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Biyaherong Barat
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Giving glimpses of my travels - journey, destination, people, & experience - aiming to provide handy information to fellow low-budget travelers like me. Read featured destinations and follow me as we discover places in

Tags: cheap travels, budget traveler, Philippine destinations, travel photography, adventure

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EAZY Traveler
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A freelance travel journalist chronicling people, places and perspectives on and off the beaten path. Let's get ready to ramble!

Tags: backpacking, adventure, travel writing, travel photography, flashpacking

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The BackPack Chronicles
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DIY Travels, Food Trips, Travel Photography and everything else related to Travel.

Tags: travel, travel photography, food trips, do-it-yourself travels, DIY travels

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Philippine travel photography & stories by Owen Ballesteros & Nikka Corsino

Tags: travel photoblog, travel photography, travel blog philippines, philippine travel, travel bloggers philippines

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The Shades of Grey by Elal Jane Lasola
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Life. Love. Travel. Photography.

Tags: Travel Photography, Personal, PhotoBlog, Photography, Pictures

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[i am a dekaphobic]
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A food, travel and lifestyle blog with quirky name

Tags: food photography, food, travel photography, travel, lifestyle

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Flip'n Travels
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If you are weak of heart, no sense of humor, thinks that randomly kissing strangers will get you pregnant, believes that cursing will warrant agua oxinada on your tongue, and scared to hear honest opinions on travel, then FLIPTRAVELS.COM is not for you

Tags: backpacking, pinoy travelers, travel stories, travel photography, travel tips

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Asunta Rufino's Travels Thru Life...
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A collection of memories thru her camera, trying to capture all the bits and pieces of Asunta's life that makes it so rich and full.

Tags: Asunta Rufino, Travel journal, travel photography

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Manila Photographer
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A photoblog of a Manila based Freelance Travel and Food Photographer

Tags: travel photographer, Food photographer, freelance photographer, lifestyle photographer, travel photography

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