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Check Your Internal Pipes
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Colonoscopy is the "golden standard" procedure for detecting colon cancer. Early detection means faster healing. The purpose of this blogsite is to inform people about colonoscopy, how to prevent colon cancer and to share insights from other pat

Tags: colonoscopy, colon cancer

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Generika Drugstore
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The Official Blog of Generika Drugstore.

Tags: generika drugstore, health articles, medicine articles, pharmacy, key accounts

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Our Health Online
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Blog spot where visitors can post their health dilemmas and share what they do to their health problems.

Tags: Herbs,Herbal-Medicine, Alternative-Remedies, Colitis, Ulcerative-Colitis, Crohn, Malunggay,Marunggay,Moringa-Oleifer, Herbal-Remedies

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Remind me what I signed up for
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this blog was created to remind everyone who are trying to get fit what they signed up for.. little daily reminders of what we should be doing and what we should be remembering in our journey towards a healthier body.

Tags: weight loss, fitspo, thinspo, fitness, exercise

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Ayurveda School Blog
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Our Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Tags: ayurvedic products, ayurveda vata, ayurveda pitta, ayurveda books, ayurveda

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Nurse Nicky HIV
Statistics for Nurse Nicky HIV
a Registered Nurse now HIV+ living in the Philippines i hope being a third world country doesn't make an impact on my situation. where healthcare needs is unmet, where politicians itself considers HIV/AIDS taboo.

Tags: HIV, AIDS, Philippines, Nurse, Politics

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Statistics for Greenprescription is a community of various medical professionals located at different places worldwide, all with varying specializations and areas of practice. We are doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists, medical bloggers.

Tags: Natural Remedies, Health Blog, Health News, Home Remedies, Health information, Health Tips,First aid

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Nordictrack Treadmills Canada
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Burning more Calories with Nordictrack Treadmills in Canada. Your online resource for Nordictrack Treadmills workout tips, updates, and news on Nordictrack Treadmills.

Tags: Nordictrack Treadmills, Nordictrack Treadmills reviews, Cardio workouts, Workout tips, Nortdictrack Treadmills news

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Simply Chic, Simply Joyce
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My everyday adventures as a struggling health writer.

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Health Matters
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This blog speaks about health and fitness. It also presents some diseases and ways of preventing them. It also shows current news regarding health and its related concerns.

Tags: health, fitness, diseases, exercise, medicine

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Max Associate Blog
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MaxGxl is the best antioxidant that can protect you from all kinds of free radicals

Tags: maxgxl, max international, antioxidant, detoxifier

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Statistics for MIRACLE WATER - Pi H20
Dr. Pi Water possesses Anti-HIV activity based on research & clinical studies Help neutralize body acids that bring about certain diseases and body pains. Has 40% more oxygen than ordinary drinking water.

Tags: dr pi water, pi water, miracle water, water, lazada

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Online PinoyNurse Tambayan.

Tags: nurse, pinoy nurse, nursing, pinoy nursing

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Doc Benji Says
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DocBenjiSays is a blog and a weekly podcast that talks about childcare and parenting from a pediatrician's expert view point.

Tags: Parenting, Pediatrician, Kids, Parents, Baby

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First Vita Plus - The First Natural Herbal Juice Drink and Health Drink
Statistics for First Vita Plus - The First Natural Herbal Juice Drink and Health Drink
First Vita Plus - The First Natural Herbal Juice Drink and Health Drink. It is packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants an immunity enhancing phytochemicals. It is your vitamin-in-a-drink.

Tags: first vita plus, first vitaplus dealership, firstvitaplus philippines, first vitaplus usa, first vita plus philippines

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SELF Rehabilitation Center
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A drug rehabilitation center,drug rehab center,drug treatment,drug addiction,alcohol and substance abuse facility.

Tags: drug rehab, drug abuse, drug treatment, alcohol abuse, rehabilitation

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Daily Medical News Blog
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Daily medical news blog which tackles about health-related studies that includes cardiovascular studies, mental illness studies, and cancer.

Tags: daily medical news blog, cardiovascular studies, cancer-related studies, mental health studies

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