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Simply Mikaela
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Alex's journey to life. A daddy's journal.

Tags: journey, journal, life, mikaela, alexis

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Statistics for boybehindthelens
random stuff that helps me procrastinate :P

Tags: photography, travel, philippines, photos

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Statistics for kissybelle
your happy ever after <3

Tags: vintage, indie, pastel, smiles

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Statistics for KNOT MY DAY
"what comes around goes around" blogging!!!

Tags: learning japanese, photography, shizen orchestra, japanese rock, cooking

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eypolapol's Musings!
Statistics for eypolapol's Musings!
This is the photoblog for (HappyNess!)

Tags: eypolapol, photography, happyness

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Statistics for Shuttered//Aperture
A tumblog filled with photos, dance, adventures,rants and all the likes. My life is ever changing like the eyes and shutter of my camera

Tags: photography, shutteredaperture, portrait, sharing, Stranger Project

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Photo Cravings
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Hungry for Food and Photography | Photoblog

Tags: Photoblog, Food, Photography, VSCO, VSCOCAM

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Micolle Catayas
Statistics for Micolle Catayas
17. ADDU 1st Yr BS-Arch. DVO. ✈ © Everything found in this blog is owned by Micolle Catayas unless otherwise stated.

Tags: photography, rants, daily, social life, gay

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The Afterglow by Christina Zabat
Statistics for The Afterglow by Christina Zabat
Twenty-three year old from Manila. Is a teacher and photographer.

Tags: photography, travel, food, tumblr, fashion

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Statistics for shutterlag
arts and everything

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Statistics for STYLE OVER STARS
Owned by a 21 year old marketer, proprietess, self-taught stylist, recessionista, stylegazer and trying to be a not-so-ordinary fashion blogger.

Tags: fashion, style over stars, beauty, travel, clothepedia

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the photos
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photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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Statistics for Gapnud
Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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Pix n' Toys
Statistics for Pix n' Toys
Blogging on two fronts: Photography & Toy Collection

Tags: photography, toys, D40x, Revoltech, Batman

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Statistics for Backpackingduo
Chronicling Adventures through Photography.

Tags: photography, backpacking, photoblog, travel, Philippines

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Abetzky Go
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Blogger, Choir singer, Traveler, Fashion victim, Frustrated photographer, Amateur sketch artist, Pack rat.

Tags: abetzkygo, life blog, experience, lifestyle blog, angelbert gonzales

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Pollen Grains
Statistics for Pollen Grains
A diary of memories. Thoughts captured rather spoken. Euphoria.

Tags: photography, art, food, travel, personal

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Mighty Warrior
Statistics for Mighty Warrior
Musician. Composer in the making, Amateur photographer. A Follower of Jesus. Simple person but Making Jesus Famous! And I love to Travel!!

Tags: Filipino, Pinoy, Inspirational, Christian Blooger, Love

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Hoy Unggoy!
Statistics for Hoy Unggoy!
Bayani ako: may disiplina. Hoy mga unggoy umayos kayo1Kaya walang asenso ang bansa natin ay dahil sa mga tulad nyong walang disiplina. Pano tayo uusad kung simpleng batas lang di nyo kayang sundin?

Tags: huwag tularan, violators, rant, embarrassing pinoys, humor

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Statistics for ☯♡☯♡
i post random photos....

Tags: random

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Galleria Neri
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Shoot Pictures. Capture Life. Photoblog updated daily.

Tags: photography, animals, places, people, nature

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Wonderful Cee
Statistics for Wonderful Cee
Cee's Tumblr account

Tags: photoblog, tumblr

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Flawed Little Perfections
Statistics for Flawed Little Perfections
All the things that you love in the world.

Tags: fashion, food, event, DIY, beauty

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Statistics for davidandvega
Photoblog by both UPians. Enjoy!

Tags: photography, travels, camera

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Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Statistics for Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Everything about the Samsung WB150F camera!

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Statistics for bacolodmyhome
"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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Statistics for Dolldalera
A compilation of the various thing that interest Christa, from photography, to architecture, to art. As seen through her eyes.

Tags: photography, art, quotes

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Casual Photographer
Statistics for Casual Photographer
Nadine Sagales, a 17 y/o girl who has a huge interest in fashion, Photography and anything related to Japanese. The purpose of this blog is to post the photos I took for people to see and to record my progress in Photography.

