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I blog quotes, fashion, pictures and everything that catches my eyes. I love pink! For me world without pink is boring

Tags: photo, fashion, love, outfit, milogin

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The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Statistics for The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Minimally-enhanced photos from my point-and-shoot camera. Simple and straightforward practical photography.

Tags: point and shoot, digital, photography, practical, gilbertgalvez

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Snapshots and Portraits of My Life. Photography. Travels. People. Nature. Food. Music. Memories. Restaurants. Places. Flowers. And anything that catches my eyes. <3

Tags: snapshotsandportraits, tumblr, photography, food, photos

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Von Lakwatsero
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This blog was created just for fun. Posting all captured moments during my travels.

Tags: Travel, Photography

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Happy Beans
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More Happy than being Lucky...

Tags: Issues, Happiness

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My Life and Thoughts in Pictures
Statistics for My Life and Thoughts in Pictures
a blog composed of many things including my experiences in life in the image of pictures and in the meaning of my thoughts.

Tags: photography, life expreriences, personal, art, photoshop

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Objectionable Content
Statistics for Objectionable Content
Photography, boredom, others. In blog format. Most Random of things, people I know, people you might know. Shot with a D40 or My Blackberry Bold

Tags: Blackberry bold, D40, Boredom, Photography, vidanes

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ben tumbling
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random everyday photography, digital and analog.

Tags: photography, film photography, lifestyle, 35mm, photoblog

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Mix Thoughts
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A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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Pollen Grains
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A diary of memories. Thoughts captured rather spoken. Euphoria.

Tags: photography, art, food, travel, personal

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Wild Child
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TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN! Email: Follow my blog. Thanks!

Tags: reblogs, people, me, random, tumblr

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Flo's little photoblog. I grew up in an environment surrounded with art and inspiration. The camera and natural light are my buddies, the piano my lullaby, and the needle my tool. :)

Tags: photos of life, emina, everyday photos, photoshoots, art

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Galleria Neri
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Shoot Pictures. Capture Life. Photoblog updated daily.

Tags: photography, animals, places, people, nature

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21syreni of tumblr
Statistics for 21syreni of tumblr

Tags: vintage, photography, foods, text

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A Little Dram Won't Hurt
Statistics for A Little Dram Won't Hurt
Photos you'd love to share. :")

Tags: fashion, food, shoes, cute, everyday

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The Lowly Camera Man
Statistics for The Lowly Camera Man
Photo and Video Log of an aspiring Great Photographer and Videographer

Tags: video, photo, SDE, Video Editing

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Close your Eyes and Dream
Statistics for Close your Eyes and Dream
PINK | Filipina Girl | Simple | Petite | Intelligent | Chocolate ♥

Tags: fashion, pink, personal, humor, love

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MicVindelmer Visual Movement
Statistics for MicVindelmer Visual Movement
MicVindelmer Visual Movement is a tumblelog that celebrates the rich texture of HDR and digital photography, including motion design and video production.

Tags: tumblr, photoblogs, photography, micvindelmer

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Life is a process
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A keepsake, for today will be history.

Tags: Cherry Ann Paca, Personal, Photography

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Ti Amo
Statistics for Ti Amo
A photo dump of my Instagram photos, also has my random notes and compositions.

Tags: aspiring photographer, musician

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A compilation of the various thing that interest Christa, from photography, to architecture, to art. As seen through her eyes.

Tags: photography, art, quotes

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TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
Statistics for TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
digital images and artworks by TheHouseKeeper

Tags: gcmateo, thehousekeeper, photos, images, art

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Happy Dabbles
Statistics for Happy Dabbles
A dreamcatcher's thought and photo bucket. HappyDabbles lives to love food, travel, shopping, everything and anything in between.

Tags: personal, photography, travel, shopping, food

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Byahero on Tumblr
Statistics for Byahero on Tumblr
Photoblog of Byahero

Tags: Travel, Photography, Destinations, Tumblr, Albay

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Where is Jonver?? | Urban MNL
Statistics for Where is Jonver?? | Urban MNL
/student/foodie/bipolar/wanderer/blogger/partyphile && club promoter/ I’m a nurse by profession. If I’m given a chance I want to make writing and photography as my profession.

