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How much would you like a toothbrush?
on Jun 1, 2010How much would you like a toothbrush?

Open Body Language
on Feb 20, 2010 in Body Languge Open body language exposes your heart and body (within limits of decency, of course!) and signals cooperation, agreement, willingness, enthusiasm and approval. These gestures are meant to be seen. They show trust.They say "YES!" Your body doesn't kno...

Body Language
on Feb 18, 2010Our body language, which includes your posture,X your expressions and your estures, accounts for more than one-half of what other people respond to and make assumptions about. When people think of body language, they tend to think it means what happe...

on Feb 16, 2010The Mystery Method provides a step-by-step game plan that structtures "courtship"—which is the quaint, old-fashioned term for the sequence of events that results in guys getting laid—for success. Before me, no one had ever defined courtship as a...

A Really Useless Attitude
on Feb 16, 2010Any two people can have wildly different attitudes toward the same set of experiences. However, when two people react to the same experience with the same attitude, they share a powerful natural bond. Attitudes have the tendency to be infectious, and...

on Feb 16, 2010Not only were the Venusian arts (the arts of love) excluded from your curriculum—but they're probably the only discipline teachers didn't try to cram into your brain as you passed from childhood through adolescence and then into adulthood. Let's fa...

It's Your Choice
on Feb 16, 2010The good news is that attitudes are yours to select. And if you're free to choose any one you please, why not choose a Really Useful Attitude? Let's say you just flew into Miami International Airport and you missed your connection for Omaha. You simp...

A Really Useful Attitude
on Feb 16, 2010No matter what you do or where you live, the quality of your attitude determines the quality of your relationships—not to mention just about everything else in your life. I have been using the same bank branch for the last eight years. From time to...

Closed Body Language
on Feb 14, 2010Defensiveness is shown through gestures that protect the body and defend the heart. These gestures suggest resistance, frustration, anxiety, stubbornness, nervousness and impatience. They are negative gestures, and they say "NO!" Crossed arms are com...

Being Yourself
on Feb 14, 2010Do you feel nervous when you meet someone new? Physiologically, being nervous and being excited have a lot in common: pounding heart, churning tummy, high chest breathing and the general jitters. But one of these states might send you hightailing it...

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