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Loving A Thief
on Mar 31, 2013I am sorry for another copy-paste post. I promise (hopefully) to write new post here one of these days. I am quite busy writing Soul Mate, my first novel. For now, please enjoy a very interesting post from my sister Nicalyn. It is very inspiring and...

God at Work
on Mar 1, 2013Last week, a huge prayer was answered. I feel so happy. I pray to God that everything at the office grows better and better each day. For every success we have, we owe it all to God! Keep reigning in our lives, Abba! Photo By: RJ España...

Love Your Enemies
on Feb 22, 2013I love my current work. I had left this work many times before but God was always putting me back to it. So, I thought there must be a good reason for this. The last time I decided to return to work was because my boss was so willing to remove the...

The True Story
on Jan 30, 2013 in making friends Outcast at work wallflower surving the hate at work God is in control I am absent today from work because I am not feeling well. I just feel so tired of the situation in our office. My boss, the Japanese President, is very kind to me. Even our other Japanese is very kind to me. Actually, all of our Japanese ar...

Welcome, Graciella Dan!
on Jan 19, 2013 in mother's love Christian Dedication Graciella Dan Simple Christening First Grand-daughter House-based Christening Christening Affordable and Happy Christening First Daughter San Pablo City Fiesta 2013 I was trying to write since the October last year. However, there was no success with that. So much is going on in my life, in our lives now. A huge part of me is very happy. Also, there is a part of me which is still a huge dreamer. I don't know. I...

The Nine Lepers
on Dec 31, 2012The Nine and One Lepers For about 2000 years ago, ten lepers had this conversation: Leroy: Dude, did you see my other ear? Eddie: Uh, the one which an old earring pierced through it? Leroy: Yes, that’s the one! Do you know where it is? Or...

Not Seeing the Obvious
on Nov 19, 2012They tell the story of the Polish worker who walked out of the factory everyday with a wheelbarrow full of straw. Each time the guards thoroughly sifted the straw to find whatever he was hiding. One day, one of his friends sidled up to him and ask...

I Asked, He Answered
on Nov 19, 2012In February of this year, I was jobless and determined not to come back to the call center industry. Part of me was dreaming of still pursuing my writing career. But something felt not right and so it did not happen. However, I still wanted to do som...

For You, My Beloved
on Oct 26, 2012For You For You, I will wait. For You, I will endure all the pains. For You, I will be strong. For You, I will not give up. For You, I will keep our dreams. For You, I will keep the faith. For You, I will be me. I will never stop loving and...

(Choosing To Be Happy With) My Now
on Oct 5, 2012The story below was originally written on February 5, 2011. What most people do on a rainy Sunday morning? Cuddling on bed, either with someone or with self alone. If this is a question to me that I need to answer, I am writing - which is obviou...

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