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Kawaii photos ♥

Tags: photography, kawaii, fashion, tumblr, photoblog

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The Chronicler Meari
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Meari chronicles life and ideas through Analog Photography and writing. Her goal for the year includes finishing a novel and write a collection of hundred poems and short stories. She also loves films,anime, and books.

Tags: photography, film photography, writing, personal, literature

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Statistics for itravelwithmyheart
My personal travel and photography experiences plus other interesting stuffs! :)

Tags: photography, food, travel, love

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"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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Digital n Analogue Photography and Rock n Roll

Tags: lomography, digital photography, street photography

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Pasig Photographer
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I'm a newbie blogger and hobbyist photographer. I'm using Canon EOS 1100D and I'm a member of the Nayon Photographers' Club.

Tags: Nayon, Photographers, Club, Pasig City, Canon

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hello kitty collections,items,reviews and updates

Tags: hello kitty, hello kitty collections, hello kitty review, sanrio, pink

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Nira Ballena
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I do not have a lot of interesting things to say but I figured this blog will keep all those crazy thoughts in my head straight.

Tags: Photos, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion

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Show Me What Real Love Is by Crystel Paner
Statistics for Show Me What Real Love Is by Crystel Paner
Fashion,Typographies, Inspirations.

Tags: fashion, love, typographies, tutorials, smile

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Mix Thoughts
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A little girl's walk in a life made perfectly imperfect. #FRVRYOUNG ü

Tags: Teens, Life, Pink, Diary, Pictures

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Float On
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Call me Geli. 20. Ateneo de Manila University. Ateneo College Glee Club. Here are the musings of a travel, music, and food junkie --and everything else that floats her boat.

Tags: food, travel, photography, beauty, fashion

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The Real Scene
Statistics for The Real Scene
My daily life, randomness, quotes and thoughts are written here.

Tags: school, life, student

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Oldshooler's quest to the restoration of a classic sports car as a hobby. Now includes photography on anything under the sun.

Tags: Datsun, 240z, Flowers, Photography, cars

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the photos
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photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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all that charms
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An online portfolio from landscapes to portraits to still-life photography.

Tags: photography, landscape, nature, still-life, images

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A K I R A.snapshots
Statistics for A K I R A.snapshots
Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger thats why Akira Snapshots is here.

Tags: Photography, Fashion, Models, Bicol Region, Festivals

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Thousand Words to Say
Statistics for Thousand Words to Say
Collection of thoughts..written in words, printed on images.

Tags: typo, photos, quotes, love, sentimental

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Simply Mikaela
Statistics for Simply Mikaela
Alex's journey to life. A daddy's journal.

Tags: journey, journal, life, mikaela, alexis

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The Viewfinder
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trying to fit the world as i see it on my viewfinder on a 62mm thread size

Tags: kim ignacio, davao photographer, the viewfinder

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KR Light Photography
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We, at KR Light Photography only not take pictures but we capture the most precious moments of your most special day.

Tags: photo, wedding, photographer, debut, picture

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Statistics for mikisugimotosantiago
Everything from the blabber mouthed-miki santiago.

Tags: fashion, life, photography, love, beauty

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Statistics for Itsmeannababe♥
Random :)

Tags: jokes, Quotes, Funny, Inspirations, tumblr

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captures a unique talent in photography with subjects such as water, sky, plants, places, persons, clouds, environment and many more.

Tags: sea, church, clouds, places, plants

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Micolle Catayas
Statistics for Micolle Catayas
17. ADDU 1st Yr BS-Arch. DVO. ✈ © Everything found in this blog is owned by Micolle Catayas unless otherwise stated.

Tags: photography, rants, daily, social life, gay

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TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
Statistics for TheHouseKeeper's Gallery
digital images and artworks by TheHouseKeeper

Tags: gcmateo, thehousekeeper, photos, images, art

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Statistics for CLICK.EZRA.CLICK
No matter how ugly the world may sometimes seem, I will find beauty in it. Always.

