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Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Statistics for Bukidnon Project Dev't Watch
Photoblog on Progress and Development Watch in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidnon and part of Northern Mindanao

Tags: Vertical Construction, Horizontal Construction, Structures, Architectures, Other Special Construction l

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Statistics for justrosesarered
an artistic fashion

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Statistics for ireneisluv
I am Liz and this is my personal blog. I started blogging when I learned a bit in photography and now I blog about me, my friends, family and personal experience.

Tags: personal, photography, friends, family, travel

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KR Light Photography
Statistics for KR Light Photography
We, at KR Light Photography only not take pictures but we capture the most precious moments of your most special day.

Tags: photo, wedding, photographer, debut, picture

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Statistics for mikisugimotosantiago
Everything from the blabber mouthed-miki santiago.

Tags: fashion, life, photography, love, beauty

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Statistics for Inkedlens
Photo ramblings of a frustrated photographer

Tags: Sunset, Landscape, Nature, People, Places

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Let Love Last
Statistics for Let Love Last
The blog of 16 year old, Gabriella. Huge enthusiasm for fashion and aspires to be a fashion stylist in the near future :)

Tags: gebmarquez

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Through the eyes of the viewfinder
Statistics for Through the eyes of the viewfinder
Photography by Mykz Ygnacio

Tags: Photography, Canon 400d shots, Photos

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The Gee City
Statistics for The Gee City
Photo Blog containing travels and food reviews within the Philippines

Tags: Food & Drink, Philippine Travel, Photos

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Statistics for STYLE OVER STARS
Owned by a 21 year old marketer, proprietess, self-taught stylist, recessionista, stylegazer and trying to be a not-so-ordinary fashion blogger.

Tags: fashion, style over stars, beauty, travel, clothepedia

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davao cameraphone pictures
Statistics for davao cameraphone pictures
an array of pictures of davao city sites and events, using various camera phones

Tags: davao city pictures, davao city, camphone, cameraphone, davao pictures

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Statistics for quotingpictures
A blog that i mostly about game of thrones, vain pics, adventure time, and random thoughts. Plus, books.

Tags: adventure time, selfie, books, beach, game of thrones

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Mai's Hub
Statistics for Mai's Hub
A journey to my life.

Tags: travel, food, fashion, DIY, music

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It's Danica
Statistics for It's Danica
This blog is full of pictures of my interests.

Tags: Entertainment, TV, Personalities

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Statistics for
is the photo diary of JayL Aquino. ;-)

Tags: JayL Aquino, travel, hotel, luzon, manila

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Galleria Neri
Statistics for Galleria Neri
Shoot Pictures. Capture Life. Photoblog updated daily.

Tags: photography, animals, places, people, nature

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MicVindelmer Visual Movement
Statistics for MicVindelmer Visual Movement
MicVindelmer Visual Movement is a tumblelog that celebrates the rich texture of HDR and digital photography, including motion design and video production.

Tags: tumblr, photoblogs, photography, micvindelmer

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The September Kid!
Statistics for The September Kid!
Here, there, and everywhere.

Tags: thianyusi, theseptemberkid, life, hipster, summer

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Statistics for ariesgraphy
a hobbyist photo blog

Tags: ariesgraphy, project 52, nikon

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Statistics for Picselement
A set of an artist's work or a case used to display artwork, photographs and photo blog etc.

Tags: photography, leisure, travel, quadie diamante, picselement

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Shippai no Monogatari (失敗の物語)
Statistics for Shippai no Monogatari (失敗の物語)
Photography and Cosplay Blog

Tags: photoblogs, photography, travel, cosplay, fashion

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My Adventures
Statistics for My Adventures

Tags: travel, photography, travel-photography, philippines

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JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
Statistics for JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
A blog about jabberedonion's interests, hobbies, experiences and thoughts

Tags: music, photos, poems, binisaya, thoughts

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Statistics for DOCGELO'S EYES
Reverence to family, food, travels and life itself

Tags: docgelo, doc gelo, photoblog, food, family

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Statistics for grapIKA
AKI Carlo Cruz Photography

Tags: Photoblog, 1amfirst, grapika

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The Flashbacks
Statistics for The Flashbacks
The flashbacks

Tags: Picture, Memory, Blog, Childhood, Flashback

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Shutter Slacker
Statistics for Shutter Slacker
Shoot to express, not to impress.

Tags: photoblog, photography

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Statistics for
Charlie's Cars And RobotS with other random stuff in between! enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Tags: diecast cars, super robots, jdm, tomica, toy collection

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Statistics for sukitography
sukito plus photography equals sukitography... is a personal and contemporary photoblog that shares and captures interesting images, beautiful places, different faces, and treasured moments... not to impress, but to express!

