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مدونة ولاد العم
Statistics for مدونة ولاد العم
ولاد العم تهتم بكل جديد برامج الكمبيوتر | برامج الموبايل | برامج الاندرويد | العاب الاندرويد | برامج مجانية

Tags: العاب, برامج, اندرويد, تحميل, مجانا

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dragon soft
Statistics for dragon soft
Dragon site should draagon soft largest comprehensive site for programs and definitions of spare equipment and games and download free download Free software downloads.

Tags: dragon soft, software, free, download, 2014

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PaKanton Ka Naman
Statistics for PaKanton Ka Naman
Para sa simpleng libog lang ang kailangan at hindi todo porno. Eto ang blog na para sa'yo. Swabeng swabe ang tama! We showcase the hottest ang gorgeous Pinay beauties, scandals and shameless videos on the web. Come and visit us!


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What Else Michelle
Statistics for What Else Michelle
A blog about what keeps me busy like DIY decors, crafts, graphic design and my attempt in interior design.

Tags: thrifting, interior design, graphic design, DIY, handmade decor

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Designers Depot
Statistics for Designers Depot
This blog is also here to showcase the artworks of up and coming talents, give each other ideas and tips as well as feedbacks and criticisms for our works.

Tags: graphics, art, design, photoshop brushes, tutorials

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Statistics for CustoMecha
Customized Gundams, New Releases and Everything Mecha

Tags: Gundam, Custom Kit, Mecha, Hobby, Scale Modeling

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Life After Breakfast
Statistics for Life After Breakfast
Alessandra Lanot is a crafter & designer. Life After Breakfast is a blog about her creative adventures, which begin after the most important meal of the day.

Tags: DIY, handmade, crafts, design, travel

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Pinoy Indie Films
Statistics for Pinoy Indie Films
Pinoy Indie Films features pinoy independent film. It showcase pinoy indie film movie trailers, movie posters, movie reviews and more

Tags: Pinoy Indie Film, Movie Trailers, Movie Posters, Movie Reviews, Movie behind the scene

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Spotlight Theatre Atbp
Statistics for Spotlight Theatre Atbp
Theatre, Arts, Lifestyle and Many More

Tags: Theater, Arts, Lifestyle, Travel, Food

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Statistics for SWITCHEROOm
Hey I'm Elle, an interior design enthusiast from Manila, Philippines. I'll spill some of my craziness here -inspirations, DIYs, makeovers, and how this frugal from Manila transforms spaces from boohoo to woohoo. ;)

Tags: interior design, decor, home design, furniture, DIY

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Le Reveur
Statistics for Le Reveur
A blog about the creative musings of a 19 year old aspiring artist and young entrepreneur.

Tags: art, typography, blog, h.e.a.r.t, abbey

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Statistics for
The creative playround of illustrator/designer Regina Silva- posting about art, illustration, design, crafts, paper love, travel, and all things in between.

Tags: illustration, design, drawing, paper, travel

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Statistics for Living+Dreaming
Online journal of Ged Carpizo. Sharing art, tutorials, crafts, travels, photography, technology, korean and japanese culture tidbits, and earth-love.

Tags: photography, travel, tutorials, environment, japan korea culture

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I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
Statistics for I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
Misselayneousthings is all about my crafting ideas. I joined Blogger and thought that I could share my ideas about crafting with other bloggers. And here I am...making crafts and blogging them so people could read them and do it themselves.

Tags: crochet, DIY crafts, tutorials, scrap booking, inspirations

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The Intersections & Beyond
Statistics for The Intersections & Beyond

Tags: Visual Arts, Literature & Writing, Performing Arts & Theater, Film, Cinema & Entertainment, Language & Culture

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THETOTOBOX- A Box Full of Creativity
Statistics for THETOTOBOX- A Box Full of Creativity
THETOTOBOX exists to contribute in the arts circle. It intends to create,share and educate in the society where freedom of expression is misunderstood.