Tags: ezra montemayor, photography, travel, food, philippines

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Statistics for iBjorn17
Anything about me

Tags: personal style, coffee shops,

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Statistics for Shutterlife
This Blog is about a girl named Coleen who has the love for fashion and the passion for photography. Witness her adventures thru the photos she take from her travels. She conquers the world in style.

Tags: Travel, Fashion, Photography, Food, Coleen Borgonia

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davao cameraphone pictures
Statistics for davao cameraphone pictures
an array of pictures of davao city sites and events, using various camera phones

Tags: davao city pictures, davao city, camphone, cameraphone, davao pictures

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Statistics for Gapnud
Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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Statistics for HORCRUXES - PicassoDLCF
Renegade Photography

Tags: Travel, Photos, Vacation, Beaches

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Manila Is Love
Statistics for Manila Is Love
A 17-year old student, dancer and cheerleader from Manila photoblogging hidden adventures and getaways

Tags: Events, Photography, Food, Adventure, Style

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Statistics for BEHINDVENCI
Experiences encountered by the blogger are based on her interests and fighting against the Jungle of De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde throughout the college life.

Tags: fashion, multimedia arts, design, photography, college life

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Statistics for sukitography
sukito plus photography equals sukitography... is a personal and contemporary photoblog that shares and captures interesting images, beautiful places, different faces, and treasured moments... not to impress, but to express!

Tags: sukito, personal, contemporary, moments, pictures

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Statistics for Photograpinoy
Photography is a cycle of reinventing an art created by those people who reinvent their crafts through sharing. I believe that in every photograph there is a story that profound waiting to be unravelled

Tags: Photo tips

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Vintage Diaries
Statistics for Vintage Diaries
Vintage Diaries is not your ordinary vintage clothing shop. We bring you timeless vintage clothes, bags and shoes without slashing your pockets. Every piece is carefully handpicked by yours truly.

Tags: shop, vintage, thrifted, clothes, vintagediaries

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Statistics for Littlemissemina
Flo's little photoblog. I grew up in an environment surrounded with art and inspiration. The camera and natural light are my buddies, the piano my lullaby, and the needle my tool. :)

Tags: photos of life, emina, everyday photos, photoshoots, art

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See the world through the eyes of a multimedia artist. IMAGINE. CREATE. INSPIRE.

Tags: Multimedia Artist, Photography, Videography, Travel, Events

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Statistics for kcentric
a blog that showcases places i've been, things i've seen, food i've tasted, emotions i've felt, and lives i've touched. its about me and my kcentric life.

Tags: travel, personal, food, photography, fashion

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No matter what you do, do it with confidence
Statistics for No matter what you do, do it with confidence
Photography + travel + food + fashion

Tags: ralph cruz, photography, fashion, travel, food

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Statistics for A diary of a Fickle-Mind
A handful of randomness and musings of a 20 year old girl who is bound to witness the beautiful life ahead of her. Pictures, rants, and everything under her side of the world.

Tags: life, lifestyle, travel, personal, rants

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Passion Photography
Statistics for Passion Photography
A blog of my random photography. "Every artist was first an amateur." - inspirationfeed

Tags: photography, personal, blog, food, fashion

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Camera Works
Statistics for Camera Works

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Captured Thoughts
Statistics for Captured Thoughts
A blog which signifies our personalities through captured photos and thoughts. It show my personal rants and rave. Visit my page and learn from it.

Tags: tumblr, photoghaphy, cool, gif, arts

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Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Statistics for Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Photoblog on Progress and Development Watch in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidnon and part of Northern Mindanao

Tags: Vertical Construction, Horizontal Construction, Structures, Architectures, Other Special Construction l

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Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Statistics for Yngats Sa Pagtawid... Same Same, But DIFFERENT!!
Food + Photography + Freebies + Technology + Gadget + Reviews + Movies + Event + Wedding and More...

Tags: food,, movies,reviews,, photography, personal, freebies

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image trashvin
Statistics for image trashvin
sharing random mobile thoughts through daily pictures

Tags: photos, daily life, images

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AFGM Photography
Statistics for AFGM Photography
The adventures of my Nikon and I

Tags: Photography, Nikon, DSLR

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