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Our Health Online
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Blog spot where visitors can post their health dilemmas and share what they do to their health problems.

Tags: Herbs,Herbal-Medicine, Alternative-Remedies, Colitis, Ulcerative-Colitis, Crohn, Malunggay,Marunggay,Moringa-Oleifer, Herbal-Remedies

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Ayurveda School Blog
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Our Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Tags: ayurvedic products, ayurveda vata, ayurveda pitta, ayurveda books, ayurveda

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This blog is to promote the importance of health and why it is so important for all of us to take a proactive approach into our own health.

Tags: Pinoy Health, Wellness, Health, Supplements, Mannatech

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mindsoulbodyhealing is devoted to assisting and informing people of other amazing, gentle & non-invasive healing modalities available for them to discover their own healing abilities as well as heal their own lives from pain, fears & unhappiness.

Tags: natural healing, wellness, body mind connection, self healing, freedom from pain

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Quit Smoking, Philippines
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Quit Smoking, Philippines! How to Quit Smoking, Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, We Will Help YOU Quit Smoking Today. Quitting Smoking is Hard but NOT Quitting Smoking is Harder!

Tags: quit smoking, smoking cessation, stop smoking, quitting smoking, smoking quit

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Dr. Paulita V. Baclig
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This is Dr. Baclig's personal blog where she will write about integrative medicine and the latest developments in her practice.

Tags: integrative medicine, alternative medicine, chronobiology, anthroposophy, homeopathy

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Healthy Body Project
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This blog documents my fitness journey while I share all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Tags: fitness, exercise, diet, weight loss, clean eating

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Statistics for JALMZ ANATOMY
This blog is for all paramedical students out there especially for nursing students! What are it's features? Check out the ff: 1. NCP Maker (Nursing Care Plan) 2. Drug Study Site 3. Journal Library 4. Health Related posts

Tags: anatomy, nurses, jalm, NCP, drugs

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Gano iTouch Products Distributor and Membership
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Prevention is better than cure, they say. If you like coffee and vitamins, try gano itouch products to obtain healthy diet and healthy body all the time.

Tags: Gano, Gano iTouch, Ganoderma, Pioir Coffee, Gano coffee

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a nurse's blog
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A blog on the ups and down of the nursing profession.

Tags: nurse, philippines, filipino nurse, nursing blog, nursing

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Freak to Medschool
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Online blog for Premed and medical students.

Tags: medical student, medicine, pinoy, MD, medical school

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Diabetes educator online
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Our goal is to connect to people with or without diabetes and guide them through informations that is relevant in their fight against diabetes.

Tags: diabetes, health, lifestyle, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2

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Home Remedies
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practical and holistic applications you can take to help yourself with your own healthcare

Tags: perfect vision, kidney stones, carpal tunnel syndrome exercises, how to get rid of acne, infertility

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Living with Psoriasis in the Philippines
Statistics for Living with Psoriasis in the Philippines
This blog shares the author's experiences in managing psoriasis, and provides research-based information for people afflicted with the disease.

Tags: psoriasis, psoriasis philippines, psoriasis treatment, psoriasis causes, psoriasis symptoms

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The Day Dreamer
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A compilation of health, relationships and other matters that affects your daily life.

Tags: health, relationships, fun, personal, daily life

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pH miracle changes Living Alkalarian Health
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pH Miracle, Alkalarian lifestyle, Dr Eddy, pH Miracle Retreat Center, health, healthy lifestyle, pH balance, diabetes, weight loss.

Tags: Green Drink, Prime pH, Alkaline Acid, Natural, SuperGreens

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Darkfield course
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Exceptional darkfield microscopes and live cell systems, training programs for live blood analysis and dry layer techniques.

Tags: lecture news article, dark field microscopy, Course events seminars course, Live Blood Microscopy, live blood analysis microscope

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