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DWNPOURS - Black Unltd. (2012) - Hardcore/Metal/Punk
on Apr 2, 2013 in Dwnpours *Hardcore *Punk *Metal *2012 Country: Germany 1. Drown 2. Late Hours 3. Dirt Connoisseur 4. I Sleep 5. Black Chauffeur Download Website *REQUEST...

Phantom Lord - Insanity EP (2013) - Hardcore/Trash/Progressive Metal/Cross-over
on Feb 26, 2013 in *2013 *Cross-over *Progressive Metal *Hardcore Phantom Lord *Trash Country: USATracklist:1. Raw Dog (Instrumental)2. The New Me3. Seeing Is Believing4. Killing Time5. Putrid Disgrace6. Souls of the InsaneDownload/Website just hit download and name your price even "0" zero.Facebook*REQUEST...

At The Left Hand Of God - Bayonets & Tourniquets (2013) - Melodic Metalcore/Progressive
on Feb 19, 2013 in *2013 At The Left Hand Of God *Progressive Metalcore *Progressive Metal *Progressive Death Metal Melodic Metalcore *Progressive Country: USA Tracklist: 1. Downwind of the Dead 2. Square Roots 3. 400 Mile Goodbye 4. Apparation of an Abomination 5. High Treason 6. Bayonets & Tourniquets Download/Website just choose Buy Now name your price and put 0 (zero) on checkout. F...

The Phantom Carriage - Falls (2013) - Black Metal/Crust/Sludge/Hardcore/Screamo
on Feb 4, 2013 in *Black Metal *2013 *Sludge *Chaotic Hardcore The Phantom Carriage *Screamo *Crust *Hardcore Country: France Tracklist: 1. Today We Stand 2. Mistakes & Fixes 3. Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming 4. About Being A Father 5. Since We Can't Forget Who We Where 6. Rejuvination 7. The Time 8. Devils, Gods, Us Download 320kbps Website F...

Vuyvr - Eiskalt (2013) - Black Metal/Swedish Metal/Heavy Metal/Sludge/Crust
on Jan 31, 2013 in *Swedish Metal *Black Metal *2013 *Sludge *Crust Vuyvr *Heavy Metal Country: Switzerland Tracklist: 1. HOCH 2. Betrayers of the North 3. War of 100,000 Centuries 4. Disfigured By Hatred 5. Idolatry 6. Slaves 7. Dead Trees Are Wandering at the Night 8. Weapons Made for Grace 9. The Wyvern Download 320kbps Webs...

Mulct - Turniq (2013) - Power Violence/Grind/Punk
on Jan 17, 2013 in *Power Violence *2013 Mulct *Punk *Grindcore *Grind Country: BelarusTracklist:1. Going Berserk2. Worst Enemy3. An Omnipresent Dick Sucker4. Hold Your Tongue5. Militant Drunkard6. Homo Erectus7. El Chulito8. Relying on Sacred Power9. 0% Straight EdgeDownloadWebsite*REQUEST...

Our Last Crusade - Mad Men EP (2012) - Metal/Hardcore
on Jan 14, 2013 in *Metalcore *Hardcore Our Last Crusade *Metal *2012 Country: Canada Tracklist: 1. Mad Men 2. Trucido Imperium 3. Liberation Website/Download Facebook Twitter Youtube *REQUEST...

Twighlight Fauna/Filsufatia - Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow (2013)[Split] - Atmospheric Metal/Instrumental/Ambient/Black Metal
on Jan 1, 2013 in *Black Metal *2013 Fitsufatia *Instrumental *Deppressive Metal *Ambient *Atmospheric Metal Twilight Fauna Tracklist: 1. Twighlight Fauna - The Cold Air of a Solitary Night 2. Twighkight FAuna - A Silent Agony 3. Filsufatia - Laverne (A Million Miles Nowhere) 4. Filsufatia - The Grand Eulogy (Welcome Home) Website/Download...

HautEtCourt - La vie EP (2012) - Mathcore/Crust
on Nov 24, 2012 in HautEtCourt *Crust *Mathcore *2012 Country: France Tracklist: 1 Let it Burst2 Krokodil3 This Genesis4 Collision5 Life6 Wasted time for wasted minds Download Website...

Twilight Fauna - The Grotesque Travesty of Creation (2012) - Atmospheric Metal/Experimental
on Nov 13, 2012 in *Experimental *Atmospheric Metal Twilight Fauna *2012 Country: USA Tracklist: 1. An Autumn Moon2. City of Eternal Rain3. Forgotten Dusk4. Unnatural Transgressions5. A Covenant Born in Silence6. A Dim Light in the Distance Download/Website *REQUEST...

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