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Farewell 2010!
on Jan 1, 2011The year I turned 25 started out like one big, extended party - great friends, great travels, great memories. I suppose it was a great way to close my early 20's:Almost a quarter has passed into the year I turn a quarter of a century old, and it's be...

Up Dharma Down - Tadhana
on Sep 29, 2010Gorgeous, gorgeous song. I just love Up Dharma Down. I want to catch a gig but have no one to go with! :(...

I know you better than you do, so put out your cigarette, and kiss me on the lips tonight.
on Sep 24, 2010What's with the year 1983?Neon Trees - 1983I love driving to this song (while singing along with it). The video's pretty cool too - girl drummers are boss. And I love the homage (at least I think it is anyway) to A-HA's "Take On Me" video.John Mayer...

Quarter Life Birthday Song
on Sep 7, 2010 in modern poetry favorite songs favorite lyrics birthday the infinite playlist This could be the very minuteI'm aware i'm aliveAll these places feel like homeWith a name I'd never chosenI can make my first stepsAs a child of 25.- Snow Patrol, "Chocolate"A quarter of a century old today. Very very surreal.

Let's Run Away And Don't Ever Look Back.
on Aug 29, 2010 in rissee angel katy perry college friends the infinite playlist teenage dream Katy Perry's back!This song makes me want to go on a random road trip with a cute boy, drive to the beach with the windows down and this song playing over and over again. :) Ris, Angel and I had so much fun at her concert in Manila last year, and wit...

You Can Call Me Dangerous But These Are The Sins Of My Youth
on Aug 14, 2010 in sins of my youth music youth anthem neon trees the infinite playlist Like most girls in Manila, lately I've been crazy about Forever21. And living in Ortigas and being very close to Megamall, it's so easy for me to go on a whim and check out their stuff whenever I want to - not very good for my credit card though.So a...

I Don't Wanna Jump In Unless This Music's Thumping.
on Jun 18, 2010So I had my iPod on shuffle last night and this song came on. It's called "Love You Madly" by Cake, and it's just awesome! I fell in love with it last night like I was hearing it for the first time, because I honestly have no memory of when or where...

More Than A Little Willing To Keep Moving.
on May 8, 2010 in random quarter life crisis travel thoughts summer john mayer QLC Spending a lazy Sunday in a coffee shop in the unglamorous side of Kuala Lumpur (nope, no Petronas Tower in sight from where we are). It's the last day of our trip, and we're just killing (a lot of) time before our flight back to Manila at 11 pm late...

This life is nothing but a song without no rhyme.
on Apr 26, 2010 in tweet favorite songs nothing but a song music twitter tiago iroc the infinite playlist Meet Tiago Iorc, classic case of Gorgeous Guy with Guitar, my ultimate and absolute weakness (yes, both those adjectives need to be there for emphasis).Tiago Iorc - "Nothing But A Song"And this totally made my fangirl heart flutter:It's silly, but wh...

Have I Read Too Much Fiction? / One Week To Bali, Baby!
on Apr 23, 2010 in 90's music the sundays music summertime summer soundtrack the infinite playlist 90's summer songs The Sundays - "Summertime"This song NEVER gets old. Songs like this make me very thankful that I was a kid of the 90's. It was an awesome time for music (sans the bubblegum pop era i.e. the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys and Hanson - although ev...

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