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Wanna earn $10 asap? Try this!
on Jul 24, 2010 in sign up bonus free paypal affiliate marketing mebership article marketing referral income I just received an email from Fast Track Traffic (I site a used to spread work-related ads) inviting me to join Im crew on their prelaunch. They are giving $10 as a sign up bonus. Skeptical as always but hey, never hurts to score $10 in paypal credi...

Case Study: The Barack Obama Strategy
on Jul 15, 2010In this slideshow, you will be shown a presentation on how social media, the internet and other digital tools helped elect US President Barrack Obama to power. Case Study: The Barack Obama StrategyView more presentations from SocialMedia8 Amsterdam.

The Social Network aka Facebook The Movie: Watch The Trailer Here
on Jun 25, 2010 in the facebook story Social Network mashable Sandra Bullock facebook The Net facebook the movie In the 1990s, it was Sandra Bullock running away from falling dead bodies while trying to regain back her identity in the movie The Net. More than 10 years later (after the dot com crash and the rise of Google)comes - The Social Network also known a...

iPhone 4 Antenna Pisses Off Hitler
on Jun 24, 2010 in techcrunch the downfall steve jobs parody iphone 4 antenna hitler iphone 4 apple The iPhone 4 has been creating a lot of buzz lately among technophiles and many excited consumers. However, one famous (or infamous) user has been quite open with his dislike for the new phone. In this video, let the Fuhrer himself, Hitler show you...

Why Should Only The Big Boys (Business) Have All The Fun?
on Jun 9, 2010If you're just starting your business or already running or managing a new company, you have probably often feel like David facing not just one probably dozens Goliaths eagerly waiting to swallow up any new upstarts. Sure, you may have prepared well...

A CRM software for small business as well as medium to large enterprises
on May 31, 2010Here's something to consider if you are planning to start your real estate brokerage / marketing business or any business for that matter. What's cool with this system is that it replaces a lot of systems you will have to purchase separately but n...

Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Real Estate Listings
on May 24, 2010 in CPM adveritising Adwords Google Adwords facebook advertising real estate agents realtors marketing CPC advertising If  Facebook were a country, it can be considered the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of population as it has more than 400 Million users & still growing,. This would mean the popular social networking site would rank somewhere bet...

Making Money Online: Referral Marketers Needed
on May 7, 2010 in commissions making money online affiliate marketing referral income make money online all in one website system  Are You Making Money Online? Would You Like To Learn and Earn Money Online? Referral / Affiliate Marketers Needed!(Hardworking Newbies Welcome Too!) First: Good, BETTER & Great News For You. THE GOOD NEWS: This is NOT A Get Rich Quick...

Essential Items Your (Real Estate) Website Should Have
on Apr 23, 2010 in website for business website facebook advertising real estate agents realtors marketing I've been asked often by colleagues (mostly the older ones) from the industry on what essential things their websites (or planned websites) should have in order to be successful in getting buyers interested with their listings. I always get surprised...

Environment-friendly House In Cebu
on Apr 8, 2010 in cebu city Cebu solar ecology solar panels environment energy savers green houses Last February, my daughter Gabby and I visited Cebu City Councilor Archibald's Green/Eco House in the suburbs. I was really impressed with the measures taken by the owner to use eco-friendly means to maintain his house. Check out the pics and see fo...

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