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A Photojournal of everything related to the Avenido Family...

Tags: AVENIDO FAMILY, Magdalena Laguna, laguna, where is laguna, travel time to laguna

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Statistics for CT PHOTOGRAPHY I own my pictures. And you dont :) This is how i perceive life and love. with my eyes

Tags: travel, fashion, random, pinoy, filipino

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Graphics Design Stuff
Statistics for Graphics Design Stuff
Online sharing of information about graphics design stuff.

Tags: graphics design, photography, creative design, artistic design, digital arts

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The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Statistics for The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Minimally-enhanced photos from my point-and-shoot camera. Simple and straightforward practical photography.

Tags: point and shoot, digital, photography, practical, gilbertgalvez

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my personal space on cyberspace
Statistics for my personal space on cyberspace
hi im yza and my blog showcases things im interested in. panda, cute stuffs, photography, art, travel and everything in between.

Tags: personal, travel, photography, cute, art

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Statistics for CLICK.EZRA.CLICK
No matter how ugly the world may sometimes seem, I will find beauty in it. Always.

Tags: ezra montemayor, photography, travel, food, philippines

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Statistics for iBjorn17
Anything about me

Tags: personal style, coffee shops,

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Mr. Too Good to be true
Statistics for Mr. Too Good to be true
The blog is all about anything under the sun. Fashion, Food, Places, School name it I think this blog has it. It may sound amateur-ish 'cuz the author is just a newbie. Hope you guys will have fun browsing this blog.

Tags: School, Places, Fashion, Food, Family

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Shocking Photos
Statistics for Shocking Photos
This is the site that exposed everything.

Tags: Edited Photos, Funny

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bonzenti photograp [ P. ] Dot Com
Statistics for bonzenti photograp [ P. ] Dot Com
Photo blogs on food, travels, places, beaches, resorts, cultural heritage, festivals, etc

Tags: Photoblogs, Food Blog, Nature Blog, People Blog, Travel Blog

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Love Ideas
Statistics for Love Ideas
Defining LOVE in today's modern world.

Tags: Love, Innovation, loves innovation, love ideas, innovate

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The Real Miss Hazel F.
Statistics for The Real Miss Hazel F.
Photos by Hazel.:P

Tags: photography, pinhole, film, landscape

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Statistics for HORCRUXES - PicassoDLCF
Renegade Photography

Tags: Travel, Photos, Vacation, Beaches

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Objectionable Content
Statistics for Objectionable Content
Photography, boredom, others. In blog format. Most Random of things, people I know, people you might know. Shot with a D40 or My Blackberry Bold

Tags: Blackberry bold, D40, Boredom, Photography, vidanes

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Pix n' Toys
Statistics for Pix n' Toys
Blogging on two fronts: Photography & Toy Collection

Tags: photography, toys, D40x, Revoltech, Batman

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Statistics for sukitography
sukito plus photography equals sukitography... is a personal and contemporary photoblog that shares and captures interesting images, beautiful places, different faces, and treasured moments... not to impress, but to express!

Tags: sukito, personal, contemporary, moments, pictures

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Behind the Lens
Statistics for Behind the Lens
Shan Uy's blog trying her chances on photograhy.

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Statistics for MemoriesInSnapshots
MemoriesInSnapshots features the photography, mixed media and some creative writing works of (but not limited to) Shelby Punzalan.

Tags: photography, photoblog, creative writing, short stories, videography

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Abetzky Go
Statistics for Abetzky Go
Blogger, Choir singer, Traveler, Fashion victim, Frustrated photographer, Amateur sketch artist, Pack rat.

Tags: abetzkygo, life blog, experience, lifestyle blog, angelbert gonzales

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Hikari Hajimari's Diary
Statistics for Hikari Hajimari's Diary
All about Japan and Philippines

Tags: Japan Tour, Kawaii, Philippines, Japanese foods and groceries, Places in Japan

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The Library of GIFS
Statistics for The Library of GIFS
This blog's sole purpose is to compile all gifs used on Tumblr for easy access.

Tags: gifs, gif, photos, funny

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poetry in four edges
Statistics for poetry in four edges
Random stories captured in four edges, paparazzi style photography, poetic themes, and everything in between.

Tags: photography, travel, fashion, food

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21syreni of tumblr
Statistics for 21syreni of tumblr

Tags: vintage, photography, foods, text

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Flawed Little Perfections
Statistics for Flawed Little Perfections
All the things that you love in the world.

Tags: fashion, food, event, DIY, beauty

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Statistics for davidandvega
Photoblog by both UPians. Enjoy!

Tags: photography, travels, camera

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Life is a process
Statistics for Life is a process
A keepsake, for today will be history.

