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That's X Like Xuanya
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Random thoughts from a random guy, about HIV and how he adjusts to this new life, in Manila.

Tags: HIV, Manila

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CNN-chardy nurses notes
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this blog will be the source of information regarding health and nursing

Tags: nursing, health, nursing students, adopie, nursing process

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Cure Manual
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I consider myself a hobby healer. I help people cure themselves for fun and charity.

Tags: Cure Manual, Cure

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Health Matters
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This blog speaks about health and fitness. It also presents some diseases and ways of preventing them. It also shows current news regarding health and its related concerns.

Tags: health, fitness, diseases, exercise, medicine

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Let's Talk About Health
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Learn the basics of a healthy living: Giving you ideas what are those healthy foods that would really energize you from your daily living, guidelines for require nutrients needed by our body.

Tags: gaining or losing weight, healthy eating plan, healthy tips, medical treatment, healthy foods

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Healthy Body Project
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This blog documents my fitness journey while I share all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Tags: fitness, exercise, diet, weight loss, clean eating

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This blog is for all paramedical students out there especially for nursing students! What are it's features? Check out the ff: 1. NCP Maker (Nursing Care Plan) 2. Drug Study Site 3. Journal Library 4. Health Related posts

Tags: anatomy, nurses, jalm, NCP, drugs

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An Apple a Day keep the doctors away
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Health is wealth . I had undergone a ruptured brain aneurysm operation exactly a year before. That is when I realized how important life is. I believe every Filipino can lead a happy healthy life.

Tags: health tips, medicine, brain aneurysm, healt, wealth

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Family Medicine
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Family medicine is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care to people of all ages.

Tags: family, medicine, diseases, anatomy, pathology

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Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, MD - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the Philippines
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xploring news and research about acupuncture and chinese medicine from the point of view of a "western" MD who has "converted" to the other side.

Tags: acupuncture, chinese medicine, research, news, medicine

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Family & Medicine
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Medicine Review Notes provider for easy access to all medical and nursing practitioneers. Downloadable powerpoint medical case presentations also available.

Tags: dengue fever, pneumonia, crisbert cualteros, anatomy, disease

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The Day Dreamer
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A compilation of health, relationships and other matters that affects your daily life.

Tags: health, relationships, fun, personal, daily life

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Cyber RN
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Featuring Globally Competitive Filipino Nurses

Tags: ivt trainings, Pinoy Nurses, Nurse Licensure Exam, nursing trainings and seminars, nursing

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