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Boring Week This Week. Correction or Stoppage?
on Oct 12, 2012In my perspective, the week was a pretty boring week after a run from last week. PSEi was down 1.29% falling back to the 5,300 level to 5,369.72 as foreigners liquidated their positions in our market. A total of Php 13.5B was liquidated jus...

PSEi New All-Time High! But is it Bullish?
on Oct 4, 2012PSEi almost ended this week with a bang until it shied away from its gains in the afternoon trade on Friday. The Philippine index closed almost flat to 5,439.84 by 3.9 points down from Thursday. This week was another week when PSEi pos...

Trading Update: PSEi and etc.
on Sep 21, 2012Two weeks had passed when I last made my update due to some activities that I need to engaged in to for WBI. In this two-week period, PSEi came back to life after a long consolidation and volatility started back in May. This week, PSEi dropped 0.57%...

End of Aug. 2012, PSEi battered.
on Sep 1, 2012As we end this very disappointing month of August, PSEi closed down by 2.1% to 5,196.19 from its July close at 5,307.66. The index clearly experienced from what they call it "the ghost month." On the brighter side of the story, The Phi...

Stock Market Update: Aug 22-24, 2012
on Aug 25, 2012Another bad week for the Philippine bourse leaving PSEi down 60.46 points or 1.16% from last week's close; PSEi ended the week 5,143.35. A couple things happened in this short 3-day trading week, one of those is PCOR's inclusion in PSEi effectiv...

Philippine Stock Market: Aug 13-17. 2012
on Aug 19, 2012PSEi, this week continued to slide down to 5,206.81 down from last week's close. A lot seem to be dumping positions in contrast to companies disclosing positive results this week. GMA7 net profits grew 20.1% to 626M due to higher ad spending. Re...

Ghost Month for PSEi?
on Aug 11, 2012The weather this week has been devastating and I feel for those who got washed up by the floods and lost their homes and loved ones. On the business end, its about 2-3 days stoppage in operations. Our meeting this week was also affected and to be mov...

PSEi: Again, with the Market.
on Aug 3, 2012A handful of significant things happened this week, some are good while some are bad. First, Q2 2012 earnings started to come out and most seem to be promising and providing better than expected results like RFM and PIP both posting better...

PSEi: As We Move Along With The Market
on Jul 27, 2012WBI's first few weeks was a bit boring. Our investments in equities covers only a low percentage of our portfolio, roughly about 15%. We are heavy right now on non-equity related investments like fixed income or bond-related UITFs. The rest of our fu...

Why My Bullishness is Not Pure for PSEi
on Jul 17, 2012For the past four years, PSEi seemed to have followed a bullish path since 2009 to its current level at 5,000 with a high of 5,400++. During these years, a lot of success stories came on how people made money in the stock market and all that. As a re...

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