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No matter how ugly the world may sometimes seem, I will find beauty in it. Always.

Tags: ezra montemayor, photography, travel, food, philippines

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pinkandpastels of tumblr
Statistics for pinkandpastels of tumblr
your daily dose of pastel, photography and fashion

Tags: photography, pastel, fashion, girly, giveaways

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Objectionable Content
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Photography, boredom, others. In blog format. Most Random of things, people I know, people you might know. Shot with a D40 or My Blackberry Bold

Tags: Blackberry bold, D40, Boredom, Photography, vidanes

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It's Danica
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This blog is full of pictures of my interests.

Tags: Entertainment, TV, Personalities

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Chronicling Adventures through Photography.

Tags: photography, backpacking, photoblog, travel, Philippines

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Statistics for Patawa
just for fun.

Tags: pinoy quotes, tagalog quotes, tagalog banat, patama quotes, tagalog joke

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Photo Contest Billboard
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We are a photo contest portal site. We collect photo contests that are happening internationally and locally and offer this information to Filipino photographers to further there skills and create opportunity for them to be known internationally.

Tags: photo contest, photography contest, contest, photography, photo competition

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Galleria Neri
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Shoot Pictures. Capture Life. Photoblog updated daily.

Tags: photography, animals, places, people, nature

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Wonderful Cee
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Cee's Tumblr account

Tags: photoblog, tumblr

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THE Whimsical Quirk
Statistics for THE Whimsical Quirk
a blog about the adventures of the whimsical quirk in wonderland...

Tags: food, fashion, travel, photography, personal

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Ang Batang Istik
Statistics for Ang Batang Istik
from personal to photoblog payatot man akong ituring, utak at puso ko nama'y bigatin.

Tags: Ang bantang istik, personal blog, photo blog, drawing na istik

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Onwards! To The Stars!!!
Statistics for Onwards! To The Stars!!!
Live life reaching for the stars! A blog by a dreamer called Life!!! A photoblog to share her photos and let you see her life through lenses.

Tags: photography, travel, food, events, music

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The Real Scene
Statistics for The Real Scene
My daily life, randomness, quotes and thoughts are written here.

Tags: school, life, student

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the photos
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photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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Shutter Happy Moments
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A repository of pictures I took using my trusty point and shoot camera.

Tags: photos, photoblog, point and shoot camera, travels, images

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This blog will let the pictures speak for itself. Expect heavy snap posts, typo errors and boring remarks from an 18 year old.

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This Blog is about a girl named Coleen who has the love for fashion and the passion for photography. Witness her adventures thru the photos she take from her travels. She conquers the world in style.

Tags: Travel, Fashion, Photography, Food, Coleen Borgonia

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davao cameraphone pictures
Statistics for davao cameraphone pictures
an array of pictures of davao city sites and events, using various camera phones

Tags: davao city pictures, davao city, camphone, cameraphone, davao pictures

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Statistics for Gapnud
Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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KR Light Photography
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We, at KR Light Photography only not take pictures but we capture the most precious moments of your most special day.

Tags: photo, wedding, photographer, debut, picture

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random stuff that helps me procrastinate :P

Tags: photography, travel, philippines, photos

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Statistics for Itsmeannababe♥
Random :)

Tags: jokes, Quotes, Funny, Inspirations, tumblr

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Let Love Last
Statistics for Let Love Last
The blog of 16 year old, Gabriella. Huge enthusiasm for fashion and aspires to be a fashion stylist in the near future :)

Tags: gebmarquez

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Dark Hypnosis
Statistics for Dark Hypnosis
This is how I see the World. Dark. Fierce. Hopeful. Dramatic and Faxionable.

Tags: Personal, Fashion

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Captured Moments
Statistics for Captured Moments
a photoblog of a technopreneur mom of 3 living in cebu

Tags: cebu, pinay, pinoy, family, photos

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Someday it's gonna make sense
Statistics for Someday it's gonna make sense
I travel the world with my heart on one hand, and my Holga camera on the other. I'm a lomography-enthusiast. :)

Tags: lomography, film photography, holga, camera, lomo

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Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Statistics for Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Everything about the Samsung WB150F camera!

