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That Singular Sensation
on Jan 29, 2011 in spandex Broadway dance film A Chorus Line musicals 80's PASTEL + HIGH-CUT + AMAZING JAZZ and the spongiest 80's hair make for one guilty pleasure of a movie. Throw in a young, handsome Michael Douglas as a hot-headed director and you can almost forgive the too-big-for-film Broadway acting style that the r...

That Eastern Calling
on Jan 28, 2011 in Year of the Rabbit Tracy Porter interior ideas art oriental Confort Chinois China Tazran Tanmizi painting interior design Adolf von Menzel Blue Shanghai WITH THE FASHION WORLD PICKING UP CUES FROM THE FAR EAST and advertising taking on an oriental motif for the coming Year of the Rabbit, it is a refreshing time for Asians, to be celebrating themes closer to home!So spray on some YSL Opium. Don red an...

Those Blossoms Fell
on Jan 27, 2011 in Motoi Yamamoto art installation salt Sakura THERE IS A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE that perfecting every detail makes. But perfection takes time and time never seems to be enough.When reality gets in the way of perfection, do you strive to be good?Or do you stop at good enough?Sakura salt installati...

Those Helpful Hands
on Jan 26, 2011 in octopus art Daniel Hillier tentacles black and white illustration TIMES LIKE THESE, I wish I had more than two hands to do all the things I want and need to do.One more day until this workweek ends!Illustrations by Daniel Hillier,

Those Colors by Number
on Jan 25, 2011 in Steven Meisel photography Prada SS 2011 ad campaign Prada advertising SS 2011 fashion JOSEPHINE BAKER EXPLODES INTO A CRAYOLA SET. Overloaded with sumptuous color, pattern and texture, Prada SS 2011 is not for the color shy.Prada SS 2011 ad campaign by Steven Meisel. Images from

That Child's Play
on Jan 24, 2011 in Philippines art Naif oil on canvas Galerie Joaquin painting Manila Hamzah Marbella HE SAT SLUMPED, looking like he didn't want to be there. Like he was genuinely bored and plainly disinterested.And so what right? For an artist under ten who is the youngest member of the Art Association of the Philippines, with over 300 works to dat...

Those Bones to Pick
on Jan 23, 2011 in interior ideas Moroccan bone inlaid furniture interior design homeware BONES. QUITE A BIT OF THEM. How does a non-confrontational person deal with things that require confrontation?They're so much prettier on home decor.Bone inlaid furnishing and accessories from and

That Grenade Girl
on Jan 20, 2011 in art Mark McDevitt collage Nude Gun illustration giclée Methane Studios Grenade Girl GO GO GO GIRL. Be fierce, be fearless. Make an explosion.Tomorrow is Saturday, finally. You can relax then.Grenade Girl and Nude Gun giclée prints by Mark McDevitt from

That Living Romance
on Jan 19, 2011 in Bram Stoker's Dracula Gary Oldman Winona Ryder film Francis Ford Coppola THE VAMPIRE MOVIE AS WE KNOW IT. At least in my generation. Period, adult and to a certain degree unrelatable, Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula told of a love so lasting, it surpassed life, death, evil and eternity.Growing up with a love story like thi...

That Dolce Vita
on Jan 18, 2011 in accessories Andria Mitsakos handbag La Dolce Vita leather goods fashion Dea Rosa EXQUISITE AS THE EXQUISITE ANGELINA in The Tourist, Venice as portrayed in the movie was a breathtaking complement to a breathtaking leading lady.And while I go through the rest of the week wishing I were a tourist in Venezia, I allow myself to sulk...

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