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Igorot Links for this Weekend by on Apr 3, 2009Some interesting weekend reading on blog posts regarding Igorots.3 lady bloggers made a mention on "big Igorot legs". One going as far to say that her Igorot mom's legs "suggested their ancestors were built to do manual labor outside—they could eas...

A Photographer from Barlig by on Jan 17, 2009Langfia Ayeona is a young Igorot photographer from Barlig, currently based in the UK. I stumbled upon her work while creating my recent bloggable entry. She has dozens of "treasures" in her galleries. She also started a blog on Barlig.

Meeting EK, a Reader of this Blog by on Jan 9, 2009As mentioned in the previous post, I learned of a reader of this blog at one of the Sagada Igorot gatherings during the holidays. I was casually talking to a nurse from Bontoc who is a good friend of my cousin. Her husband, who I shall refer to by hi...

Building my Igorot BlogRoll by on Nov 25, 2008I've had this blog for more than six months now but I still just have a few blogs in my blogroll. While I'm tempted to go over Bill Bilig's blog and copy his list of Igorot blogs, I decided to go the long route and enjoy the process of actu