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Ayurveda School Blog
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Our Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Tags: ayurvedic products, ayurveda vata, ayurveda pitta, ayurveda books, ayurveda

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Benefits of Vitamin D
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Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine vitamin since the body makes it naturally when skin is exposed to sunlight.

Tags: Vitamin D, immune system, sunlight, nutrition, calcium

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Health Matters
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This blog speaks about health and fitness. It also presents some diseases and ways of preventing them. It also shows current news regarding health and its related concerns.

Tags: health, fitness, diseases, exercise, medicine

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Health R&D Today
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Keeping you posted of the world's health research and development

Tags: Health R&D, health, health today, hiv, tuberculosis

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Health Tips
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this blog is all about our Health

Tags: health, diet, loseweight

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from occupational therapy, rehabilitation science and even special education. i talk about health, disability and well-being. I am a blogging OT!

Tags: occupational therapy, rehabilitation, disability

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Life Journal of an Integrative Medical Doctor
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Experiences of an integrative MDs

Tags: alternative medicine, cancer, acupuncture, nutrition

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health corner
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all about health tips and information

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CavShop O-Store
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We are a legit and trusted seller of Authentic Leisure 18 Products here in the Philippines and other countries. Our company is registered and documents are available upon request of the client/buyer.

Tags: slimming products, weight loss, lose weight, leisure 18 slimming, slimming coffee

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First Vita Plus - The First Natural Herbal Juice Drink and Health Drink
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First Vita Plus - The First Natural Herbal Juice Drink and Health Drink. It is packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants an immunity enhancing phytochemicals. It is your vitamin-in-a-drink.

Tags: first vita plus, first vitaplus dealership, firstvitaplus philippines, first vitaplus usa, first vita plus philippines

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Health Articles
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this blog is all about health articles, fitness, lifestyle, tips and many more....

Tags: health, articles, insurance, fitness, tips

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SELF Rehabilitation Center
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A drug rehabilitation center,drug rehab center,drug treatment,drug addiction,alcohol and substance abuse facility.

Tags: drug rehab, drug abuse, drug treatment, alcohol abuse, rehabilitation

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Darkfield course
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Exceptional darkfield microscopes and live cell systems, training programs for live blood analysis and dry layer techniques.

Tags: lecture news article, dark field microscopy, Course events seminars course, Live Blood Microscopy, live blood analysis microscope

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Benefits of Vitamin C
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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is an important nutrient that is not produced by the human body and can only be obtained thru external sources such as food, fruits & supplements.

Tags: Vitamin C, Vitamin supplements, antioxidant, wellness, vitamin source

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