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Geeky Chiquitas
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Geeky Chiquitas is primarily a book blog, but is sometimes a blog about culture, love, food, DIY, movies, and all things random.

Tags: books, reviews, movies, ya, DIY

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When Blog and Book Collide
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When Blog and Book Collide is about book reviews, book discussions and the literary world's updates.

Tags: book blog, reviews, guy, YA, novels

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Girl about Books
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Girl about Books is a Young Adult Book Blog and also features author interviews and book giveaways.

Tags: Books, Book Reviews, Young Adult Book Blog, YA

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Smitten over Books
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Smitten over Books is dedicated to YA book reviews and occasional random ramblings of yours truly and interviews of no less than Cupid, himself. Please feel free to visit my blog. I won’t bite.

Tags: YA, Reviews, Giveaways, Blog Tours, Random Ramblings

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The Book Fancier
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This blog serves as my online bookshelf. It includes book reviews, quotes, and book arts. Also books and more books! :)

Tags: books, ya, fiction, fantasy, romance

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