Tags: sukito, personal, contemporary, moments, pictures

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PhotoGraphic Thoughts
Statistics for PhotoGraphic Thoughts
PhotoGraphic Thoughts is the darkroom that develops the picture of the world as I see it through the lenses of my perception. It contains not just my photos, but also the flashes of thoughts and ruminations I had as I looked into my lenses.

Tags: musings, ramblings, ideas, inspirational, motivational

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Pollen Grains
Statistics for Pollen Grains
A diary of memories. Thoughts captured rather spoken. Euphoria.

Tags: photography, art, food, travel, personal

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Float On
Statistics for Float On
Call me Geli. 20. Ateneo de Manila University. Ateneo College Glee Club. Here are the musings of a travel, music, and food junkie --and everything else that floats her boat.

Tags: food, travel, photography, beauty, fashion

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Hoy Unggoy!
Statistics for Hoy Unggoy!
Bayani ako: may disiplina. Hoy mga unggoy umayos kayo1Kaya walang asenso ang bansa natin ay dahil sa mga tulad nyong walang disiplina. Pano tayo uusad kung simpleng batas lang di nyo kayang sundin?

Tags: huwag tularan, violators, rant, embarrassing pinoys, humor

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Statistics for ☯♡☯♡
i post random photos....

Tags: random

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Pinay Faces
Statistics for Pinay Faces
Beautiful pinay, sexy pinay celebrity pictures, photos.

Tags: Pinay faces, Sexy celebrity, Nude and naked truth, Beuatiful filipina, Naked truth photos

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Statistics for Athanism
This site is a collection of Athan Humol personal photography.His art works, his travels, his friends, & things that interest him about latest technology, art films, graphic arts, design, digital arts. Athanism is athan’s way of life.

Tags: fashion photography, graphic arts, digital arts, graphic design typography, technology

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Statistics for davidandvega
Photoblog by both UPians. Enjoy!

Tags: photography, travels, camera

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Statistics for kameraderie
käm-ˈrä-d(ə-)rē - spirit of goodwill and fellowship through photos. LIFE and LOVE

Tags: lifestyle, photography, culture, philippines, travel

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thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
Statistics for thirty seven thousand feet high and rising
bugoyprince's experience as a flight attendant is being shared either in photos, or in words.

Tags: flight attendant, photography, travel, bugoyprince, food

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crossiny studio
Statistics for crossiny studio
this blog is all about photoshop just click the affiliate to support this blog...

Tags: photoshop, photography

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Life is a piece of photograph
Statistics for Life is a piece of photograph
My life as a photographer and my daily dose of photography.

Tags: blogs photography, photography sites, photo blogger, photo blogs, blogs photos

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Statistics for Kumakamera
Daily Life, Rants, Personal, Vexels.

Tags: My Daily Life, Amateur Photography, Rants

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Statistics for EXPLORE MY STYLE
Exploring my style is the way to give and share to the blogger and reader my own style in exploring my fashions, travel, sport, leisure, and photographs.

Tags: blogs, photo, philippines, travel, adventure

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The time of my teenage dream
Statistics for The time of my teenage dream
A photoblog about fashion, glamour , luxury,foods,pink :)

Tags: fashion, luxury, beauty, kawaii, food

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Miss Low Maintenance
Statistics for Miss Low Maintenance
College/Dorm-Life, Low Cost Fashion, Travels, Coffee Breaks, Food trips. Taking life one picture at a time.

Tags: fashion, photography, lifestyle, personal, college

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Statistics for CT PHOTOGRAPHY I own my pictures. And you dont :) This is how i perceive life and love. with my eyes

Tags: travel, fashion, random, pinoy, filipino

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Nira Ballena
Statistics for Nira Ballena
I do not have a lot of interesting things to say but I figured this blog will keep all those crazy thoughts in my head straight.

Tags: Photos, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion

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Pentaprism Studios
Statistics for Pentaprism Studios
Pentaprism Studios are composed of talented and dynamic professionals who are bounded by one profound love – the ART OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Tags: philippine wedding, wedding, prenup, engagements, debut

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the photos
Statistics for the photos
photos of a mother, wife and foodie

Tags: Davao, food shots, photos, photography, Nikon Lumix

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Shutter Happy Moments
Statistics for Shutter Happy Moments
A repository of pictures I took using my trusty point and shoot camera.

Tags: photos, photoblog, point and shoot camera, travels, images

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