Tags: creative, art, graphic design, weblog, creativity

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The Pink Doormat
Statistics for The Pink Doormat
The Pink Doormat is a blog about crafts, DIY, decor and food

Tags: crafts, interior, decor, diy, homemade

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Paper Toy Adventures
Statistics for Paper Toy Adventures
Action-packed experiments with fantabulous toys of paper

Tags: paper toys, paper crafts

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Statistics for scrapaholicbernie
A Diary of My Life and Works

Tags: digital scrapbooking, crafts, fashion, arts, home

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Sheena Loves Sunsets
Statistics for Sheena Loves Sunsets
Sheena Loves Sunsets is the blog of illustrator & designer Sheena Sy-Gonzales. Here she shares her drawings, travel photos, thoughts about life and how God is at the center of it all.

Tags: Illustrations, Design, Travel, God, Cute

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A Beiatiful Mind
Statistics for A Beiatiful Mind
Beia/ Blogger/ Artist i do photoshop tutorials, hair and make-up tutorials, artsy stuffs, product reviews, and outfit posts of me and my sister, and I also holds giveaways! So Go and visit my blog

Tags: tutorials, photoshop tutorials, art, fashion, product reviews

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Daily Paintings by Faith Te
Statistics for Daily Paintings by Faith Te
A blog featuring realistic oil paintings by artist Faith Te. Includes all paintings from my 365 Daily Painting project.

Tags: painting, artist, oil, realistic, drawing

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Renz Creations: Invitations and Giveaways
Statistics for Renz Creations: Invitations and Giveaways
Made-to-order handcrafted invitations and giveaways for any special occasions

Tags: invitations, giveaways, favors, crafts, souvenir

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Tatak Digitista
Statistics for Tatak Digitista
Digital footprints of life's mixes categorized in sections Bayanihan Republic (arts and culture), Featuristic (features), Potato On the Go (mass media) and Action & Event-ure (events & activities) among others

Tags: Heritage, Travel, Movies, Media, Features

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Statistics for CANDYSKY™
A daily dose of fluff & whim, musings & muchness, goods and what have you~ Where a 22-year-old graphic designer/shop owner blogs about life, travels, design, art, cosmetic product reviews, nail art and her love for Korean culture!

Tags: Design, Art, Photography, Travel, Korean Cosmetics

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A beautiful life
Statistics for A beautiful life
Johanna Perez makes awesome do-it-yourself health, beauty and wellness projects that anyone can do at home!

Tags: Johanna Perez, DIY, Makeup, How-to, Style

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Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Statistics for Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Projects on crafts, sewing, crochet, digital scrapbooking, jewelry design, toy collecting and anything under the sun

Tags: crafts, sewing, crochet, jewelry, scrapbookig

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Rants of The Archer
Statistics for Rants of The Archer
reviews of pens, inks, notebooks

Tags: pens, inks, paper, writing, fountain pens

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RizzaMaruja's Haven
Statistics for RizzaMaruja's Haven
Random post mostly about arts, photography, personal, diary and literature. This is where I escape reality and put all my craps on. :)

Tags: drawings, photography, photos, Arts, Sketches

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Statistics for mokimikmak
Life of a 21-year old girl, who has a fetish for bracelets, diys, colorful threads, fancy notebooks, riding roller coasters and bumming at beaches.

Tags: DIY, Crafts, Fashion, Bracelet, Food

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Computer Open House
Statistics for Computer Open House
Free Downloads, Learn how to Reconnect your Disconnected Modem and Exclusive Tips and Tricks .

