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Unearthing the Heavenly Diva Mary Fahl
on Mar 8, 2013Link...

Marian Anderson: The inner power of singing.
on Mar 5, 2013Link...

Louder: The Marwills
on Feb 21, 2013Link...

Little Ripples and Postcards from Spain:Interview with Eric McGrath
on Feb 13, 2013Link

Obsidian Skies by Peter Chains:I Love Making YouTube Videos!
on Feb 13, 2013Link...

2 AM.
on Dec 8, 2010It is two in the morning. I dismissed my trainees to have lunch. I feel exhausted. I dont know why. Have you ever felt like that too? A new review is up. Please visit

The end is here.
on Dec 5, 2010It's the end-of another year. So many things happend. I lost a friend. I gained new ones. Life is a series of uncertainties. There will always be people you will love and those you want to murder. In the end it is just you. So the best advice I can g...

Trying to surf in my mobile.
on Nov 29, 2010And trying to blog are you people? Sorry it took a while. But as you remember... I met a guy by the name of Hexrex months and months ago. He was charming and kind. But there was another person vying for his attention..a lady. So I decided to...

Wow Oh So Quiet
on Jul 30, 2010 in crash computer Sorry I have been away. My computer is still in the repair shop. I am supposed to have an interview with Pierre but that has to wait a bit. Stay tuned.

Pierre XI the Next Generation in The Vein of Daft Punk
on Jun 16, 2010 in Recordings pierre xi music electronica   Pierre xi is a project of a young talent who has a lot of stuff going on in his mind. It was interesting conducting a interview with him but before that let us take a lose look at the music. Personally I love electronic music especially when i...

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