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I blog everything!

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Pinoy Etchetera: Talk, Post and Share
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A blog about the latest showbiz,news,travel,music,video,technology,and personal insights across the Philippines.

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is an up-and-coming lifestyle blog own by JayL Aquino. Finalist for BEST Lifestyle Blog at Philippine Blog Awards. Nominated 37 times at 'Emerging Influential Blogs 2011' ;-D

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Winner, Best Online Magazine (Promo Code PH) Winner, Top 100 Philippine Blogs (FeedSpot) Winner, 2019 Best Lifestyle Blogs (GetShape) Finalist, Best Lifestyle Blog (PH Blog Awards)

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Life and Fever
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Life and Fever is a personal blog. Nope, no niches. I guess I like life in general, so I have no need to stick to one field. Forgive me for being anti-niche. I know, I know, Google is so not gonna love me.

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The Top 10 Lists
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The top 10 list about everything.

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Mga personal na opinion tungkol sa mga nangyayari sa ordinaryong buhay ng tao. Just sharing my unconventional thought and views in life.

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Pro Pinoy
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This is about Pinoy blogs, news update, history, festivals, current events, achievements, works, beautiful places in the Philippines and more...

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