Tags: night photography, morning photography, short photowalk, long photowalk, bokeh

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Statistics for AngeliSantina
Digital n Analogue Photography and Rock n Roll

Tags: lomography, digital photography, street photography

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Statistics for i-view
Sharing my corner of the world through photography.

Tags: Ganda ng Pilipinas, nature, art, countryside, places

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Statistics for EXPLORE MY STYLE
Exploring my style is the way to give and share to the blogger and reader my own style in exploring my fashions, travel, sport, leisure, and photographs.

Tags: blogs, photo, philippines, travel, adventure

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Unlimited Fantasies
Statistics for Unlimited Fantasies
A blog about everything under the sun.

Tags: Photography, PhotoBlog, Travel, Food, Personal

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Miss Low Maintenance
Statistics for Miss Low Maintenance
College/Dorm-Life, Low Cost Fashion, Travels, Coffee Breaks, Food trips. Taking life one picture at a time.

Tags: fashion, photography, lifestyle, personal, college

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The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Statistics for The Gilbert Galvez Photo Blog
Minimally-enhanced photos from my point-and-shoot camera. Simple and straightforward practical photography.

Tags: point and shoot, digital, photography, practical, gilbertgalvez

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Captured Thoughts
Statistics for Captured Thoughts
A blog which signifies our personalities through captured photos and thoughts. It show my personal rants and rave. Visit my page and learn from it.

Tags: tumblr, photoghaphy, cool, gif, arts

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Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Statistics for Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Photoblog on Progress and Development Watch in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidnon and part of Northern Mindanao

Tags: Vertical Construction, Horizontal Construction, Structures, Architectures, Other Special Construction l

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Happy Beans
Statistics for Happy Beans
More Happy than being Lucky...

Tags: Issues, Happiness

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Almond Eyes
Statistics for Almond Eyes
Lalalakatrina is a photoblog run by a 21-year-old photography afficionado from Iloilo, Philippines. Katrina Escalona or known to the internet as curiouskatrina documents the highlights of her life for the year 2010 in a weekly basis on her photodiary.

Tags: curiouskatrina, photoblog, photography, cosplay, cute

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Statistics for justrosesarered
an artistic fashion

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Statistics for Litraitos
Photography! Where Hobbies turns to Passion.

Tags: Photography, Photo, toys, natures, blogs

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The Chronicler Meari
Statistics for The Chronicler Meari
Meari chronicles life and ideas through Analog Photography and writing. Her goal for the year includes finishing a novel and write a collection of hundred poems and short stories. She also loves films,anime, and books.

Tags: photography, film photography, writing, personal, literature

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Manila Is Love
Statistics for Manila Is Love
A 17-year old student, dancer and cheerleader from Manila photoblogging hidden adventures and getaways

Tags: Events, Photography, Food, Adventure, Style

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Swag dope legit
Statistics for Swag dope legit
read, understand, acknowledge

Tags: swag, tumblr, awesome, bonergasm, legit

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Dark Hypnosis
Statistics for Dark Hypnosis
This is how I see the World. Dark. Fierce. Hopeful. Dramatic and Faxionable.

Tags: Personal, Fashion

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Statistics for sukitography
sukito plus photography equals sukitography... is a personal and contemporary photoblog that shares and captures interesting images, beautiful places, different faces, and treasured moments... not to impress, but to express!

Tags: sukito, personal, contemporary, moments, pictures

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The Library of GIFS
Statistics for The Library of GIFS
This blog's sole purpose is to compile all gifs used on Tumblr for easy access.

Tags: gifs, gif, photos, funny

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Gagamgirl: Through My Spider Senses
Statistics for Gagamgirl: Through My Spider Senses
The misfit adventure-filled guide to surviving and leveling up through your 20's. This is a collection of pocket writing on friendship, food, travel, work and learning from my 20's, told through sometimes trusty, sometimes faulty senses

Tags: photography, food, travel, surviving your 20's, millenials

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Shutter Trip of Tumblr
Statistics for Shutter Trip of Tumblr
Angel VII's Photoblog. Where he pretty much wants to share to the world some of his travels, experiences and whatnot. :D

Tags: travel, photography, lifestyle, personal, tumblr

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TheBIGnews - Travel
Statistics for TheBIGnews - Travel
A photoblog of the travels of Paolo Manalac a photographer. A landscapist by heart, a traveler by calling and a photographer by profession.

Tags: paolo manalac, photography, lansdcapes, portraits, documentation

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TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
Statistics for TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
digital images and artworks by TheHouseKeeper

Tags: gcmateo, thehousekeeper, photos, images, art

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