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Ink Drips: Masquerade
on Apr 14, 2013I have a secret.Life to me is a constant masquerade. This mask I have on, will only be withdrawn the moment I find you. Whoever you may be.

Inkling: Carousel
on Apr 14, 2013 in inkmeister gay sex Dipolog City Night Life inlove 2012 improvement mestiso beauty queen jars of heart gay marriage gay love Hold me. Did he just tell me he wanted me to hold him? Or did he order me to hold him? Is this his way of making me feel needed? Or is this him undermining my person. Is this him making me his scapegoat again? Or does he actually want to feel my arms...

Inkling: Bells
on Apr 13, 2013The bell rang. The sound was deliberate – specific. To most, it was their saving grace from the mundane, but to a very few, the bell signalled the end of sanctuary, the end of hiding in a seat in a classroom and it signalled their having to go out...

Ink Drips: Emptiness, angels and the like.
on Apr 12, 2013They said, and this was a huge deal at the hospital back then, that when I was born, I didn’t cry. Technically speaking, a crying baby is a good thing. Doctors even slap the child’s behind to coax him into crying; knowing how the shrill screams o...

Ink Drips: Ranting Pathetically about the moon and ex's
on Mar 28, 2013Because the moon is waning like it always does - I’ll take upon myself the grief that is this twisted, shattered idea of what love is. I’ll just dissolve into the nothingness that has become my existence. But just like this moon perched beyond th...

Ink Drips: Self Defense
on Mar 26, 2013People will say I’m a coward for letting him go. People say that if it were them, they’d fight. They’d fight because they say, “if it is true love, you will have the courage to battle out such trials”. They’d say “you must have never re...

Ink Drips: Rationalizing Break-ups
on Mar 26, 2013 in inkmeister hetlai birthday greetings little boys LGBT Gospel bruno mars gay joseph birdsong birdsong inlove Horcruxes making-out car accident balai hetalia lesbian sex love (not based on real events but based on the emotions of the writer at his moment)He took his strides as deliberately as the way his hair fell on his cheeks. His hair on his cheeks – another one of the things Mark wanted him to change. He mused at hi...

Inkmeisters Bleed
on Jan 8, 2013I don't know if you're all aware of the fact that even people who wield pens bleed. I loved and I got broken.

A Year in the Life of the Bow-tie Aficionado
on Dec 30, 20122012 had been pivotal for me. Well, not as much as 2011, sure. 2011 was when my lolo went back home to be with the Father, it was when I graduated from college and when I got my greatest career affirmation – my license as a Chemist. But to me, the...

Let's Talk Blogging
on Nov 16, 2012 in slash fan fiction negros birdsong gay sex Horcruxes kurt little boys boy's love test LGBT lesbian sex bruno mars I'm going to try out this theory i have that posting pictures with backlinks that are heavy on traffic can bring some traffic to my site too. Let's test shall we...?What follows shall be random pictures of high traffic searches.

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