Cong TV: Complete Review About the Channel, and Merchandise

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With 8.1 million subscribers, Cong TV is one of the biggest YouTubers in the country.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has created some huge social media superstars. In the beginning, people created their channel, uploaded low-quality and grainy videos, and hopes their friends would view them.

Today, YouTubers fill the ‘airwaves’ with their video productions that millions of followers watch and enjoy. Today’s famous YouTubers even rake in thousands (and even millions!) from advertising and sponsors.

YouTube went from uploading your own homemade video to a gigantic business venture for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

So, with so many options, which famous YouTubers should you spend your time watching?

Well, if you’re looking for a Filipino comedian and vlogger who makes quality content, you should definitely check out Cong TV!

With 8.1 million subscribers, Cong TV is one of the biggest YouTubers in the country. Keep reading to learn more about Cong TV, what makes him so popular, and where you can buy some of his merchandise.

Cong TV Description: Who is Cong?

His real name is Lincoln Velazquez.

He is better known online as Cong TV (or simply Cong), is a Filipino streamer, comedian, vlogger, and YouTuber. He is also the leader of the group known as ‘Team Payaman’, as well as a member of Tier One.

Starting out in 2008 making sketches and parodies, He is now a well-known vlogger in the Philippines. His comedy style is noted for being a prime example of down-to-earth Filipino humor, which a lot of his subscribers relate to.

Cong TV first grew to popularity with his “Usapang…” and “Sampung utos” series’. Now, he mostly does vlogs with his Team Payaman crew. Despite the brash personality that he usually shows in his videos, he is said to be a humble guy who helps out and supports his friends whenever and however he can.

Cong TV Features: About the Channel

Profile: Cong TV
Style: Vlogs & Comedy
Date Joined: February 13, 2008
Videos: 340+
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Active
Associates: Junnie Boy • Emman Nimedez TV • Josh Pint • Viy Cortez •

Cong created his account in February 2008 and made his first upload in December which was a parody of the music video, Rebound by Silent Sanctuary. He continued making short sketches and parodies, usually about whatever was popular in the Philippines. However, Cong TV took a short hiatus from 2009 and came back in 2011.

During his comeback, Cong TV started his popular “Usapang…” and “Sampung utos” series’. At the time, his videos also started to look better-edited and more professional. In 2015, he reached 100,000 subscribers and started vlogging through Cong Vlogs.

Eventually, vlogging became the main content on his channel which took up the majority of all his views. Finally, in 2017, Cong TV reached 1 million subscribers! His humor and personality has remained unchanged throughout his career, and he continues to do videos alongside Team Payaman.

He also released Cong TV merchandise called ‘Cong Clothing’ with various t-shirts, including “Paawer” and Millionaire Mind.

In 2018, he created a rock band known as COLN which he was a guitarist in. The band consisted of his friends: Anthony Jay Andrada/Yow (Bassist), Gio Herrera (Guitarist), Niño Denso (Drummer) and Raven Wilian “Awi” Lark Columna (Vocalist). They released their first single “Baliw” and their music video hit 11 million views which as Cong’s most viewed video.

Cong TV Benefits: Why People Watch Cong’s Vlogs

YouTubers’ vlogs are usually full of the most boring elements of day-to-day life. But, why do so many people watch them?

While Cong TV produces different types of videos, vlogging became the main content on his channel over the years. But, why do people watch Cong’s Vlogs?

  • It’s relatable. Cong’s comedy style and vlogs comedy style are noted for being a prime example of down-to-earth Filipino humor, which a lot of his subscribers relate to. He often shows and/or discuses things that people can relate to, which makes his content appealing and shareable.

Cong TV’s ‘relatable content’ includes everything from jokes and funny anecdotes to serious personal stories.

As humans, we love to laugh at ourselves by sharing embarrassing things that we’ve done at some point in our lives… but we also love it when someone talks about a personal issue that we can identify with. Why? It’s because we all like to know that we are not alone and that there are other people who understands what we’re going through.

  • It connects people. One of the reasons why Cong TV’s vlogs are so popular is that they connect with other people from different parts of the country. Cong shares a part of his life with the entire internet. And, regardless of the topics that he talks about, there are always people out there who will enjoy (or learn from) the content that he puts out.

His videos create bonds, generate conversations, share thoughts and knowledge, allow people to discover new places, and much more.

Cong TV User Reviews

Below, we share some comments from his YouTube viewers, as well as reviews from people who have bought Cong TV merchandise.

“Sa wakas kaibigan nagbunga na ang ating training sa hyperbolic time spacenanginamo! Grats tol hahaha.” – RogerRaker, 10 UTOS NG VAPE

“Cong TV, Nilahat na nya ang mga ugali ng ibang vlogger may ma content lang, sabi nga ni Joey De Leon, “ano ba nangyayari sa mundo ngayon?influencer na ba ngayon ang gnyan?”