Tags: lifestyle, food, film, music, fashion

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Dreams of a mademoiselle
Statistics for Dreams of a mademoiselle
My blog is more on personal, photography and fashion. take a time to sneak some pieces of my life and take a journey with me as i blog the life i am living

Tags: photography, fashion, personal, blogspot

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JBM Antes Photography
Statistics for JBM Antes Photography
It's All About Photography,Landscape,Portrait,Food,and More.

Tags: Food Photography, Landscape Photography, Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, Hobbies and Talent

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Statistics for cafekiss
A blog primarily about Anne's love for fashion, food and photography. She also blogs about her personal story and interests.

Tags: fashion, delurefashion, food, photography, the artsy shop

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Unlimited Fantasies
Statistics for Unlimited Fantasies
A blog about everything under the sun.

Tags: Photography, PhotoBlog, Travel, Food, Personal

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Simple Dreamer
Statistics for Simple Dreamer
hell there!

Tags: simple, fun, enthusiastic, fabulous, photos

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Statistics for A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Meet Victoria Jane Carlobos, your typical girl-next-door born and raised with ideal values in life who's seeking to travel the world, learn new perspectives and taking one leap of faith to another.

Tags: lifestyle, musings, events, travel

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Alpha Photography - TUMBLR
Statistics for Alpha Photography - TUMBLR
Landscape, musical, cute, food and daily photography!

Tags: photography, cute, landscape, pictures, tumblr

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Statistics for CT PHOTOGRAPHY I own my pictures. And you dont :) This is how i perceive life and love. with my eyes

Tags: travel, fashion, random, pinoy, filipino

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Statistics for Keeponmunching
Cool photos you'll surely love. :>

Tags: keeponmunching, photos, quotes

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Statistics for A diary of a Fickle-Mind
A handful of randomness and musings of a 20 year old girl who is bound to witness the beautiful life ahead of her. Pictures, rants, and everything under her side of the world.

Tags: life, lifestyle, travel, personal, rants

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Forever and Always
Statistics for Forever and Always
I reblog and make people see what photos really means!

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Happily Inlove
Statistics for Happily Inlove
my blog is a combination of photography,pastel, quotes and food :)

Tags: photography, food, pastel, fashion, girly

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Pixel Fairy
Statistics for Pixel Fairy
Shuttered images. Sprinkled with pixie dust.

Tags: food, travel, macro, child photography, photography

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Thousand Words to Say
Statistics for Thousand Words to Say
Collection of thoughts..written in words, printed on images.

Tags: typo, photos, quotes, love, sentimental

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Statistics for iBjorn17
Anything about me

Tags: personal style, coffee shops,

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top ten most expensiv cars
Statistics for top ten most expensiv cars
car reviews

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no he doesn't know what he's missin
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Coz I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!

Tags: photography, fashion, food, personal, love

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Swirls and Scribbles
Statistics for Swirls and Scribbles
This blog is about fashion, food, product reviews, personal life, events, photography, instagram, techie stuff, traveling, giveaways and a lot more...

Tags: fashion, travel, personal, food, photography

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The Moon That Sings
Statistics for The Moon That Sings
A blog about photography, travel, life, and just about everything in-between.

Tags: Gypsy, Travel, Life, Fashion, People

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SOUTHERN LIGHTS is a Philippine-based lifestyle blog run by a girl currently shuffling regular life and medical school. It's about art, photography, interiors, writings, books, makeup, Adobe-geekery, and (occasionally) her personal and med life.

Tags: lifestyle, makeup, personal, interior design, photography

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Statistics for Gapnud
Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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Pink & Bliss
Statistics for Pink & Bliss
Hello there! My name is Happy. I love to eat and I often take pictures/videos of myself and whatever else I want to share with the whole world. Enjoy! ♥

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A Picture to Remember
Statistics for A Picture to Remember
This my pictures taken to remember

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The honey-frosted shutter
Statistics for The honey-frosted shutter
passionate about anything and everything there is under the sun...with a highlight on Dance, Photography, Food, Fashion, Thoughts, Animation/Motion Graphics.

Tags: University of the Philippines, Rizo ricebowls and mocktails, graphic design, travel log, photography

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Statistics for muffinplums
Inspiring blogs, stuff, vintages, etc.

Tags: muffinplums, vintage, fashion, tumblr, inspiration

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