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See the world through the eyes of a multimedia artist. IMAGINE. CREATE. INSPIRE.

Tags: Multimedia Artist, Photography, Videography, Travel, Events

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Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Statistics for Me and My Samsung WB150F compact campera
Everything about the Samsung WB150F camera!

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a blog that showcases places i've been, things i've seen, food i've tasted, emotions i've felt, and lives i've touched. its about me and my kcentric life.

Tags: travel, personal, food, photography, fashion

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Visions of a Color Blind Photographer
Statistics for Visions of a Color Blind Photographer
Visions of a Color Blind Photographer is a photography and personal blog which focuses more on street, conceptual, surrealism captured in monochrome or in vintage hues combined with literature and personal stories.

Tags: monochrome, conceptual photographs, black and white photography, surreal image, pinoy photography

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It's Kara with a K
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Random ramblings of my life.

Tags: karacabarle, photography, personal, books, tumblr

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Vogue Esprit
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Vogue Esprit is a blog filled with my adventures and some misadventures.

Tags: fashion, adventures, travel, personal, outfit

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A K I R A.snapshots
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Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger thats why Akira Snapshots is here.

Tags: Photography, Fashion, Models, Bicol Region, Festivals

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Marilag's Journey. Travel Photography
Statistics for Marilag's Journey. Travel Photography
Marilag [ma-ri-lag] adjective - an ancient Tagalog word for splendid, noble or solemn. A Filipina backpacker wandering around South East Asia and the U.S. Her aim is to share her travels through her photography and narratives.

Tags: Photography, Travel

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Shutter Slacker
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Shoot to express, not to impress.

Tags: photoblog, photography

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Fierce Tizzam
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A blog about fashion and beauty. It contains mostly of outfit pictures, makeup looks and random stuffs.

Tags: fiercetizzam, fashion, beauty, outfit, makeup

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Kawaii photos ♥

Tags: photography, kawaii, fashion, tumblr, photoblog

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Float On
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Call me Geli. 20. Ateneo de Manila University. Ateneo College Glee Club. Here are the musings of a travel, music, and food junkie --and everything else that floats her boat.

Tags: food, travel, photography, beauty, fashion

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i post random photos....

Tags: random

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Statistics for Rebexclusive
Rebexclusive by Rebecca Rallos. Follow her journey as she fulfills her dreams and Rebexclusively share it to the world.

Tags: Photography, Travel, Lifestyle, Videography, Art

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Someday it's gonna make sense
Statistics for Someday it's gonna make sense
I travel the world with my heart on one hand, and my Holga camera on the other. I'm a lomography-enthusiast. :)

Tags: lomography, film photography, holga, camera, lomo

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"there's no place like home.."

Tags: bacolod City

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Alanis in Wonderland
Statistics for Alanis in Wonderland
Fashion Wonderland. This little blog is my wonderland where I open up all my thoughts. Alanis is a little girl at the same time a fashion and photography enthusiast. She takes her camera with her everywhere and loves to take random shots.

Tags: Fashion, Personal, Photography

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Gian by Design
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Gian by Design is an online portfolio of my personal life and never-ending DIY madness and passion for fashion.

Tags: DIY, fashion, personal, events

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A photoblog

Tags: photoblog, hangphotography, things, photography, hellowlysa

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The time of my teenage dream
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A photoblog about fashion, glamour , luxury,foods,pink :)

Tags: fashion, luxury, beauty, kawaii, food

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Statistics for travelandclick
Travel and click will share travel experience through photography

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Pentaprism Studios
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Pentaprism Studios are composed of talented and dynamic professionals who are bounded by one profound love – the ART OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Tags: philippine wedding, wedding, prenup, engagements, debut

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random stuff that helps me procrastinate :P

Tags: photography, travel, philippines, photos

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just for fun.

Tags: pinoy quotes, tagalog quotes, tagalog banat, patama quotes, tagalog joke

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THE Whimsical Quirk
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a blog about the adventures of the whimsical quirk in wonderland...

Tags: food, fashion, travel, photography, personal

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Rickson Chew: Hobbyist-photographer | Motion Graphics Designer | Philippines
Statistics for Rickson Chew: Hobbyist-photographer | Motion Graphics Designer | Philippines
Online portfolio of Rickson Chew. Hobbyist photographer and motion graphics designer based in the Philippines.

