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The End: Starting Again
on Mar 24, 2013Now, to end my Love and Relationship series, I’ve decided to end it like how all relationships end…with a BREAK UP.I know you are all saying, “What the heck, Ron!” with a hint of disgust.  But c’mon, this is part of love and relat...

Love: The Bigger Picture We Don't See
on Mar 10, 2013Let’s talk about LOVE.  The word that defines human being and the word that is currently associated with cheese.  How do you define “love”?  When you hear people say it, or when you say the word LOVE what does it really mean...

Women: All Guys Are The Same...Terrible!
on Feb 18, 2013“Men are all jerks…you just have to choose the lesser jerk or probably his “jerkiness” you can live with.” –Julia I would agree on what my friend and big sister, we fondly call her Mommy Jules, say to our lady friends for advises on how t...

The Book And The Reader: The End Is The Beginning Is The End
on Jan 1, 2013There are things in our lives that we don’t expect to happen, things that come to our lives and surprise us with happy and sad things.  There are exaggerated things, and there are a little things that to the eyes of others, it is superficial.&...

To Shutdown The Feeling Or Not: That Is The Question
on Nov 12, 2012One of the things I’ve learned in taking up my course (BS Psychology) is the skill of shutting down my emotion/s in something or in someone.  We had training for that in preparation for the possible career in Clinical Psychology.  In guid...

Women Drama: What They Really Wanna Hear?
on Nov 8, 2012I learned something based on a situation that made me realize something that there are things that a man and a woman share in a relationship.  Whenever our girlfriends are sad about us having no time and while we think that yes we do and we...

End Of The Woild: Let's Make It Fun
on Oct 15, 2012December 2012 is nearing.  Well, we all know the fuss about the end of life on earth, i.e. the judgement day, the apocalypse, the second coming, the law against eating bacon.  If let’s say I have a crazy question that I will ask now and y...

The Kid, The Artist, and The Psych Grad: Life-Loving Frankenstein
on Sep 16, 2012This is not me in the pictureAs a kid, I’m always fascinated with how I think.  With overwhelming creativity and imagination which led me to enjoy the talents I got from our bloodline and a gift from God.  I expressed it through drawings...

Treaure Found: Untitled Poem
on Aug 13, 2012I saw this poem I made for someone years ago, I find it funny reading it drama pala. Ha Ha Ha.   So many reasonsWhy a man should like youThere are no reasonsWhy I shouldn’t feel this tooThere are a lot of thingsI wanted to sayIt’s n...

My Love Letter To You...Yes You! And I Hope You Can Read It
on Jul 4, 2012Hi :)I want to start this letter by saying, hello.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve last written or made a love letter so I’m in for a few adjustments, He He He.  Well, I just wanted to express the emotions trap in me that I would...

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