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thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
Statistics for thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
bugoyprince's experience as a flight attendant is being shared either in photos, or in words.

Tags: flight attendant, photography, travel, bugoyprince, food

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Statistics for HappyNest
A mother and daughter tandem blog. Because happy thoughts make for lovely lives.

Tags: life, personal, happy

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Statistics for AngeliSantina
Digital n Analogue Photography and Rock n Roll

Tags: lomography, digital photography, street photography

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The time of my teenage dream
Statistics for The time of my teenage dream
A photoblog about fashion, glamour , luxury,foods,pink :)

Tags: fashion, luxury, beauty, kawaii, food

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Captured The Moments
Statistics for Captured The Moments
A blog full of Wedding Inspirations and Ideas. A blog made for those who dream their perfect picture of wedding.

Tags: Wedding, Photography, Married, Couple, Kiss

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better than posh isolation
Statistics for better than posh isolation
A blog that i mostly about game of thrones, vain pics, adventure time, and random thoughts. Plus, books.

Tags: adventure time, selfie, books, beach, game of thrones

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Statistics for davidandvega
Photoblog by both UPians. Enjoy!

Tags: photography, travels, camera

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Close your Eyes and Dream
Statistics for Close your Eyes and Dream
PINK | Filipina Girl | Simple | Petite | Intelligent | Chocolate ♥

Tags: fashion, pink, personal, humor, love

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TheBIGnews - Travel
Statistics for TheBIGnews - Travel
A photoblog of the travels of Paolo Manalac a photographer. A landscapist by heart, a traveler by calling and a photographer by profession.

Tags: paolo manalac, photography, lansdcapes, portraits, documentation

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TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
Statistics for TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
digital images and artworks by TheHouseKeeper

Tags: gcmateo, thehousekeeper, photos, images, art

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Dream On
Statistics for Dream On
This blog consists of the pictures I took and the arts I (rarely) post.

Tags: photography, art, pictures, models, photoshoots

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Mhai Molecule
Statistics for Mhai Molecule
Anything goes with my life that seemed to be relevant to the society.

Tags: Photography, Art, Events, Fashion, Life, Books, Travel, Food

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Statistics for mister240z
Oldshooler's quest to the restoration of a classic sports car as a hobby. Now includes photography on anything under the sun.

Tags: Datsun, 240z, Flowers, Photography, cars

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Forever and Always
Statistics for Forever and Always
I reblog and make people see what photos really means!

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The Flashbacks
Statistics for The Flashbacks
The flashbacks

Tags: Picture, Memory, Blog, Childhood, Flashback

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Rockz Cafe
Statistics for Rockz Cafe
The Official Photo Blog Site of the Rockz Cafe, My Facebook's Cafe World!

Tags: Cafe World, Facebook, Facebook Game, Restaurant, Online Game

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Show Me What Real Love Is by Crystel Paner
Statistics for Show Me What Real Love Is by Crystel Paner
Fashion,Typographies, Inspirations.

Tags: fashion, love, typographies, tutorials, smile

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Shutter {Lady} Bug, The
Statistics for Shutter {Lady} Bug, The
Tumblr-ic photos + Poetry = <3

Tags: photos, photography, girly, photoblog, pictures

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Mix Thoughts
Statistics for Mix Thoughts
A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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Float On
Statistics for Float On
Call me Geli. 20. Ateneo de Manila University. Ateneo College Glee Club. Here are the musings of a travel, music, and food junkie --and everything else that floats her boat.

Tags: food, travel, photography, beauty, fashion

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Bluesky, Full of Hope
Statistics for Bluesky, Full of Hope
A blog that is about photography, art, inspirations, technology, food, nature and last but not the least... Philippines!

Tags: photography, art, technology, food, inspirations

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Statistics for itravelwithmyheart
My personal travel and photography experiences plus other interesting stuffs! :)

Tags: photography, food, travel, love

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Pinay Faces
Statistics for Pinay Faces
Beautiful pinay, sexy pinay celebrity pictures, photos.

Tags: Pinay faces, Sexy celebrity, Nude and naked truth, Beuatiful filipina, Naked truth photos

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