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Basta Igat, Sikat!
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Basta Igat, Sikat! by MyMaria is a beauty and health, personal, lifestyle, and travel blog that features makeup reviews, healthy recipes, island and holiday destinations in the Philippines.

Tags: bastaigatsikat giveaway contest, hair color, ormoc philippines travel, weight loss, makeup skincare

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LVuitton, skincare, makeup and diet freak...with random musings about life

Tags: Makeup, Weight loss, Skincare, Louis Vuitton, Love

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Cebu Fitness Blog
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Cebu Fitness Blog of CFB is all about fitness, healthy living, fun run information , getting fit and weight loss articles. It also features celebrities, gym buffs and other personalities who aim to be fit and sexy.

Tags: fitness, sports, exercise, diet, weight loss

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weight loss mistake
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Avoid these weight loss mistakes

Tags: weight loss mistake, weight loss, tips of weight loss

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3 Simple tips break weight loss plateau
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Here are 3 simple ways to break through a weight loss plateau.

Tags: weight loss plateau, weight loss, plateau, simple tips to break plateau, break plteau

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