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Day 76: Statues
on Oct 2, 2011Well, in case you dont know, before Im pretty bad with portraits, I practice a lot just t perfet a portrait shot and know the details that I'm poor at. Here comes the statues of Naga City, standing on their pedestal is their perfect poses. So click,...

Day 75: Penafrancia Festival
on Sep 20, 2011Crowded streets is always a heaven for me, specially when I just want to take portraits. These photos are taken during our Penafrancia Fiesta here in Naga City.

Day 73: of Nieces
on Sep 20, 2011Here are some of the photos I forgot to post last week. Coming up, on my  next few posts, are the photos I took during our Fiesta here in Naga City. I'm still on thoughts if I would include everything, in case you wanna see them now, I already p...

Day 73: Of Cousins
on Sep 20, 2011As promised, here are some the photos, that are included in my fiesta series. As I said, these are mostly portraits, I grew tired of changing lens, I just made use of what is available. :)...

Day 72: and these are for my broken knees
on Aug 30, 2011Spent the whole afternoon doing this :)Fine, I'm not good at it, but at least, the father sun did shine brightly for me to stop that moment, and capture all the actions at show.This is by the way called wakeboarding. For some divine reason, this worl...

Day 70: Fishing
on Aug 27, 2011 in Naga City fishing From where I was sitting, these kids showed up:They, handed with their made-up fishing gears, was oh-so ready to launch the hook with fish infested (?) river. And, from where I was sitting, I got my cam, and fired the shutter. Lucky enough, that...

Day 71: Here and there
on Aug 27, 2011Did a little photowalk today, here are some of the shots I took :)Here is a tower from one of our churches.  A double exposure. :) Again a double exposure. Im trying this for now, to atleast, show movements On my photos. :)Eveyone deserves...

Day 69: Recycled
on Aug 24, 2011 in lightroom photowalk These photos, are recycled. Meaning, I took these shots long time ago, but, was post-processed from a different editing software. Now that I discovered Lightroom, I scavenged through my picture files and see if there are some photos worthy of being r...

Day 68: Adobe RGB
on Aug 23, 2011Though, I, from first page to last page memorized my camera manual, I know there is something in it I haven't just discovered yet. From time to time, I open up my manual, and again, read all over from the top. And then, I saw, ADOBE RGB.Well, I still...

Day 66: Again, Random things
on Aug 21, 2011 in randoms With a camera, I just take photos of whatever subjects I deem, beautiful. Well, with unpredictable weather, I just can't think of having just one subject for my photos. Here are the random things I took for the week:This is my afternoon delight, as w...

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