Bolo Hills Beach Club and Residence

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Current Rank: 14 (Real Estate)
Site Description: A community in a properly landscaped setting. Bolo Hills gated community is a masterpiece of harmony, from its Mexican-style house design and amenities to the beautiful beach backdraft.
Date Joined: Oct 11, 2011

Tags: Bolo Hills Beach Club and Residence, Bolo Beach, Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Hundred Islands

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Alaminos City Spelled as I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T
on Oct 13, 2011 in Investment Business Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands An area made up of four administrative regions occupying half of Luzon offers a smorgasbord of investment prospects from gold mining to sea farming and food processing. Each province has its own strengths and potential niche in the investment market.

The Alaminos Niche in the Next Boom Region
on Oct 13, 2011 in Investment Alaminos City Pangasinan Hundred Islands In the mid-90s, Southern Luzon, popularized by the acronym CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal) was successfully marketed by the administration of former Philippine President Fidel. V. Ramos as the Philippines investment location of choice in...

Alaminos City Major Events and Festivities
on Oct 12, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands Festivals Hundred Islands FestivalThe most anticipated and largest crowd-drawer event in Alaminos City. An annual festival that combines sports, adventure and agro-tourism aimed at enhancing environmental and cultural awareness. This is a unique event that can...

The Magic of Hundred Islands
on Oct 11, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands Tears of a giant. Tips of a lost continent. These are some of the many legends, surrounding the origins of the Hundred Islands National Park. For it was, still is, and will remain one of the few wonders in the world carved by nature. Those pearls of...

The Hundred Islands National Park
on Oct 10, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands Explore...Sparkling like diamonds, the waters glisten as the sun’s golden rays touch the pristine sea. The powdery blue sky casts a bright gleam beneath. The spread of white sand shimmers against the stream that changes hue—from emerald green to...

Alaminos City, Unity and Diversity
on Oct 9, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Arts and CraftsThe arts and crafts of the city reflect the influence of its geographic location, as well as its neighbors. One can browse through shops and be met by an array of furniture and ornaments made of shells, bamboo, wood, marsh grass, clay...

Diverse & Friendly Alaminos City Folks
on Oct 8, 2011 in Alaminos City Pangasinan Alaminos is a city of settlers. True to its historical roots of having been built by settlers from Zambales and Dagupan, the city is home to 56 ethnic groups including Muslim migrants from Mindanao who have found peace and harmony in one community.Th...

Cityhood Saga
on Oct 7, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands A journey to the City of Alaminos from Manila is a visual delight of lush green rice fields, a right mix of old and modern houses picture-framed by the foothills of Zambales Mountains and the blue waters of China Sea.It is also a trip down memory lan...

Escape to a Green City
on Oct 7, 2011 in Investment Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands The young city of Alaminos offers a great escape from the frenzy, heat, stress and perpetual motion of urban living.In fact, it offers more than the usual tourist destinations in the Philippines.Talk of the white sand beaches of Boracay, Aklan and El...

Alaminos City Profile and History
on Oct 7, 2011 in Alaminos City Tourism Pangasinan Hundred Islands GEOGRAPHICAL PROFILEAdministrative Land Area: 166.23 sq. km.No. Of Barangays: 39Available Alienable and Disposable Land: 14,486.144Forest Lands: 555.955Fishpond Development: 1,581.300Length of Waterfront (km): 67.00Length of Roads (km): 291.298Road D...

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