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Health and You
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This blog speaks about health and fitness. It talks about diseases and how to prevent them. It provides helpful tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Tags: health, fitness, exercise, healthy living, diseases

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Nurse Germz
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Online Magazine intended for the nurse community and Community Nursing on what it takes to be a community nurse.

Tags: Nursing Jobs, RN Heals 4, Community Nursing, IV Therapy Training, NLE Result

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Motivation Exercises
Statistics for Motivation Exercises
- for my mental health. This is both my personal blog and of 'Bukas-Puso at Isip' Family Support Group of UP-PGH Psychiatry with Dr. Ma. Rosanna E. De Guzman as Program Coordinator.

Tags: mental health recovery, psychiatry, psycho-education program, family support group, therapy

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Common Health Problems and Diseases Information
Statistics for Common Health Problems and Diseases Information
Definition Etiology Risk Factors Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis Physical Examination Laboratory Tests Pathology Pathophysiology Imaging Diagnostic Procedures Treatment Options Treatment Strategy Drug Therapies Surgical Procedures

Tags: health advice, common diseases, ncp, doh, nursing

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Pinoy Health
Statistics for Pinoy Health
This blog is to promote the importance of health and why it is so important for all of us to take a proactive approach into our own health.

Tags: Pinoy Health, Wellness, Mannatech, Glyconutrients, Al Natural

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Remind me what I signed up for
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this blog was created to remind everyone who are trying to get fit what they signed up for.. little daily reminders of what we should be doing and what we should be remembering in our journey towards a healthier body.

Tags: weight loss, fitspo, thinspo, fitness, exercise

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Statistics for RENAP Cebu
Blog site for Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines Cebu Chapter

Tags: RENAP, Cebu, Seminars, Updates, RENAP Exam

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Benefits of Vitamin D
Statistics for Benefits of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine vitamin since the body makes it naturally when skin is exposed to sunlight.

Tags: Vitamin D, immune system, sunlight, nutrition, calcium

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nurse meisters
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a blog for nurses and nursing students.

Tags: nursing, nurse, education, health, medicine

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Max Associate Blog
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MaxGxl is the best antioxidant that can protect you from all kinds of free radicals

Tags: maxgxl, max international, antioxidant, detoxifier

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Philippine Nurse - Nursing Help
Statistics for Philippine Nurse - Nursing Help
Nursing Help offers help to those Philippine Nursing students to get quality information. Philippine Nurse is an online library for research materials for NLE Practice, NCLEX, IELTS, CGFNS, and Nursing Board Examination results and many more

Tags: Philippine Nurse, Nursing Help, Phil Nurse, Nurse Philippines, Philippines

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Quit Smoking, Philippines
Statistics for Quit Smoking, Philippines
Quit Smoking, Philippines! How to Quit Smoking, Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, We Will Help YOU Quit Smoking Today. Quitting Smoking is Hard but NOT Quitting Smoking is Harder!

Tags: quit smoking, smoking cessation, stop smoking, quitting smoking, smoking quit

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Dr. Paulita V. Baclig
Statistics for Dr. Paulita V. Baclig
This is Dr. Baclig's personal blog where she will write about integrative medicine and the latest developments in her practice.

Tags: integrative medicine, alternative medicine, chronobiology, anthroposophy, homeopathy

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Healthy Body Project
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This blog documents my fitness journey while I share all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Tags: fitness, exercise, diet, weight loss, clean eating

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Trampoline Exercise
Statistics for Trampoline Exercise
Trampoline exercise is one of the best forms of exercise. It is your complete workout in just 10 minutes a day. Rebounding flexes 75 trillion cells at nearly a hundred times a minute, stimulating and strengthening all body parts at the same time.

Tags: trampoline exercise, healing pain, heart fitness, abdominal machines, lose weight

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Statistics for MIRACLE WATER - Pi H20
Dr. Pi Water possesses Anti-HIV activity based on research & clinical studies Help neutralize body acids that bring about certain diseases and body pains. Has 40% more oxygen than ordinary drinking water.

Tags: dr pi water, pi water, miracle water, water, lazada

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An Apple a Day keep the doctors away
Statistics for An Apple a Day keep the doctors away
Health is wealth . I had undergone a ruptured brain aneurysm operation exactly a year before. That is when I realized how important life is. I believe every Filipino can lead a happy healthy life.

Tags: health tips, medicine, brain aneurysm, healt, wealth

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Statistics for PinoyNurseCity
Online PinoyNurse Tambayan.

Tags: nurse, pinoy nurse, nursing, pinoy nursing

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Statistics for AIDE MY HEARING
This blog is dedicated to my oldest son who has a hearing loss problem. The purpose of this blog is to seek good hearted people to help all the people and especially the children with hearing problems. Please share with me your thoughts and experiences.

Tags: hearing, hearing aide, hearing loss, ears, children

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Ayurveda Asia Co. Ltd.- Blog
Statistics for Ayurveda Asia Co. Ltd.- Blog
Ayurveda Asia Co. Ltd.- Our Company which managed the Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School as a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Tags: Ayurveda Massage, Dosha, Panchakarma, Botanicals, Ayurvedic medicine

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FKCN Philippines - Health is Wealth
Statistics for FKCN Philippines - Health is Wealth
When you become a FKC member, you can enjoy not only the impressive benefits of member discounts, but also bonuses from the purchases by your own clients and clients of the distributors you have sponsored.

Tags: colon cancer medicine, heart attack solution, bone nutrition, protein nutrition

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