Danica
This blog is full of pictures of my interests.

Tags: Entertainment, TV, Personalities

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A Thousand Words
Statistics for A Thousand Words
A photo diary of travel, happenings etc....

Tags: davao, photography, philippines, travel, nature

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Mix Thoughts
Statistics for Mix Thoughts
A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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Wild Child
Statistics for Wild Child
TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN! Email: Follow my blog. Thanks!

Tags: reblogs, people, me, random, tumblr

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The Library of GIFS
Statistics for The Library of GIFS
This blog's sole purpose is to compile all gifs used on Tumblr for easy access.

Tags: gifs, gif, photos, funny

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A Little Dram Won't Hurt
Statistics for A Little Dram Won't Hurt
Photos you'd love to share. :")

Tags: fashion, food, shoes, cute, everyday

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Micolle Catayas
Statistics for Micolle Catayas
17. ADDU 1st Yr BS-Arch. DVO. ✈ © Everything found in this blog is owned by Micolle Catayas unless otherwise stated.

Tags: photography, rants, daily, social life, gay

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Statistics for nivraceel
My blog is all about photography. It also includes daily filipino street life and culture. eventually it will include videos and it will cover filipino rock bands.

Tags: Street Photography, Metro Manila Street Photograpy, Lumix lx3, Diana f+, Photography

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Statistics for philwebphotography

Tags: Photography, travel, leisure, sports, lifestyle

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Statistics for mister240z
Oldshooler's quest to the restoration of a classic sports car as a hobby. Now includes photography on anything under the sun.

Tags: Datsun, 240z, Flowers, Photography, cars

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Collection of Hot Photos
Statistics for Collection of Hot Photos
Compilation of Hot photos that will surely energize your sexuality

Tags: hot babes, photos, make money

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Synesthete Lass
Statistics for Synesthete Lass
A personal journal slash photoblog of a 17 year old lass.

Tags: Fashion, photoblog, Portraits, photography, thoughts

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Statistics for DOCGELO'S EYES
Reverence to family, food, travels and life itself

Tags: docgelo, doc gelo, photoblog, food, family

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