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Merry Christmas 2011!
on Dec 24, 2011 in Personal food Merry Christmas   Merry Christmas! Lola Meming came over to celebrate Christmas with us. Thank you Lola for coming over and for your stories of lolo. No one in the house is a good cook so we almost always order food from restaurants during celebrations like this. A...

Oblivion in 100 Days to Heaven
on Nov 20, 2011 in Current Events Gaming Oblivion TV In the final episode of 100 Days to Heaven, the graphics of the gate to Hell was taken directly from TES IV: Oblivion. 100 Days to Heaven is an inspirational TV program on ABS-CBN starring Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat, both as Anna Manalastas. The...

“Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino”, the ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2011
on Nov 14, 2011 in Pop Culture ABS-CBN lyrics music Station ID video ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Christmas Station ID 2011 “Da Best and Pasko ng Pilipino” sung by Filipino-Canadian Maria Aragon together with the UP Concert Chorus. The song was written by Robert Labayen. The music was composed and produced by...

Anti-Planking Law
on Sep 23, 2011 in Event law planking Philippines’ anti-planking law aptly named Anti-Planking Act of 2011. As stupid as it may sound, it is real. A lawmaker wants planking banned, of all things. But as far as I know, it has not been passed into law yet. Planking (or the lying down...

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together animated video
on Sep 13, 2011 in Gaming animation video This is the animated video trailer of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, remade for the PSP. This video is well-made. The animation is smooth, and its presentation perfect. The use of “moving drawings” instead of conventional animation...

This animated bar girl on the Bard’s Tale website cries sexual harassment
on Aug 29, 2011 in Humor Websites Bard's Tale sexual harassment Who would have known that hovering around your mouse randomly on a flash application looking for clickable/sensitive areas (literally!) could lead to sexual harassment? That’s what happened to me several days ago when I was trying to browse the...

DOTA 2 Trailer and its heroes
on Aug 15, 2011 in Gaming DOTA 2 heroes screenshot video DOTA 2 Trailer, the heroes, and more! So we’re all excited to see what DOTA 2 is like, how close it is to the original Defense of the Ancients and how it fares against League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. Valve is kind enough to release a D...

RIP Lolo Asiong
on Mar 31, 2011 in Personal My grandfather on my father’s side died last March 25, 2011. At peace at last, he died at an old age of 81. Rest in peace, Lolo Asiong. His last few days were filled with suffering. He was battling with cancer of the liver(or cirrhosis, I’...

I love Firefox 4!
on Mar 21, 2011 in Technology Firefox I just upgraded to Firefox 4 and I’m loving it.   Release date: March 22, 2011. Codename: Tumucumaque, after a national park in Brazil I had seen the beta version of Firefox 4 before but I don’t really like installing beta versions o...

Dragon Age II: real-life quests for in-game rewards
on Mar 6, 2011 in Gaming Humor DLC Dragon Age II items quests The release date of Dragon Age II draws near so expect a surge of in-game bonus content en masse. Not free of course but as rewards for real-life quests. Wait. what? Yes, I said it right. Real-life quests for in-game rewards.The tasks you do in the r...

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