Tags: krayola, photography, lomography, cinematography, visual artist

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DG studios
Statistics for DG studios
Photography blog of Drew Gonzales

Tags: Photography, Birthdays, Baptismal, Wedding, Event

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Captured Moments
Statistics for Captured Moments
a photoblog of a technopreneur mom of 3 living in cebu

Tags: cebu, pinay, pinoy, family, photos

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Life is a process
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A keepsake, for today will be history.

Tags: Cherry Ann Paca, Personal, Photography

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In Pinay's Eyes
Statistics for In Pinay's Eyes
of pictures I have taken... on how I see life (in Pinay's eyes!) . . . and on things around me . . . on inspirations . . . on realities. This is on the WHAT IS . . . WHAT IFS . . . and WHAT NOTS. MY expressions . . .and hopefully, YOUR inspirations!

Tags: photos, life, realities, expressions, inspirations

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Statistics for shootingheartss
Original photographs using my Canon 7D and Canon 400D, I also post some of my drawings in adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

Tags: art, photography, illustration, food, personal

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Romina Caluste Photography
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Music Photography

Tags: music photography, live music, events, concerts

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Real Life
Statistics for Real Life
I'd like to think of myself as an aspiring (frustrated?) street photographer. What you'll see are scenes that piqued my curiosity, amused me... and most times, touched me....

Tags: Pedrospointofview, pedro penduko, real life, peegee silo, pedro

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A diary of a Fickle-Mind
Statistics for A diary of a Fickle-Mind
A handful of randomness and musings of a 20 year old girl who is bound to witness the beautiful life ahead of her. Pictures, rants, and everything under her side of the world.

Tags: life, lifestyle, travel, personal, rants

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Happily Inlove
Statistics for Happily Inlove
my blog is a combination of photography,pastel, quotes and food :)

Tags: photography, food, pastel, fashion, girly

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Statistics for DOCGELO'S EYES
Reverence to family, food, travels and life itself

Tags: docgelo, doc gelo, photoblog, food, family

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A Picture to Remember
Statistics for A Picture to Remember
This my pictures taken to remember

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The Real Miss Hazel F.
Statistics for The Real Miss Hazel F.
Photos by Hazel.:P

Tags: photography, pinhole, film, landscape

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Statistics for ireneisluv
I am Liz and this is my personal blog. I started blogging when I learned a bit in photography and now I blog about me, my friends, family and personal experience.

Tags: personal, photography, friends, family, travel

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KR Light Photography
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We, at KR Light Photography only not take pictures but we capture the most precious moments of your most special day.

Tags: photo, wedding, photographer, debut, picture

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Photo ramblings of a frustrated photographer

Tags: Sunset, Landscape, Nature, People, Places

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Worlds Most Beautiful Places
Statistics for Worlds Most Beautiful Places
travelling the world and seeing places which i think did not exist. Be amazed and marveled the beauty of the world.

Tags: Top 10, Most beautiful, Top 10 Places, most beautiful places, travel location

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eypolapol's Musings!
Statistics for eypolapol's Musings!
This is the photoblog for (HappyNess!)

Tags: eypolapol, photography, happyness

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Statistics for Photograpinoy
Photography is a cycle of reinventing an art created by those people who reinvent their crafts through sharing. I believe that in every photograph there is a story that profound waiting to be unravelled

Tags: Photo tips

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Pollen Grains
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A diary of memories. Thoughts captured rather spoken. Euphoria.

Tags: photography, art, food, travel, personal

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Wild Child
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TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN! Email: Follow my blog. Thanks!

Tags: reblogs, people, me, random, tumblr

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ang tambayan ni "pam"
Statistics for ang tambayan ni "pam"
Musician. Composer in the making, Amateur photographer. A Follower of Jesus. Simple person but Making Jesus Famous! And I love to Travel!!

Tags: Music,Love,God,Lifebox,Victory, God, Music, Christian, Photoblog

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Bluesky, Full of Hope
Statistics for Bluesky, Full of Hope
A blog that is about photography, art, inspirations, technology, food, nature and last but not the least... Philippines!

Tags: photography, art, technology, food, inspirations

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