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Olyver Digg
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a journal of experiences in beginning a life in photography..

Tags: photography, portfolio, photo, pictures, camera

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PhotoBlog of Naga, Cebu
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This is a photoblog of the Municipality of Naga. Most of the pictures are beautiful sceneries of the town.

Tags: naga, cebu, naga city, photoblog, free wallpapers, widescreen wallpapers

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Faster way to share your photos online!

Tags: photo, sharing, upload

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A Wallflower's Journal
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A shy girl wanting to let the world know her passions and journey.

Tags: fashion, beauty, photography, travel, wallflower

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Cool-o-kohan Mo Yan
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Mga Nakakatuwa At Nakakapraning Na Picture. funny and comedy pictures

Tags: funny, comedy, nakakatuwa, nakakatawa, pictures

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Shekinah Photo Diary
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shekinah photo diary

Tags: personal, events, food, thoughts, travel

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No matter what you do, do it with confidence
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Photography + travel + food + fashion

Tags: ralph cruz, photography, fashion, travel, food

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
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A handful of randomness and musings of a 20 year old girl who is bound to witness the beautiful life ahead of her. Pictures, rants, and everything under her side of the world.

Tags: life, lifestyle, travel, personal, rants

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Synesthete Lass
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A personal journal slash photoblog of a 17 year old lass.

Tags: Fashion, photoblog, Portraits, photography, thoughts

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Happily Inlove
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my blog is a combination of photography,pastel, quotes and food :)

Tags: photography, food, pastel, fashion, girly

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A K I R A.snapshots
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Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger thats why Akira Snapshots is here.

Tags: Photography, Fashion, Models, Bicol Region, Festivals

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Anything about me

Tags: personal style, coffee shops,

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top ten most expensiv cars
Statistics for top ten most expensiv cars
car reviews

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Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Statistics for Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Food + Photography + Freebies + Technology + Gadget + Reviews + Movies + Event + Wedding and More...

Tags: food,, movies,reviews,, photography, personal, freebies

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Pink & Bliss
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Hello there! My name is Happy. I love to eat and I often take pictures/videos of myself and whatever else I want to share with the whole world. Enjoy! ♥

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fd Photography
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About photography

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Objectionable Content
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Photography, boredom, others. In blog format. Most Random of things, people I know, people you might know. Shot with a D40 or My Blackberry Bold

Tags: Blackberry bold, D40, Boredom, Photography, vidanes

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Jeth's Photo Blog
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A personal photo blog where i post my photography experiments. I post several photos ranging from Manila street photography, Filipino culture, macro photography and fine art.

Tags: photography, manila, street, art, multimedia

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Swag dope legit
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read, understand, acknowledge

Tags: swag, tumblr, awesome, bonergasm, legit

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My Photo Journal
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I love to eat and travel. So I figured I'd share it with you by capturing every single part of it. Ciao!

Tags: photos, food, tavel, fun

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Fashion Vogue
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Your daily dose of fashion inspiration :)

Tags: fashion, photoblog, inspiration, blogger

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A Thousand Words
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A photo diary of travel, happenings etc....

Tags: davao, photography, philippines, travel, nature

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Panorama Pilipinas
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This is my experimental panoramic photo blog. I'm posting here all my panoramic photo experiment and project.

Tags: panoramic, photography, landscape, building, events

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Mix Thoughts
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A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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MemoriesInSnapshots features the photography, mixed media and some creative writing works of (but not limited to) Shelby Punzalan.

Tags: photography, photoblog, creative writing, short stories, videography

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Vintage Diaries
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Vintage Diaries is not your ordinary vintage clothing shop. We bring you timeless vintage clothes, bags and shoes without slashing your pockets. Every piece is carefully handpicked by yours truly.

Tags: shop, vintage, thrifted, clothes, vintagediaries

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Bluesky, Full of Hope
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A blog that is about photography, art, inspirations, technology, food, nature and last but not the least... Philippines!

Tags: photography, art, technology, food, inspirations

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Camera Bitch
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Point to Shoot. Shoot to point. A portfolio of passion, a collection of frustration.

Tags: photoblog, photos, lj photography

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Hoy Unggoy!
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Bayani ako: may disiplina. Hoy mga unggoy umayos kayo1Kaya walang asenso ang bansa natin ay dahil sa mga tulad nyong walang disiplina. Pano tayo uusad kung simpleng batas lang di nyo kayang sundin?

