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Day 25 ***taboo***
on Mar 7, 2009 in halo-halo halo 03-07-09Breakfast:Sunflower Crackers: Blueberry fillingSteamed CornLunch:***taboo***Snack:Razon's Halo-HaloDinner:Vegetable Salad...

Day 26 - Heaven and Eggs
on Mar 7, 2009 in steak heaven eggs angus beef sample heaven n eggs picture menu burger sandwich fajitas image food heaven and eggs 03-08-09Breakfast:Torta with MulawinLunch:Heaven and EggsMy main dish:Jim's Short Skirt P278.00Spicy beef strips and peppers enclosed in grilled tortilla topped with guacamole, refried beans and mango salsa,served with shoestring potatoesTwinings...

Day 24 - Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich: Forest Ham
on Mar 7, 2009 in forest ham fried fish fish starbucks sandwich lent 03-06-09Breakfast:Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich: Forest Ham Egg White And Cheese on Ciabatta Bread Php95Ingredients: Forest Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Lite Mayonnaise, Scrambed Egg White, Pan Grilled Ciabatta BreadAppleLunch:Fried Fish with salt and tomatoe...

Day 23 - Nissin Cup Noodles
on Mar 3, 2009 in nissin pudding cup noodles seafood instant noodles snack pack 03-05-09Breakfast:Nissin Cup Noodles: Spicy SeafoodSnack Pack: Choco Caramel PuddingDinner:Goolai Salad...

Day 22 - Sausage Roll
on Mar 3, 2009 in starbucks coffee sausage roll starbucks sandwich great taste 03-04-09Breakfast:Starbucks Sausage Roll Php75.00Great Taste Coffee in tetra packLunch:Sweet and Sour Breaded PorkChickenSnack:AppleBanana CueBanana fried in brown sugar and served on a stick.Dinner:Pansit...

Day 21 - Italian Pocket
on Mar 3, 2009 in starbucks italian pocket starbucks pizza chopsuey starbucks sandwich mushroom kit kat chicken kitkat 03-03-09Breakfast:Starbucks Italian Pocket Php95.00Lunch:ChopsueyChicken in Mushroom SauceSnack:KitkatOishi Bread PanDinner:Goolai Salad...

Day 19 - Tuna, Tempura, Mango
on Mar 1, 2009 in shrimp tempura grilled tuna green mango 03-01-09Breakfast:Krispy Kreme heart donutLunch:Grilled TunaShrimp TempuraGreen MangoFrozen Mango cakeDinner:Dominoes Pizza...

Day 20 - Chicken Club Asparagus
on Mar 1, 2009 in starbucks pan pancake java chip chicken club asparagus pancupcake cupcake 03-02-09Breakfast:Starbucks Chicken Club AsparagusJava Chip frapLunch:Chicken in pineapple sauceDinner:Beef Tapa (beef jerkey)PanCupCake...

Day 18 - Good Burger
on Mar 1, 2009 in goodburger hotdog sabret good burger persian burger chicken burger 02-28-09Breakfast/Lunch:Goolai vegetable salad with creamy mango dressingSabrett spicy jumbo hotdogDinner:Good Burger: Persian, chicken burger...

Day 17 - Starbucks Cake
on Mar 1, 200902-27-09Breakfast:Goolai SaladMr. GoodbarLunch:Fried FishSalted Egg and TomatoDutch Mill yogurt drinkSnack:Fuji appleDinner:Spaghetti with Chicken lollipopsStarbucks cakeStarbucks Java Chip frap blend...

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