Tags: Computer, Downloads, Hacks, Tisps, Tricks

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Techno-Savvy Mermaid
Statistics for Techno-Savvy Mermaid
The Adventures of a Techno-savvy Mermaid who blogs about Fashion, Events/Launching, Lifestyle, Nail Art, Food and Book Reviews. For ads, collaborations, events and sponsorship or if you just wanna say HI, email me at

Tags: DIY, books, fashion, events, lifestyle

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Fashion | Architecture | Interior Design | Travel | Random Going-ons

Tags: Fashion, DIY, Architecture, Interior Design, Travel

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Silentman Studios Retouching
Statistics for Silentman Studios Retouching
Photo retouching and Image manipulation, Photoshop tips, film posters, anything and everything related to creating amazing and inspiring visuals.

Tags: photoshop, retouching, manipulation, photo editing, photo retoucher

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cutey patuty
Statistics for cutey patuty
all about crochet and my crochet designs

Tags: crochet, handmade, quirky

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Pandayang Lino Brocka
Statistics for Pandayang Lino Brocka
News and updates on the yearly Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival. The festival is organized by Tudla Productions

Tags: Pandayang Lino Brocka, Lino Brocka, Film Festival, new media, political film festival

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Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog
Statistics for Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog
An awesome blog about Japanese anime figures and other otaku-related stuffs and happenings

Tags: anime, anime figures, manga, pvc figures, japan

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Statistics for DESIGN ON MY MIND
A blog that shares random thoughts about anything creative. It's mostly about appreciation of architecture, interior design, furniture, fashion and make-up. Anything goes! As long as its unique, one of a kind, creative and can inspire readers.

Tags: design on my mind, tats dela cruz design, interior design ideas, furniture design, fashion and make-up

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Wanderlust Rêves
Statistics for Wanderlust Rêves
A 17 year old wanderlust, dreamer, aspiring letterer and an Eiffel tower geek.

Tags: lettering, lifestyle, inspiration, arts, crafts

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teacher's pwet
Statistics for teacher's pwet
kwento sa loob at labas ng classroom

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Jolemole-Of Everthing and Beyond
Statistics for Jolemole-Of Everthing and Beyond
A blog by a 17 year old Fine Arts student, filled with her enthusiasm for food, craft & design and serves as her visual diary of her journey in being an art student.

Tags: illustration, themes, craft, design

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Baybayin Modern Fonts
Statistics for Baybayin Modern Fonts
A blog about Baybayin Script (The Philippine Native Script a.k.a. Alibata) and related subjects. This is the source for Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts, development info, updates, download, images, and links.

Tags: Baybayin, Alibata, Font, Typography, Script

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Statistics for AdrielDRable!
Get a dose of bite-sized trends, most talked-about, and cheerful announcements and events from this blog! Stay tuned... and get hooked!

Tags: Personal, Travel, Photoblogs, Humor, Food

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Statistics for MTRCB
Arts, Movie Television Radio and Celebrity Blog

Tags: Movies, Now Showing, Coming Soon, Movie Review, Movie Premiere

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Statistics for thresca
Musings, sketches and photographs of a weekend wanderer.

Tags: quotes, photography, inspiration, sketch, travel

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Wedgie's Sketch Blog
Statistics for Wedgie's Sketch Blog's sketchy counterpart -- for quick doodles, sketches, and works-in-progress :)

Tags: drawing, illustration, sketch, art, doodle

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Our Family Blogs About...
Statistics for Our Family Blogs About...
Our Family Blogs About is a compilation of posts from Crafts by Momaye, When Chemist Dad Cooks and My Captured Moments.

Tags: crocheting, crafts, food and recipe, photography, family and parenting

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Statistics for S.S. GUNPLA
sensei sindak's gundam hobby blog. info, tips, and personal blog.

Tags: gundam model, gundam blog, gunpla tutorials, gundam, gundam kits

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Statistics for FashionDIY101
Create & Recycle fashion. Blogs about thoughts, fashion & DIY.

Tags: Fashion, DIY, Design, Crafts, Thoughts

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Sining Factory
Statistics for Sining Factory
Arts, Entertainment and Everything Pinoy.

Tags: Philippine Culture, Craft Tutorials, Photography, Arts and Culture, Recycling Ideas

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