Si Cong TV lang talaga yung masasabi natin na tlgang passion ang pagba vlog, from his gadgets na gngamit sa pag ba vlog un mga edit ng videos na gngastusan talaga at pinagiisipan para sulit na sulit ang mga manonood.. unlike sa iba na ang yyaman na nga cellphone pdin gmit pagba vlog un quality ng video.”
– Olga Jhayne, The Daily Vlogger: A Documentary Film

“Ganda pero mabilis mawala yung lagkit.” – Joshua, Team Payaman Sticker Pack S2

“Ito ang pinakaunang video ni Cong na napanood ko. Binalikan ko lang dahil nag 8 million subscribers na siya.  Nakakatuwa dahil nung napanood ko ‘tong video na ‘to, around 100k subs pa lang siya, but now….” – Kuya Ivo, PAANO KUNG NANALO KA SA LOTTO?!

“Humor that knows no bound. Undeniably intelligent pals, know how to sport morbid jokes and debunk taboos! LODI.” – Jeanette Cardones, SUMPA

“Maganda pag kakagawa ng sticker halatang di tinipid ung sticker kudos po sainyo sir ma’am.” – Peter, Team Payaman Sticker Pack S2

“Still watching this everytime. Sobrang laugh trip HAHAHAHA.” – Harley Soriano, 10 UTOS NG VAPE

“Grabe ka mag isip Cong tv daily vlogs kana nga iba iba parin nilalaman araw araw..another level nanaman cocon..lakas ng mga patama..pero okay lang yan para magising cla kung pano ang TUNAY NA CONTENT CREATOR…astig…nambahwan..” – Gheejey, Jose Blanco, The Daily Vlogger: A Documentary Film

“Ito talaga malaking tulong sa amin mga OFW at positive pa sa virus. salamat sa pa pagpapagaan sa aming araw pampakalma ko video mo.” – Araneta Alexir, INTERES

“Tatlo inorder ko para sa mga sasakyan namin. Team Payaman no. 1! Excited na ko idikit. Pawer!” – Inah, TP CAR STICKER (BLACK)

 “January 2021! My motivation song, balang araw, makakapunta din tayong lahat sa mga pangarap natin. PAAAAAAWER!” – Nin Lorenzo, COLN – Baliw (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

“Team payaman nambawan!!! Sana magustuhan ng boyfriend ko ‘to, valentine’s gift ko na sa kanya HAHAHAHAA solid CFG since day 1 eh. Salamat team payaman lalo na kay CongTV, Pau Sepagan, at Emman sa pag-inspire sa kanya sa pagv-vlog at edit.” – P, Team Payaman Sticker Pack S2

“Satisfied na satisfied sobraaaaaaa. Thankyou dahil I’m not disappointed, I will order next time sa shop nato sobrang worth it ung perang pambili thankyou godbless.” – Bea, Team Payaman/ Cong TV / VIY Inspired Tempered Glass Phone Case

“Nakakatuwa!!!! Tawang tawa kme habang watch namen ito. Yong dating bwisit na bwisit ako kase araw araw yan watch ng kids ko mga vlog, pero since last year sept… dalawa na din kme mag asawa nakikitawa/nakikisabay sa panunuod ng 4 kids ko! Si Cong TV lang malakas, tuwang tuwa din me kay waldo.” – Wiwi Manzano, The Daily Vlogger: A Documentary Film

“Taragis ka cong tv ikaw yung vlogger na sobrang sumikat at nakilala pero never mong ginamit ang pagtulong sa kapwa para mas lalong makilala the best ka cong deserve mu yan pwesto mu ngayon dahil dedication, sipag at tyaga ang pinuhunan mu God bless you paps.” – Edwardo, EVIWAW        

“Ito talaga yung vlog mong tumatak sa akin, dito ako nag umpisa nanood ng Cong TV vlogs. Balik tanaw <3” – Ryan Mendoza, PAANO KUNG NANALO KA SA LOTTO?!

“Ramdam ko ung pinuno vibes.. Isa tong sampal sa lahat ng mga demanding at di appreciative.. Walang obligasyon c cong pero iniinovate nya ang content para sa lahat ng supporters.. Ang vlog na to ang sumasalamin sa lahat ng negatibong bagay sa mundo ng youtube.. Pero astig tlga c cong anlayo na ng content noon sa content nya ngayon.. Galing nya mag adapt sa pagbabago ng panahon at timpla ng viewers.. saludo! pawer!” – Jose Blanco, The Daily Vlogger: A Documentary Film

Cong TV Merchandise Price

The price of Cong TV merchandise varies depending on what type of product you purchase. Prices range from Php 100 to Php 200+.

Where to Buy Cong TV Merchandise

You can buy Cong TV merchandise from Shopee and Lazada.

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