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Laguna Destinations
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Your travel guide to different Laguna destinations. Find the best Laguna tourist spots, cheapest Laguna resorts and restaurants, and the coolest places in the province

Tags: travel, Laguna, photography, resorts, tourist spots

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Statistics for Rammmpa!
Travel s of a middle child guy from the Philippines.

Tags: travel, philippines, tourist spots, backpacker, affordable travel

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Around the world with Alex
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Around The World With Alex is a travel blog filled with the adventures and experiences of a young, real estate broker intent on discovering all the beauty the world has to offer. It also features the latest trends and looks of the author, Alex Zeta.

Tags: Vacation, Fashion, Leisure, Tourist spots, Lifestyle

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Developing Positives
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My blog is about me and mostly the places that I visited.

Tags: travel, leisure, tourist spots, vacation, places to visit

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Aro Pangasinan
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All the things you love about Pangasinan! It is a virtual chronicle of the grandeur of Pangasinan- the province, tourist spots, the rich cultural heritage, the language, arts and music, food, fiestas and activities, and especially the people.

Tags: Pangasinan, tourism, tourist spots, Hundred Islands, Manaoag

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Pilipinas Je T'aime
Statistics for Pilipinas Je T'aime
Everything about the Philippines

Tags: beauty queens, tourist spots, political issues

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Foods and Places
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working mothers finds on foods and places under the sun

Tags: foods, places, travels, recipe, tourist spots

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Philippines Travel Guide and Information
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Philippines Travel Guide and Information is all about the Philippines and the country's tourist spots, beautiful places, accommodations and cuisines.

Tags: Philippines, Manila, travel, accommodation, tourist spots

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Mayurisama's Blog
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mayurisama's scratch to gold

Tags: olotayan, island, capiz, web, tourist spots

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Bon Voyages: Tales of Happy Trips
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Community travel cum arts and culture blog.

Tags: philippine culture, travel, leisure, philippine destinations, tourist spots

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Anything, Everything..
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mayuri's useful lab thoughts and ideas which may help you in your existence.

Tags: olotayan, capiz, tourist spots, website, care

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My So Called Travel Life
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Exploring the world one day at a time

Tags: trips, tips, hotels, food, tourist spots

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Mind Space
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Ideas place and hide out.

Tags: capiz, tourist spots, olotayan, health, watch

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My Hometown Santa Catalina,Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Statistics for My Hometown Santa Catalina,Ilocos Sur, Philippines
A glimpse of my hometown Santa Catalina Ilocos Sur including tourists spots, places to visit, establishments to try, events not to miss, and others

Tags: santa catalina, ilocos sur, tourist spots, places to visit, events and activities

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The Philippine Guild
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Unlocking Minds Across The Philippine Archipelago: Politics, Entertainment, Tourist Spots and More

Tags: Philippines, politics, Pinoy, entertainment, tourist spots

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