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Hot pictures
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Tags: Masarap, Yummy na mga picture

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The Posh Traveller
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Getaways and places beyond infinity.

Tags: Travel in Style, beachfront, infinity pool, beautiful places, Pilipinas

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The Lowly Camera Man
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Photo and Video Log of an aspiring Great Photographer and Videographer

Tags: video, photo, SDE, Video Editing

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Shutter Trip of Tumblr
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Angel VII's Photoblog. Where he pretty much wants to share to the world some of his travels, experiences and whatnot. :D

Tags: travel, photography, lifestyle, personal, tumblr

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Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
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Everything about the Samsung WB150F camera!

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"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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käm-ˈrä-d(ə-)rē - spirit of goodwill and fellowship through photos. LIFE and LOVE

Tags: lifestyle, photography, culture, philippines, travel

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The Noona is a Fan
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A blog where I geek out and spaz about desserts, books, K-Pop and other pretty things.

Tags: books, food, travel

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Personal/Photo blog

Tags: personal, photography

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What I Ate Yesterday
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Every meal, every snack, that I consume for as often as I can record.

Tags: meal, snack, eat, food, recommend

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Cellphone Photography
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A photoblog using cellphone specifically Samsung M3510. Free and Open Source Software GIMP and Inkscape are used for pre-publishing.

Tags: cellphone photography, digital photography, FOSS for photography, camera phone for photography, photograph using camera phone

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Charm Salvador's blog. Anything under the sun.

Tags: fashion, devotions, places, friends, charming

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