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Emerald-Princess of Tumblr
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a blog that contains fashion related post, some pastel and vintage stuffs.

Tags: fashion, pastel, vintage, photography, themes

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Culprit's On Fashion
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A fashion enthusiast. Ellie's Fashion Haven. From vintage to what's in. From her hauls be thrifted and what not. Feel free to visit how she styles her lazy day to big day.

Tags: fashion, hauls, vintage, thrifted, shoes

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Vintage Photography
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Photography, Vintage, Qoutes, more

Tags: vintage, photography, quotes

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Judging me is your job,proving you wrong is mine...

Tags: photography, girl, vintage, indie, fashion

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Blissfulscent og Tumblr
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A blog compose of everything nice. A photography blog that compose of everything that catches my heart. Vintage, pastel, fashion, nature, love, couples. A bit of everything blog

Tags: pastel, vintage, photography, love, couples

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The Yin and Yang
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A his-and-hers siblings' blog with fashion running through their veins

Tags: Gem Alcantara, Argie Alcantara, grunge, vintage, hippie

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Simple Yet Stunning
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fashion and what not

Tags: fashion, clothes, shoes, vintage, florals

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Simply Patricia
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This blog reflect with my personality.The pictures, quotes and songs that I post will probably help you get an idea about how I feel and how I look at life

Tags: Accesories, Fashion, Vintage, Make up tips, Shoes

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Inspiring blogs, stuff, vintages, etc.

Tags: muffinplums, vintage, fashion, tumblr, inspiration

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Tardy Dresser
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This blog is a repertory of the Tardy Dresser's ensembles (the reasons why she's late MOST of the time), other people's outfits which she adores, products of her interest in fashion photography, and some fashion events coverage.

Tags: personal style, lifestyle, local fashion, vintage, rock chic

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your happy ever after <3

Tags: vintage, indie, pastel, smiles

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This blog is a photography blog

Tags: photography, fashion, pastel, vintage

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Statistics for Retromek
a Vintage - Retro - Old School - Before Birth - Classic – Traditional – Era – Jurassic – Previous – Generation – Timeless – Past – Obsolete Pictures or Videos of anything

Tags: photography, videos, vintage, classic, retro

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21syreni of tumblr
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Tags: vintage, photography, foods, text

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GirlPee Goes Blog-ga-dag
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Girl Pee is a moody dresser who likes to share random finds in fashion, nice stuffs, and anything fancy under the sun and moon.

Tags: vintage, thrifted, grunge, manila, fashion

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Statistics for eileeshaable
A MISS who loves to sing alone,draw & write. A future Augustinian Nurse with a Filipino heart. A young woman who's a great admirer of Art.

Tags: Personal, pink, maria elisa belarso, vintage, Filipina Blogger

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Vintage Diaries
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Vintage Diaries is not your ordinary vintage clothing shop. We bring you timeless vintage clothes, bags and shoes without slashing your pockets. Every piece is carefully handpicked by yours truly.

Tags: shop, vintage, thrifted, clothes, vintagediaries

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Casa di Moda
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I'm Eloisa and I'm 20. I believe that fashion comes in different colors.

Tags: street fashion, clothes, colorful, vintage, pastel

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Parisian-Girl of Tumblr
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I post/reblog pictures that are pastel, pink, vintage, fashion and food.

Tags: pastel, pink, fashion, vintage, food

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The Post of a Someone
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This blog contains all things photography, fashion, vintage, cute and food stuff.

Tags: Photography, Cute, Fashion, Food, Vintage

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Blogs about DIY projects, thrifted finds, Ukay destinations, sketches, fashion, etc.

Tags: fashion, art, photography, vintage, DIY

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C'est L'amour
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Reblogs/posts vintage fashion pics, food, sceneries and some inspiring quotes.

Tags: Vintage, Fashion, Food

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