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on Jan 31, 2009 in cheesesteak elbert cuenca usda beef There are just some ventures that are destined to be "winners"It is about gut feelIt is about intuitive vibesIt is about hitting a chordIt is about reading the marketIt is about colors that come together well ...And in the case of Elbert's

Finally Arrived
on Jan 29, 2009 in valentines Hurry , hurry ....It's a pre-Valentine promoGood only until February 14If you want to celebrate that special day with a "bang"Then this is the deal you've been waiting forYou should really take advantage of this oneSome smart marketing

Midnight Fix
on Jan 22, 2009I am a creature of the midnight snackAt the stroke of midnight - something just seems to happen to meA transformation of sortsA wanderlust for leftoversA search for gastric satisfactionAn uncontrollable urge to munch on somethingA deep-seated longin...

Life Is Like That
on Jan 21, 2009 in sunrise At the end of every darkness is a sunrise that beckons to a new tomorrow.I should have realized this much sooner ...But it has taken all of 4 months of blogger silence for me to understand a lesson oft repeated through the agesAnd so it isAnd here I...

REPOST (2006) - To the Batcave
on Sep 25, 2008The best thinking has been done in solitude.The worst has been done in turmoil.- Thomas A. Edison -When I was a kid, Batman was my hero. He was an ordinary man – no superpowers. He was simply strong, agile, innovative and fearless. He was a loyal f...

Without the Guilt
on Sep 19, 2008 in healthy kitchen I turned on the television to relax at the end of a long dayIt was time for the news...I have always marveled at how news anchors will always start with "Good Evening ..."And then will proceed to tell you exactly why it isn't ...Tonight was

on Sep 12, 2008 in pitbull marciano's I remember learning in science class that "the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound".That may explain why,Sometimes you will encounter someone who may appear very bright until you actually hear them speak.I shall not go into details,

on Sep 9, 2008 in craaaaaashed hard disc My laptop zonked outMy hard disk - craaaaaashedRight while I was working on a blog postFirst a hum, then a clinkA gush of hot air from the ventsThen nothingJust - darkness on my screenPanicI must have pressed control-alt-delete a thousand timesSwitch...

Crash Time
on Sep 6, 2008I am just squeezing in a little blog time on a loaner.My laptop craaaaaaashed a little more than a week ago - sometime after my last post.Just trying to juggle my finances to get a new one.In the meantime - I am out in the cold ...Will be back in a...

Self Help
on Aug 27, 2008The bookstore was nice and cool ...It was a refreshing sanctuary from the searing humidity outsideIn this massive multi-storey literary playground, I would decompress after a hard day at the office.I started browsing the thousands of books that were...

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