Tags: Cherry Ann Paca, Personal, Photography

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TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
Statistics for TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
digital images and artworks by TheHouseKeeper

Tags: gcmateo, thehousekeeper, photos, images, art

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Bujay Pixels
Statistics for Bujay Pixels
A collection of my favorite photographs in all my events and coverage

Tags: weddings, christening, debuts, prenups, brides

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PhotoBlog of Naga, Cebu
Statistics for PhotoBlog of Naga, Cebu
This is a photoblog of the Municipality of Naga. Most of the pictures are beautiful sceneries of the town.

Tags: naga, cebu, naga city, photoblog, free wallpapers, widescreen wallpapers

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Dreams of a mademoiselle
Statistics for Dreams of a mademoiselle
My blog is more on personal, photography and fashion. take a time to sneak some pieces of my life and take a journey with me as i blog the life i am living

Tags: photography, fashion, personal, blogspot

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Statistics for ariesgraphy
a hobbyist photo blog

Tags: ariesgraphy, project 52, nikon

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Promise less, do more
Statistics for Promise less, do more
Look for the girl with the broken smile.

Tags: personal, simplejoys

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Sweet you rock and sweet you roll.
Statistics for Sweet you rock and sweet you roll.
Basically an account of photo essays of the life of a part time student aspiring to be a full time photographer, videographer, and cinematographer.

Tags: Photography, Food, Love, Friends

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Mishale Aragoncillo
Statistics for Mishale Aragoncillo
A photoblog showcasing pictures taken by Mishale Aragoncillo, a freelance photographer, model, and events organizer. Pictures included varies from portfolios and landscapes to fashion shows, weddings, parties, and other similar events.

Tags: catherine, mishale, michelle, aragoncillo, pinkz

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Charmie's Point&Shoot Photography
Statistics for Charmie's Point&Shoot Photography
my canon ixus70 (oo na obsolete na to) and olympus photos... will also document my photog learnings... from photog concepts, tips i picked from friends and photog enthusiasts online to p&s cam reviews,to photoshop...and more

Tags: photography, point&shoot, photoshop, charm, cannon

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No matter what you do, do it with confidence
Statistics for No matter what you do, do it with confidence
Photography + travel + food + fashion

Tags: ralph cruz, photography, fashion, travel, food

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Planet Earth Pics
Statistics for Planet Earth Pics
This blog contains a lot of nature photos taken from all over the world.

Tags: nature, photos, earth, pics

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Simply Amazing
Statistics for Simply Amazing
Mixed bag of amazing facts that most of us have not heard of: about people, places, things, and life in general.

Tags: travel, people, animals, amazing facts, life in general

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Statistics for A diary of a Fickle-Mind
A handful of randomness and musings of a 20 year old girl who is bound to witness the beautiful life ahead of her. Pictures, rants, and everything under her side of the world.

Tags: life, lifestyle, travel, personal, rants

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Mapped Memories
Statistics for Mapped Memories
public display of memories mapped through photos

Tags: family, photos, photos, travel, people & places

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Lakat ta! (Lets Go)
Statistics for Lakat ta! (Lets Go)
It will features Metro Bacolod and Negros Occidental, from the authentic inasal down to the white beaches of Sipalay, Sagay and Cauayan. Experience Negros and Bacolod! LAKAT TA! sa NEGROS!

Tags: Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Negros, Masskara Festivals, Chicken Inasal

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Thousand Words to Say
Statistics for Thousand Words to Say
Collection of thoughts..written in words, printed on images.

Tags: typo, photos, quotes, love, sentimental

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Statistics for snapshotsandportraits
Snapshots and Portraits of My Life. Photography. Travels. People. Nature. Food. Music. Memories. Restaurants. Places. Flowers. And anything that catches my eyes. <3

Tags: snapshotsandportraits, tumblr, photography, food, photos

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Von Lakwatsero
Statistics for Von Lakwatsero
This blog was created just for fun. Posting all captured moments during my travels.

Tags: Travel, Photography

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The Flashbacks
Statistics for The Flashbacks
The flashbacks

Tags: Picture, Memory, Blog, Childhood, Flashback

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no he doesn't know what he's missin
Statistics for no he doesn't know what he's missin
Coz I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!

Tags: photography, fashion, food, personal, love

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Statistics for Shutterlife
This Blog is about a girl named Coleen who has the love for fashion and the passion for photography. Witness her adventures thru the photos she take from her travels. She conquers the world in style.

Tags: Travel, Fashion, Photography, Food, Coleen Borgonia

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Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Statistics for Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Food + Photography + Freebies + Technology + Gadget + Reviews + Movies + Event + Wedding and More...

Tags: food,, movies,reviews,, photography, personal, freebies

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Jaemi learns to blog!
Statistics for Jaemi learns to blog!
“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” -- you sure can relate! :)

Tags: typo, love, happiness, relate, ispiring

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image trashvin
Statistics for image trashvin
sharing random mobile thoughts through daily pictures

Tags: photos, daily life, images

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