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Le Reveur
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A blog about the creative musings of a 19 year old aspiring artist and young entrepreneur.

Tags: art, typography, blog, h.e.a.r.t, abbey

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Baybayin Modern Fonts
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A blog about Baybayin Script (The Philippine Native Script a.k.a. Alibata) and related subjects. This is the source for Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts, development info, updates, download, images, and links.

Tags: Baybayin, Alibata, Font, Typography, Script

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Dianne Claudine
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Wanderlust. Aspiring Letterer. Dreaming to Live in Paris.

Tags: lettering, typography, art, craft, quotes

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simple and cool. My blog contains doodle made by me, typography, rants and so whatever.

Tags: doodle, secrets, typography, thoughts, love

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Parallel Intertwining
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This is my life. I have no idea where it's headed to, but I'll get there once I have it all figured out one day. All I know is that I'm just here, hopefully waiting for that day to come. And I'm not giving up just yet.

Tags: poetry, typography, reflections, crafts, DIYA

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Hello Stranger
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Creative outlet of a freelance Manila-based illustrator + shutterbug.

Tags: illustration, typography, art, digital, photography

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Love at second sight
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It contains Fashion, Food, Typography and things about Love.

Tags: fashion, typography, love, cute, food

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Chibi Ayn
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Usually doodles, thoughts and kung ano ano pa na nakakatuwa. Also here to be a Friend. Follow me at instagram ;) LOVE ME!!

Tags: Doodles, Typography, LOL, Cute, food

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Breaker. Popping. Hairdresser/Hairstylist. Love to dance.

Tags: Typography

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random thooughts of sey :)

Tags: typography, random thoughts, travel

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My Flying Kiss...
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just a simple 16 year old girl, expressing herself through pictures, notes and aphorisms.. This page is a piece of me, so if you're able to reach this it means that, YOU GOT MY FLYING KISS. :)

Tags: typography, photoshoots, photography, aphorisms, notes

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The Man Behind Mask
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basta pag-ibig, katatawana, repleksyon ng buhay at jokes. Sure na ikagiginhawa, ika-iinlove, katutuwa, kakikilig, kakabanas, at kasasaya mo! Tambay kayo minsan! Follow me :D

Tags: Banat, Humor, Religious, Love, Typography

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Elysha of Tumblr
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I express my life in a way of blogging through typographies, quotes, photos & personal text posts. I make graphics.

Tags: typography, photography, wordart, tutorial, themes

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lol :D swag

Tags: typography, photography, vanity, lheibitchiness, fashion

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