Tags: huwag tularan, violators, rant, embarrassing pinoys, humor

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Take Risks. Love. Enjoy Life.
Statistics for Take Risks. Love. Enjoy Life.
This is where I post all pictures that interest me. Some pictures I only get from the internet. While some, I take myself. Here, you'll understand my wants, needs, feelings, passion, and so on and so forth. Hope you enjoy :)

Tags: sports, travels, food, movies, books

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Where is Jonver?? | Urban MNL
Statistics for Where is Jonver?? | Urban MNL
/student/foodie/bipolar/wanderer/blogger/partyphile && club promoter/ I’m a nurse by profession. If I’m given a chance I want to make writing and photography as my profession.

Tags: lifestyle, food, film, music, fashion

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Life is a piece of photograph
Statistics for Life is a piece of photograph
My life as a photographer and my daily dose of photography.

Tags: blogs photography, photography sites, photo blogger, photo blogs, blogs photos

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Thinking Beyond Shutter
Statistics for Thinking Beyond Shutter
A girl who loves to take photos, with her only one pakner SONY Cybershot DSC-S930

Tags: Tumblr, Photography

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My World In Photos
Statistics for My World In Photos
Get a glimpse of my world in photos. Post your photo images too to show us your world.

Tags: photoblog, photos, photography, Philippines, travel

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Goddess In Disguise
Statistics for Goddess In Disguise
Goddess in Disguise (GiD) is a blog sharing the love for fashion styles, thoughts and experiments. It also shares some trendy places to visit and travel, a must-try activities and some amazing stories to love.

Tags: Styles, Travel, People, modeling, Fashion

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ddp live
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this is all about me, my adventures, my likes and dislikes, my foods, my music, my fave stars, my pets, and my photos.

Tags: blogspot, ddp live, ddp, gadgets, adventure, gadgets, photos

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NICOLE blogs about
Statistics for NICOLE blogs about
I enjoy discovering new things & roaming around places. Whether it's all about finding a good deal, dining in a good place, or traveling. I'm here to tell it all and share my experiences.

Tags: travel, food, adventure, reviews

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Statistics for shutterlag
arts and everything

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Real Life
Statistics for Real Life
I'd like to think of myself as an aspiring (frustrated?) street photographer. What you'll see are scenes that piqued my curiosity, amused me... and most times, touched me....

Tags: Pedrospointofview, pedro penduko, real life, peegee silo, pedro

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Cuteness Galore!:D
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...because there's just too much cuteness in this world!:D

Tags: cute, cuteness, cutie, cute stuff, cute photos

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A blog primarily about Anne's love for fashion, food and photography. She also blogs about her personal story and interests.

Tags: fashion, delurefashion, food, photography, the artsy shop

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jdGONEMAD Toy Photography
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jdGONEMAD's Toy Photography

Tags: toy photography, toy crew buddies, toy revolution, action figure, spider-man

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Sweet you rock and sweet you roll.
Statistics for Sweet you rock and sweet you roll.
Basically an account of photo essays of the life of a part time student aspiring to be a full time photographer, videographer, and cinematographer.

Tags: Photography, Food, Love, Friends

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Vogue Esprit
Statistics for Vogue Esprit
Vogue Esprit is a blog filled with my adventures and some misadventures.

Tags: fashion, adventures, travel, personal, outfit

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Active Moments
Statistics for Active Moments
Capturing YOUR Active Lifestyle

Tags: marathon photos, triathlon photos, marathon pictures, duathlon photos, Fun Run Photos

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Alpha Photography - TUMBLR
Statistics for Alpha Photography - TUMBLR
Landscape, musical, cute, food and daily photography!

Tags: photography, cute, landscape, pictures, tumblr

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A Photojournal of everything related to the Avenido Family...

Tags: AVENIDO FAMILY, Magdalena Laguna, laguna, where is laguna, travel time to laguna

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Statistics for CT PHOTOGRAPHY I own my pictures. And you dont :) This is how i perceive life and love. with my eyes

Tags: travel, fashion, random, pinoy, filipino

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Graphics Design Stuff
Statistics for Graphics Design Stuff
Online sharing of information about graphics design stuff.

Tags: graphics design, photography, creative design, artistic design, digital arts

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Statistics for 50queues
It's all you will find on tumblr my friend.

Tags: typography, inspirations, downloads, interesting, funny

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