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Diary of a Perky Kid
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This blog contains my thoughts, daily adventures, mishaps, and many many more. :)

Tags: fashion, random thoughts, adventures, photography

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Camera Bitch
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Point to Shoot. Shoot to point. A portfolio of passion, a collection of frustration.

Tags: photoblog, photos, lj photography

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is the photo diary of JayL Aquino. ;-)

Tags: JayL Aquino, travel, hotel, luzon, manila

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The Dream Project
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ονειρεύομαι (oneirevomai) is a Greek word which means ‘dream’, thus the name The Dream Project. TDP is a blog that mainly focuses on fashion and style.

Tags: fashion, style, trends, tumblr

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Flawed Little Perfections
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All the things that you love in the world.

Tags: fashion, food, event, DIY, beauty

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The Lowly Camera Man
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Photo and Video Log of an aspiring Great Photographer and Videographer

Tags: video, photo, SDE, Video Editing

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MicVindelmer Visual Movement
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MicVindelmer Visual Movement is a tumblelog that celebrates the rich texture of HDR and digital photography, including motion design and video production.

Tags: tumblr, photoblogs, photography, micvindelmer

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Someday it's gonna make sense
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I travel the world with my heart on one hand, and my Holga camera on the other. I'm a lomography-enthusiast. :)

Tags: lomography, film photography, holga, camera, lomo

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PeePoo Signs
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It's a collection of comfort room signs and it's artistic decorative rooms.It started out just with a few pictures and it turned out to an album.A unique funny collection of pictures where we pee, poo and everything else.

Tags: Cool, Art, Weird, Funny, Collection

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I love to post p a s t e l s, some cute and nice photographs loves playing piano.

Tags: pastels

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Las Islas Filipinas World
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Photos about Philippines, its tourist spot and the life with it

Tags: Philippines, travel, adventure, photos, life

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A compilation of the various thing that interest Christa, from photography, to architecture, to art. As seen through her eyes.

Tags: photography, art, quotes

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Northlight Studio News
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Northlight Studio News is the Blog of a Manila-based photography studio specializing in advertising photography. This is the official blog and PR site of the studio.

Tags: northlight studio, photographer blog, advertising photography, photography blog, photoblog

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Casual Photographer
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Nadine Sagales, a 17 y/o girl who has a huge interest in fashion, Photography and anything related to Japanese. The purpose of this blog is to post the photos I took for people to see and to record my progress in Photography.

Tags: night photography, morning photography, short photowalk, long photowalk, bokeh

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lol :D swag

Tags: typography, photography, vanity, lheibitchiness, fashion

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Life is a piece of photograph
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My life as a photographer and my daily dose of photography.

Tags: blogs photography, photography sites, photo blogger, photo blogs, blogs photos

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